WoW Classic – How to Level Up Quickly 

 November 7, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

Playing the classic rendition of World of Warcraft can be difficult at times, especially when it comes to searching for WoW Classic gold, grinding, and leveling. The average time it takes to level dwarfs that of modern WoW, so you are going to need some tips on how you can level up a bit quicker.

Take Part in Dungeons

As well as being a place to get your hands-on WoW Classic items, you can also use dungeons to give yourself additional experience. You will want to find a group of like-minded friends to help you out, or even random players willing to participate. If you are a Horde player, then you can get to the Ragefire Chasm in Orgrimmar once you have hit level 13. Alliance players meanwhile can do so at level 17 to get to the Deadmines in Westfall. You can also access the Wailing Caverns at level 17, regardless of your chosen faction.

Leveling Add-Ons

This might not be the traditional way of doing things, but they will get your levels higher much quicker. The classic version encourages you to not take hints in terms of which direction you are heading in. If you want to skip over the whole having to read maps and quest text, then you can do so with certain add-ons.

To get started, you can download the Twitch app, then head over to Mods. Here, select World of Warcraft and change the version to WoW Classic. You will then find a bunch of add-ons that can help you. Azeroth Auto Pilot is particularly helpful.

Class Questing

Since classes in WoW Classic have their own set of specific quests, many players will opt for them, unknowingly throwing themselves off the rhythm of leveling. Sure, they offer more background story for your WoW Classic class and unlock new abilities for you to use, but they can sometimes be a less than effective way of using your time.

There are class quests that will take you a while to complete, that can involve you traveling a long way to one location, whilst not using the time for leveling. If you have hit a rhythm with leveling up through quests, then it’s worth staying on that path and maybe saving class quests for later.

Enjoy the Process

Yes, this might sound like an obvious point to make. But the process of leveling up and hitting the level cap is going to take a very long time. It is going to take you 150+ hours to hit this milestone after all. With that in mind, make sure that you are able to enjoy playing the game for such a length of time. If you are going for a method that involves you directly heading for level 60 in a straight run, then be sure not to burn yourself out when on a mammoth WoW Classic session.

Collecting WoW Classic gold, slaying monsters, and leveling your character are all vital parts of the game. Leveling, in particular, is one of the biggest uphill struggles of the popular MMORPG, but if you are willing to put the time in, and not outdo yourself with overplaying, then you will be able to level up in a relatively quick time.

Have you tried any of these WoW Classic tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

BC Editorial Team


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