Why should you plan a winter vacation in the city of Udaipur?

 July 28, 2023

By  Elle Gellrich

Udaipur is very well situated in the Aravalli hills and is ultimately one of Rajasthan’s most prominent tourist destinations. This particular city was discovered by Maharaja Uday Singh in 1553, and later on, in the year 2009, this has been named the best city in the world by a very famous magazine. This particular city is very famous for its beautiful palaces, mountains, tiger gardens, and lakes, along with royal palaces, which have been later converted into luxurious hotels. This is also very much famous across the globe by the name of Eastern Venice and ultimately is a very captivating place due to its peaceful temples. Plan a night stay at the Leela Palace Udaipur and make the best of your trip. The following are some of the basic reasons why you should plan a visit to the city of Udaipur:

  1. Pleasant weather conditions: the winter of Udaipur is very well distinguished by bright sunshine hours and cool evenings, and the temperature will always reach between 10-25°C. The climate is excellent in the cases of October, November, and February, and ultimately, you will have the best time of tourism over there. You must consider planning a trip during these months for the best possible visit to this city.
  2. Festival celebrations: Dussehra and Diwali are usually considered to be falling in the winter, and ultimately, you will be able to enjoy the best opportunities of exploring and discovering the rich culture of Rajasthan, especially during the festivals. This option will help provide people with significant claims over the Rajasthani culture and the present temperature so that everyone can have the best time over here without any problem.
  3. Perfect limit of scenic beauty: Winter, in the case of Udaipur, has been considered the finest possible season for exploring the city, and ultimately this particular city is situated in between the Aravalli hills, which provides people with the best possible photogenic atmosphere. Even in the cases of winter, you will be able to capture the best moments without any problem, and you will be able to upload them on your Instagram and other social media accounts to rock it.
  4. Reconnecting with your soul by cycling: During the winter months in the city of Udaipur, people can easily go for cycling activities which can be easily enjoyed in the cool weather, and ultimately, there will be no scenario of scorching heat outside. Exploring the hidden gems of the city located deep inside with the help of a cycle is a great idea and an exciting experience. Everyone will be able to witness and admire the village plantations in this case and further will be able to have the best time.
  5. Enjoying the good food: Winter in Udaipur can be striking cold, but ultimately, you will have hot dishes in Udaipur to be given at least one try. Among the mouthwatering options, considering the Dal baati is a very good idea because it has been very well considered famous across the globe due to the richness of flavor provided by it. The city also comes with a good number of winter-specific specialties, which are birds flying and, ultimately, food, one of the significant reasons for visiting Udaipur city during the winter months.
  6. Best possible shopping activity: There are numerous markets and malls which you can visit whenever it comes to the world of shopping activity to be carried out. For all those interested in visiting the city of Udaipur, the Shilp Gram festival is a very important event to be attended, and the bustling market of this particular city will help provide people with cultural benefits along with traditional clothes and accessories during the winter.
  7. Visiting the lakes: The picturesque environment of the city has been very well justified due to the presence of lakes, which makes this particular city very popular across the globe. There is no wonder in this particular point why this particular city is known as the city of lakes and ultimately is the perfect traveler ideal destination due to the breathtaking view of the Himalayas. Lake Pichola, Lake Fateh Sagar, and Lake Palace are very successful in providing people with the best possible benefits and synonymous tourism elements. All of these options are also very good famous wedding venues which makes them very popular, and ultimately you will be able to carry out the best possible tourism activity without any issue.

How to reach the city of Udaipur?

  1. Via flight: The airport of Udaipur city is located only 20 km away from the city and has been very successful in providing connecting flights to the major cities, including Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi.
  2. Via Road: Most tourists are very interested in visiting this particular city with the help of a road journey which very well connects to Delhi and Mumbai. It is hardly a 700 km journey from Mumbai and Delhi; it takes 11 hours to reach Udaipur.
  3. Via train: Railways are also very well connected to this particular city from the major areas in Kolkata, Indore, Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, and others. Visiting this particular city via train is a very cost-effective option for covering the distance and ultimately having the best level of enjoyment at all times.
  4. Via bus: Udaipur is also very well connected with the help of bus routes from Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Delhi, and this is a very common mode of transportation for the residents in the neighboring cities.

Hence, planning a trip to the city of Udaipur and thinking to book Leela Palace Udaipur for the night stay is a fantastic idea to have the best trip without any hassle or worry about weather conditions.

Elle Gellrich


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