Saturday, August 15, 2020

Why is the Poor Community of America Willing to Vote Republican

It is no surprise that Republicans have always been anti-services that assist the poor in their daily lives. Be it health services or unemployment allowances, Republicans are not big fans of providing people with free meals. However, despite their policies, the poor community of America still chooses them over other parties and many people wonder why that is so.

Some political experts call these people Christmas Turkeys voting for their masters to eat them. Others call it a psychological disorder due to the lack of understanding of a person with common sense. According to the numbers, most of the states which are heavily reliant on public care are filled with Republican supporters.

It is both surprising and amusing that people are unable to understand that the very politicians they so lovingly choose are the ones who are all set out to cut their lifelines. Without healthcare and other allowances, the poor communities of America can barely survive.

In an attempt to further understand the reason behind this behavior, the following justifications can be offered.

1. Lack of Education

The first reason why the poor community of America is willing to vote for Republicans despite their anti-poor community policies could be their lack of education and understanding. According to many political experts, the poor community of the United States is not educated enough to understand their rights and decide their leader objectively. They are rather subjective and vote their favorite political candidate based on the mighty rallies and speeches.

2. Racism, Gender, Religious Views and Income

The second biggest reason according to experts is Racism. According to sources, white men are more likely to vote for a white candidate over a black one. Similarly, black voters would prefer one of their kind. In this way, the voting patterns among the poor are based on their race and not merit.

This decision is also influenced by the income levels of the two groups. A good example would be the elections of 2008 where Senator McCain was supported by white males all of whom earned below $50,000 annually. In the same elections, Obama was supported by 86% of non-white males who earned below this figure.

Now, this figure applies to the middle class of the United States and does not represent the sheer poor communities which often live in slums too, but has been used as an example to illustrate the influence of race and income on a voter’s decision in the United States.

Besides this, poor Americans also vote for their leaders based on their perception of a candidate’s ability to advance their family’s economic interest. Historically, white males have always believed that a white President would do more for the white community and its economic interests than a black or non- white one.

Other subjective reasons include their religious views and gender.  Most poor people of America are more likely to choose a candidate based on their religious views and gender. Therefore, it is very difficult for a non-white, female, or a person belonging to a minority religious group to take over as President in place of someone who possesses the typical favorable qualities.

The breakdown of voters after the 2008 elections also revealed that most of the non-white females vote for Democrats. However, the white ones did vote for Republicans as usual. On the other hand, in the rich states, everyone votes for Republicans whether rich or poor. This was also one of the paradoxes which have been attempted to explain in the next point.

For now, the facts mentioned above clearly reflect why the poor people of the United States keep voting for Republicans and still may do so in November 2020 despite Republicans literally mocking the poor and cutting their lifeline supports.

It is clearly evident that a lack of education, racism, gender, religious views, and income levels have a profound impact on the poor community’s perception of who they should be voting. Instead of voting for the party whose policies match their desires and helps them support their families, they vote for the face of a person they fall in love with or have deep running favorable biases for. Their decisions are all subjective and not based on their understanding of the political system of the United States of America.

3. The Psychological Factor

Many political experts believe that one of the major reasons why poor communities keep voting for Republicans is their psyche. Somewhere in their minds, they have created an image of the Republican Party which is hard to be challenged or eroded in addition to their delusion of not being poor.

Many poor people of the United States did not consider themselves poor at all. Even after vouching for the tax cuts for poor and demanding basic amenities such as healthcare and postal services, these people do not consider themselves poor at all. They believe that they are rich enough to support themselves on a daily basis.

This is where even the media fails to educate any single member of the poor community since they are not ready to realize that they earn below the median standard and are actually classified as poor. This classification on the basis of the median standard is exactly what makes them eligible for healthcare, education, unemployment, and all other allowances. However, they have perceptions inside their head and their psychological states are one of the major reasons that they keep voting for the Republicans who are using them as sacrificial goats.


In the end, it is important to note here that some of the Americans who are way beyond poor and are living on scanty means do not vote at all. They are so poor and uneducated that they have no interest in even voting for any leader, be it a Democrat or a Republican. However, the ones which do vote for Republicans are not easy to educate.

It will take quite a lot of effort to make them realize that the Republicans’ policies are made to favor the rich and penalize the poor for their economic status. The media, in all its transparency efforts, does its best to paint the right picture in the eyes of people. However, it is the subjectivity of poor community’s opinions and beliefs which are holding it back from making the right decision.

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