What Are Link Building Services, and How Can You Increase Your Traffic in Australia?

 October 27, 2022

By  Elle Gellrich

Do you want to increase the traffic of visitors coming to your site? Are you already carrying out on-page SEO activities, but the ranking of your pages is not yet high? Are you curious how you can further boost the SEO strategy you are applying to allow you to achieve lasting results over time? Perhaps the time has come to use some link-building techniques and link-building services, which are essential to increase the authority of your online domain and make your site (and business) credible and recognizable on the Web.

Reading this article, we study how to create effective link-building strategies and link-building services aimed at improving the site’s positioning and thus increasing the number of visits and potential customers. Link building is an off-page SEO activity to obtain hyperlinks from websites with different domains from yours, and this is to improve the ranking of the website, blog, or e-commerce.

What are Link Building Services?

Link-building services are the link-building strategies companies offer as one of the strategic off-site SEO activities (Search Engine Optimization) and include all those actions aimed at obtaining new inbound links, that is, from other domains of quality. Link building also represents a set of techniques, guided by a strategy, to obtain inbound links. The goal is to increase the positioning and ranking in search engines’ SERPs. All of this is the foundation of off-page SEO.

Building a hyperlink network is essential. The reason is simple: inbound links are a helpful signal to influence visibility on Google and represent a vital SEO positioning factor. Good link building services are critical for projects in very competitive contexts. But it must be accompanied by good content marketing and on-page SEO with keyword research and structure management.

Why is it Important to Get Links from the Outside?

Google refers to the presence of incoming links to choose how to position us. These links serve as a “reference” for our site. For this reason, if a domain that links us is considered “credible” and authoritative by Google, our site will likely benefit from ranking and visits. It is, therefore, essential to consider the number of links coming to our site and their quality. For this, we can distinguish backlinks for SEO between natural and artificial links.

What are Artificial Links?

“Artificial links” are all those backlinks created to “deceive” the search engine to favor the organic positioning of the site.

For instance:

  • The recipe site links to a domain dedicated to cars;
  • A backlink from sites full of spammy links (directories).

How does Google understand the quality of a backlink? And, therefore, whether it is a natural or an artificial link. It does this thanks to an algorithm called “Google Penguin.”

What is Google Penguin?

On April 24, 2012, Google Penguin announced that it would arrive. This Penguin is supposed to be an algorithmic update that would change SEO forever. While previously, in fact, directories and sites destined for SPAM abounded, with Google Penguin, the search engine massively evaluated the quality of the backlink. This algorithm aimed to target those who are guilty of black hat SEO.

The term “black hat SEO” refers to all those techniques used to improve the positioning of a site on Google in an artificial way without following the search engine’s guidelines.

What are the Evaluation Criteria that Google Penguin Adopts?

  • Positioning level of the linking domain;
  • The authority of the linking domain;
  • Thematic relevance between the linking site and the one receiving the link;
  • Language of the linking resource;
  • The anchor text.

Now, let’s answer the question: how can we start good linking-building strategies that allow us to acquire high-quality inbound links? We can combine several tactics with constant link-building techniques monitoring through periodic link audits.

How to Create a Good Link-Building Strategy?

It isn’t easy to trace a path beyond the definition and go to practical activities. Link building partially goes against Google’s advice for improvement and promotion and, above all, risks running into the links of the controls against link schemes.

It is essential to take care of the source of the links. Having a series of links from websites that are contextualized, address the same topic, and which are well-viewed by Google is a plus.

Broken Link Building

To get links that improve our ranking and increase the flow of visitors to our site, we can first study broken link building. This white hat tactic is aimed at obtaining quality backlinks.

Broken link building consists of finding sites well positioned on the Net and analyzing them to detect any broken links. If there is an article or page within our site that can easily replace the link, we can propose to the manager of the linking site to replace the broken link so that it points to our resources.

With this technique, the advantage is on both sides. From our point of view, we get backlinks from authoritative sites, and the linking site no longer has broken links, which lead to 404 pages and are therefore viewed with suspicion by the search engine.

With the right approach, we can create an effective backlink campaign. On our side, specific tools can help us in the scanning phase of the various sites. For example, Screaming Frog, a program that works as an SEO crawler: among its many functions, it can identify 404 links and server errors, essential data for proceeding with link building.

Why is Linking out Important in Effective Link Building Strategies?

The concept of reciprocity cannot be missing to obtain effective link-building strategies: if we include links in our pages that refer to other sites, it is easier for them to do the same. It is why the linking out strategy was born. The linking out method involves searching for exciting places for our visitors to link to within our resources. These will be natural outbound links, which the linked site will gladly welcome. As a “reward” for this gesture, the owner will then decide to connect to our resources.

Therefore, referring to highly authoritative pages can strongly impact our online visibility. Sites like Digg, Redditt, and Tumblr, which use this practice, have millions of visitors returning again and again.

Editorial Link Building and Link Reclamation

The expression “editorial link” contains more than one meaning. First, you should remember that the links with the most valuable content are in the page’s central area, called the “editorial section.” Especially following the introduction of Google Penguin, the links in the header, footer, or sidebar have a much lower “authority,” On the other hand, the users themselves choose to click them less often than those contained in the heart of the text. In the second place, this term assumes value, especially in the context of link-building strategies.

Editorial link-building services are backlink acquisition techniques that combine the production of quality content, interesting for a specific target, and the promotion of the same to sites or blogs that are considered relevant to the particular topic or sector of the case. In conjunction with this technique, initiating a link reclamation strategy is possible.

It is also a good practice for the User Experience: in this way, the user who reads an article on a site that mentions your brand is not forced to make a copy-paste of the brand or product on Google to enter our site.

In Conclusion

Link building is an SEO technique that aims to increase the number of inbound links to a website. With quality links from authoritative websites, the website that benefits from these backlinks, as they are called, inherits part of this authority (domain authority).

An effective link-building activity must start from the search for authoritative sources combined with the production of quality content: this is why to develop a link-building SEO, corporate SEO services Australia also offers you a strategy for the show and planning of content, starting from your blog up to the content. They aim to increase the number of inbound links from other websites.

The quality of the backlinks is an important ranking factor, that is, an element capable of influencing the SEO of a website by determining its positioning in the SERP. There is a right way and a wrong way to link. Starting several link-building strategies means satisfying the algorithms of search engines, the lovers of quality inbound links. It significantly affects the performance of our site, allowing us to reach new and essential sales opportunities.

SEO services are a fundamental piece of the big puzzle representing your business’s marketing strategy and are considered among the most effective tools. Have you already structured your link-building strategies? If you need help planning and applying off-site SEO techniques and the benefit of those who offer link-building services, don’t worry! We are here for this! Let’s talk about how to grow your project.

Elle Gellrich


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