What are the Requirements for Creating a Dedicated ARK Server?

 June 30, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

The gaming server ARK: Survival Evolved has undeniably been ultimate as its users have enjoyed its features that have helped them bridge their fantasies to reality. From interacting and using dinosaurs however you like to making your childhood games revisit you, ARK: Survival Evolved has made them all possible and come true.

Others have a knack for Minecraft where they can similarly make their world and fantasies into reality. And so does SIMS that has made college students in the early 2000s crazy. But with the development of technology, many servers and games surfaced such as this.

So if you are one of the people who want to make an alternate reality up from creating a world you want, to building your people to inhabit that world, down to how they will function and survive in that world, ARK: Survival Evolved helps you put that into action.

If you are interested in hosting your own ARK server, read further to know how to create a dedicated ARK Server for you and your friends.

Brief introduction and review of what ARK is

The game ARK: Survival Evolved was first released in August of 2017, where users are characters that have to survive on an island where dinosaurs and other non-human creatures are present and living. The goal in the game is to survive, which is what the end goal of every gaming app and software is. It has two modes that allow you to choose from which angle you want to play on. You can either play from a third-person point of view or a first-person one. It is also supported by different operating systems and platforms such as Windows, iOS, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox, among many others, regardless of what server you are using.

Do I have server options for playing?

In making your own ARK server, you have options. Yes, there are two choices you can choose from. One, you can set one up on your computer and customize it to your liking. And two, you can avail one online, which you have to pay for every month.

Some say it is better to avail one online because it will be faster and more detailed. Perhaps that option is great for you if you are still starting and want to grasp how it works first. But if you are already experienced and want things to go your way, we suggest you customize your server and make it the way you wish the online did.

Our game experts suggest that if you are still a starter, consider availing an online server first to familiarize yourself with how it works and what the technicalities are. And if you want to venture out and diversify already, then you can cancel your subscription. Besides, it’s a monthly payment, so you can just cancel anytime that you want. By then, you can make your own ARK server precisely the way you want it to be.

How can I make my own dedicated ARK Server?

You need the right requirements to play seamlessly, like how you would if you were playing on a hosting service. Thus, you can make your dedicated server if you have the right specs. Here are the requirements that you need to make your own dedicated ARK Server:

  • RAM. This is undeniably the part of a computer you would like to invest in if you want to play seamlessly without interruptions. Our gaming experts suggest that for you to have your dedicated ARK Server, you need to have a RAM of at least 6 GB. This allows you to play on your own without lagging. However, if you would like to play with your friends, our experts suggest you get a RAM of at least 8 GB to prevent any interruptions that might arise.
  • Processor (CPU). This is an integral part of your computer, and for you to play without any trouble whatsoever, we suggest you get a CPU with at least a clock speed of 3.0 GHz. That way, you can ensure that you won’t experience any disturbance in playing, such as having the game stop in the middle of the game without any apparent reason, pixelating, lagging, and even restarting on its own. For playing ARK: Survival Evolved, we recommend getting two CPUs.
  • Operating system. This might get unnoticed by some, but operating systems play an important role in how your game will smoothly load. ARK: Survival Evolved is supported by both Windows and iOS, and it is essential to ensure that it should not be high maintenance. That means that it doesn’t need a lot of rebooting, nor does it run a lot of background shenanigans while playing. This is because these activities will take space in the computer, which leaves no room for the game to load the way it should be loading.
  • Power supply. This is equally important as the rest of the components mentioned beforehand because once your power supply goes out, all your data will be lost in the server. And you certainly wouldn’t want that. Having a stable power supply is as important as having a stable internet connection because it allows you to make sure that your server is saved and is not, and will not, be corrupted.

Other troubleshooting

These are the things to take note of in building a dedicated ARK Server for you to play the game better than you would with a hosting service. With a good internet connection and the right specs for your computer, your gaming experience will be better than ever.

On the final note, we suggest you study other troubleshooting problems, such as how to fix “please ensure the server” issue on ARK, among others. This is important because knowing the possible problems that will arise will help you in preventing them. Of course, preventing issues now would help you in the long run?

How about you? What specs do you think you need to upgrade? Until then, enjoy a smooth sailing ride with the dinosaurs?

BC Editorial Team


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