Will the Pandemic Experience Help Us to Deal with Climate Change?

 October 7, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing havoc internationally, leading to lockdowns and forcing people to stay at home. Countries’ economies are also slowing down, and inequalities are starting to emerge. However, the outbreak of the pandemic goes further than us staying and working at home, sanitizing our hands, and social distancing.

Covid-19 has left us spending most of our time indoors working, playing the games like poker na pieniądze online, learning, etc. This has reduced CO2 emissions and human mobility. As a result, we have noticed the air quality improving and wildlife coming out to enjoy nature as they were meant to in the first place. But will the pandemic help us deal with climate change?

Well, it is hard to say, but some people believe it will help. Others think that the economic fallout will make climate change to be the least of worries for many governments. Besides, in the past few months, we have witnessed floods, record-breaking wildfires, earthquakes, and extremely high and low temperatures. What brought us to this point is because we took too long to react or discuss climate change and even take action. Thus, we will have to live with the climate changes, since, as you know, nature never forgets.

How will the Pandemic Help Us Deal with Climate Change?

For starters, the pandemic will offer lessons that we need to learn about our environmental impact in the long term. For instance, the pandemic has resulted in people working from home and children joining online learning. Also, most people are turning to online shopping.  All of these activities will reduce our carbon footprint in one way or another. It will also make us realize that we can achieve almost everything digitally.

Moreover, our governments, private organizations, and other companies are joining hands to help tackle this pandemic. This, in turn, will show us the importance of collaborating with others to combat climate change. It is our response to the Covid-19 pandemic that will shape how we will deal with climate change in years to come.

Additionally, thanks to the health crisis, some of our daily routines have become beneficial and will probably remain so in the long term. For instance, reduction of food waste, personal consumption, and even travel.

This outbreak may act as a turning point to another crisis – climate change. Even though the pandemic might be temporary, such conditions as floods and droughts will remain with us for several years to come. Therefore, it will require quick but steady action.

Humans are the ones responsible for nature, and the negative effects we have caused are affecting us. In those several months that the virus has been with us, pollution has reduced, and this has saved the lives of many people.

Nevertheless, it is not really a matter of whether the virus is good or bad. But the pandemic has taught us that we can take care of each other when we join hands.  This can be a valuable lesson to everyone that we can even deal with climate change when we collaborate and change our lifestyles.

BC Editorial Team


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