What are the 5 ways to stay safe while gaming online?

 June 24, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Online gaming is just another world. It can turn two life-long friends into rivals or turn two strangers into friends anytime. While it will bring out your creative side and put you in a win-or-lose situation, gaming online does come with multiple posed threats in this decade.

With more people moving towards online gaming and the gaming society becoming more robust and more expansive each day, hackers have found their way into it too.

While it didn’t seem too dangerous before, this needs to be considered that it poses potentially severe threats to gamers. One easy way behind this is that gaming brings multiple strangers on the same platform.

Although not all gamers pose threats online, some do.

However, there are multiple ways that you can stay safe while gaming online. From getting the best gaming VPN to installing an antivirus on your PC, you can prevent your device and yourself in multiple ways.

Before we get started, let’s check out some dangers of online gaming.

Some dangers of online gaming:

1. Spying through webcam and microphones:

One of the easiest ways to spy on someone from a device is by using the webcam and microphone present on the device. All devices ranging from smartphones to Smart TVs have built-in VoIP services that are extremely useful but end up being a threat many times.

2. Cyberbullying:

While being anonymous is all fun and games, it poses severe threats to your mental health. Many strangers online take advantage of the anonymity and send hurtful and abusive messages to players, playing with the other players’ sentiments.

3. Multiple privacy issues:

Users are informed not to send over or reveal any kind of personally identifiable information (PII) while gaming, including not using their name as the username of any game. However, users do not take this into concern and do what they desire, thereby putting their information at risk.

You might believe us by the stats that three hundred thousand Nintendo players were hacked in 2020. If this doesn’t seem like an alarming stat to you, then we wonder what will. Let’s look into some ways you can prevent yourself while gaming online:

Five ways to remain safe while gaming online:

1. Keep all your personal information to yourself:

The first thing you need to do while gaming online is keeping all your information safe. This information includes your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like your name, address, bank details, and more. This information also includes information about your relationships, the number of kids you have, etc.

Information like this may look completely insignificant but can be used against you easily. It can be used to answer your security questions and even guess your passwords if they’re super easy.

2. Stay aware of cheat codes:

Your game might be super-challenging and tough, but downloading its cheat codes through unofficial sites is pretty dangerous.

Shortcuts are super-helpful as they provide you with hacks to enjoy the game and win it. However, gamers often visit any website and get the cheat codes on their device without thinking twice.

These files containing the cheat codes often contain malicious software like a virus or ransomware that infects the entire device and steals user data.

3. Ensure the antivirus software is installed

The third thing you should keep in check is the antivirus software present on your device. Antivirus software prevents all kinds of viruses and malware from entering your device, keeping your device completely secure.

With an updated antivirus software present on your device, even if you try installing a malicious file full of cheat codes, your antivirus software would notify you immediately and wouldn’t let you download it on your device.

4. Use a reliable VPN

To completely encrypt your gaming connection, you need to use a VPN on your device. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a great way to keep your connection secure from all kinds of monitoring and prying eyes, as well as staying unidentified over the internet.

You might want to set up a VPN known to work great with gaming for this. Reliable VPNs are the only way to get around these things safely. Let’s not forget that your gamer self can easily unblock online games that your country has restricted easily and let you enjoy them without any worries.

5. Keep your Bluetooth off

It’s known that Bluetooth connections have particular vulnerabilities that make users accustomed to a privacy breach. Bluetooth devices can be easily manipulated and used against you. That’s why it’s always better to keep your Bluetooth connection off if you’re not actively paired to a Bluetooth device.


Gaming is one fun and addictive activity. While you defeat your rivals in the game, you might also want to beat some hackers and spies to ensure safe gaming. Although there are multiple solutions for this, an easy and effective solution is using a VPN.

BC Editorial Team


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