Why More Women Play at Online Casinos

 March 9, 2023

By  Kyrie Mattos

In the past, the online gambling industry has very much been a male-dominated area. The majority of those trying to win big money online have usually been men. However, throughout the years, more and more women are trying their luck on slots, table games – and even sports betting online. But why is that? Why is it that more women than ever are drawn to the thrill and spills of online betting? Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons…

Mobile Gaming

Firstly, the introduction of mobile gaming and betting has made it much easier to access, meaning that busy women can now fit it into their lifestyles much more easily. When they are sitting on a train or waiting for an appointment, they can while away the hours trying for a win. What’s more, the websites and mobile apps literally offer you everything you could want… the best games, jackpot games, and even bingo games and scratchcards, meaning that you can fit in a speed round if time is tight.

Easy to Access

One of the reasons it has grown more in popularity across both genders is, of course, the ease of access. All you need is a computer, tablet, or phone, and you can enjoy excellent casinos and betting sites with all types of bonuses and promotions. They are also available around the clock, 24/7, so that can fit in perfectly with your schedule.

The Variety of Games Available

Nowadays, there are more games and options available to you than you can shake a stick at. As well as those traditional fruit machine 3-reelers… or betting on the biggest footie match, the options are actually endless – enough to appeal to all tastes.

There are branded slot games, 3D slot games, video slots, Megaways games, and even progressive slots which could change your life. Why wouldn’t a female want to get in on the action? There are also bingo games you can play if you want something a little more ‘stereotypical girly’ – or why not bet on Man U v Liverpool if you’re more of a footie fan than a bingo babe?

Bonuses and Promotions

Getting value for money isn’t gender specific… although girls are famous for their love of getting a bargain. The number of bonuses and promotions available at online casinos these days means that getting more bang for your buck is pretty easy now!

By taking advantage of these bonuses and promotions, they can completely enhance your experience. You can check out different types of games that you would never have thought of before. There might be free spins to try out a slot that you meant to try out. You might be able to join a tournament and go head-to-head with other players. Women can get their competitive sides out and show them that they can more than hold their own in the world of online gaming!

Loyalty Programs

Another reason that more women are playing – and playing more is because of the abundance of loyalty rewards schemes. If they have made a good choice and opened an account with a casino that offers a loyalty reward program, then they can enjoy all sorts of benefits as they play – and these might even be tailor-made for their own gaming preferences.

Website Design

There is no doubt that online casinos are designing their websites to be more gender-neutral – and to appeal to all. In fact, there are even some out there that are designed specifically to cater to women. Ultimately, the industry has worked out that this is starting to become a more balanced audience now, and they do not want to exclude women simply by choosing the wrong branding.

User Experience

Another important aspect for women when it comes to online gambling is the user experience. If they find that a website simply isn’t user-friendly and is difficult to navigate and work their way around – they’re out of there. As such, the fact that websites are now designed with some of the best technology in the world by world-class developers simply means more women are joining up and sticking around.

Kyrie Mattos


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