July 14, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

The field of WEB design and programming is in constant development. Technologies are improving, new progressive solutions appear and opportunities are expanding. Today UI and UX are not just popular terms, but effective Web design tools from https://kevurugames.com/game-art/ui-ux-design/.

What is UX and UI design and how these concepts differ from each other

The terms UI and UX design are relatively recent. Many experts agree that these concepts were invented by Apple in 1983. Although the idea itself is many thousands of years old. In simple terms, the UI / UX connection is the correct interaction of a person with the interface. This allows you to achieve certain goals.

One of the simplest examples is a sharpening wheel. Since the Middle Ages, there have been a huge number of varieties of this mechanism. The stone was rotated manually by pressing a pedal or a lever, the sharpener itself could be untwisted by one person, and another person could sharpen a weapon or tool. Sharpening stones were of different sizes, had differences in design and appearance.

if we shift everything to modern terminology, then the very process of interaction with a grindstone is UX. The result of combining these concepts is a fast and high-quality sharpening process for weapons or tools.

Any online store can be a more modern example. A potential buyer visits the site, selects a product, reads the description for it. It makes an online purchase and after a certain time receives his order.

In this case, the concept of UX is a step-by-step process from the moment of choosing a product to complete an online application.

While UX and UI Design are very similar concepts, they are not interchangeable or identical. There are a number of fundamental differences between these terms that need to be considered in detail in order to answer the question – what is UX / UI.

UX design: main features

In the English version, the term UX stands for User Experience. It can be literally translated as “user experience” or “user experience”. In fact, this is the entire experience that a particular user gets from interacting with the interface of the Website:

  1. UX design is the adaptability and functionality of a particular product. As well as certain emotions that it evokes in the user. As a result, the simpler, more accessible, and convenient the site interface is, the easier it will be for the user to find the information they need or make an online purchase;
  2. Interface prototyping is the primary concern of a UX designer. The first personal computer from Apple can be considered as the simplest and most understandable example. In 1984, engineers and designers of an American corporation first introduced a computer with a user-friendly interface. There windows were used instead of the command line. This marked the beginning of a new era of publicly available personal computers around the world;
  3. For prototyping applications, designers use various tools (for example, Balsamiq, Axure, UXPin). With the help of it the initial “skeleton” is assembled from separate ready-made objects. And there is the primary visualization of the interface is created.

The work of a designer from Kevurugames cannot be called monotonous. Because when designing a user interface for each site or application, an individual approach and the use of various tools and technologies are required. Quite often a whole team of specialists from different directions is working on one project. Some study the behavior of users, their emotions, and actions while working with a specific interface. Others are engaged in architecture. And still, others test the product at all stages of its creation and conduct information analytics.

UI design

In simple terms, UI design is UX visualization. The designer of this direction is responsible for the convenience of the site or application interface for the user. Its main task is to ensure that the user can work with the content as conveniently as possible. The UI designer has a ton of tools at his disposal (fonts, graphics, buttons, visual images) that he uses to optimize a specific interface.

In addition, the designer focuses on the recommendations of Google and Apple, thanks to which the applications of other developers look organic and correspond to the general concept.

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