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 July 21, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

In your academic life, you will come across many essays and those won’t be just normal essays, they will be your college scholarship and admission essays which will be very important to you when the time comes. So, it’s better that you start working on your essay writing skills so you don’t have a problem when you get to college. Most of the essays given in college are persuasive and very different from school-level essays. In school, only informative essays were given to write because they were much easier to do than compared to a persuasive essay.

An informative essay is when you tell your readers all the important details and features about your topic and write your essay in the form of a question. You don’t need any special skills to write an informative essay because all you have to do is mention the important details, basically everything about the topic you’re writing on.

A persuasive essay is when you present your argument in a way that the readers are convinced enough to adopt your point of view. This is the goal of your essay that you will have to convince the readers to somehow adopt your point of view. You will also have to support your arguments by writing support sentences that also should be linked to your argument somehow.

Here is the step-by-step guide to writing an amazing essay;

Read the assignment paper

When you get the assignment paper, make sure to read it properly and check if the topic is given by the teacher or do you have the freedom to choose everything. If you have the freedom to choose a topic, go for something you’re familiar with and know everything about.

Also, read the instructions on how you will be writing the essay because the instructions are given by your professor and they expect you to follow them no matter how you write the essay.


Research about the topic and gather at least 3 arguments to present. And also make sure to write support sentences too or your argument will look incomplete. You can ask papers writers for some help in this part. An extra pair of eyes will help you gather information much quicker than compared to only you doing the research.

Write the body

Once you’re done researching, you can start writing the essay. The essay should be about 5 paragraphs and you should not try not to exceed the word limit. Try to keep the sentences short so that it’s easier for the reader to understand. And also, try to use a formal tone when writing a persuasive essay because it’s a requirement. When presenting your argument, make sure you write a support sentence with it to back it up, to make it look like a legit and strong point.


Last but not least, you will have to finish your essay by giving it closure. You can do this by writing a conclusion. You will have to briefly give your opinion and tell the readers what argument you support and then try to convince them to adopt the point you’re supporting. The conclusion should be of 5-6 lines maximum.

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