World of Warcraft: How Warlords of Draenor Mounts Can Help You 

 February 11, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

World of Draenor brought about a wealth of new mounts to the game, much to the delight of fans. 

It is well known that the act of flying isn’t seen very much in Draenor, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t come across some grounded mounts here. Whilst on your quest for WoW gold and glory, having an effective mount can be very effective to your adventure being a success. This isn’t just effective for getting new mounts and new WoW items, but there is also the great help of it working towards to Mountacular achievement if you are working towards it.

Speaking of new WoW items, you will find that there is a wealth of rare spawns within the area. These have a 100% chance of you gaining a mount from them, but in a rather welcoming twist, the mounts aren’t as treacherous to farm as expected.

As for the mounts themselves, you will want to know where they drop from. The Bloodhoof Bull can be found in Nagrand as a drop from Nakk the Thunderer. Meanwhile, the Mottled Meadowstomper is also found in Nagrand, this time dropping from Luk’hok. You can head to Shadowmoon Valley for a Swift Breezestrider drop from the Pathrunner, and the Great Greytusk comes from Gorok the Cleaver over in Frostfire Ridge. The Sunhide Gronnling is a drop from Poundfist in Gorgrond if that is what you were searching for.

Garrison Mounts and Stable Missions

Moving onto the Stables, these have a number of mount perks which can help what you can perform whilst on a mount itself, whether its having the ability of being able to interact with objects whilst on your mount, or being able to avoid dazing whilst being on a mount. You will also be able to head out on a series of quests that will grant you up to eight different mounts, which are then yours keep regardless of what you decide to do with the Stables.

As for the missions, these quests send you out to not only capture your first beast but also send you into training the mount through quest mobs. There are between seven and twelve quests for you to complete with these mounts, and they can be completed for the following mounts each day: Trained Icehoof, Trained Silverpelt, Trained Riverwallow, Trained Rocktusk, Trained Snarler, Trained Meadowstomper and Trained Riverwallow.

There is also the Armored Frostwolf and the Armored Frostboar which are available as rewards for The Stable Master and Advanced Husbandry respectively.

PvP and Profession Mounts

When looking at other key areas of World of Warcraft, there are player vs player mounts that you can pick up, with both of them being available if you win 100 3v3 arena matches against opponents, or if there’s 40 rated battlegrounds in the first season Warlords. The mounts that you can gain are the Vicious War Ram and Vicious War Raptor, both of which are rewards from Primal Combatant.

Then there’s profession mounts that you will need to have 700 skill points in with the required skill in order to use the mounts. You will need to make sure that these requirements are met, so that you are able to use them, but abandoning the profession won’t meant the mount will leave your journal. These mounts are for Leatherworking with Riding Harness, and Creeping Carpet for Tailoring.

Ultimately, there is a lot to find from the Warlords of Draenor mount, and hopefully this article has given you a better idea of how they can better your game. It depends on your ultimate goal for playing the MMORPG. If you prefer to find ways of getting cheap WoW gold or grinding your levels, then there is of course room to do that. But if you do want to make the most out of mounts, then you now have the foundations to do so.

Have you used any of these World of Warcraft mounts? Let us know in the comments section below!

BC Editorial Team


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