What Are Autoflowering and Feminized Seeds?

 April 13, 2022

By  Elle Gellrich

As people start growing marijuana, they need to learn about the different types of seeds and what is involved in growing them. When it comes to growing from seed, there are two main varieties growers will need to familiarize themselves with. Autoflowering and feminized seeds both offer benefits to cannabis growers.

High Seed Quality Is Essential

New growers need to purchase the highest quality marijuana seed they can find. When growers want to purchase marijuana seeds, they need to research their options and learn as much as possible.

Purchasing from a reputable retailer that offers the best seeds available, and with a wide variety, will help marijuana growers ensure they will obtain a bountiful harvest. The quality of the seed is just as important as the steps carried out in the growing process.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

Once a person begins researching the steps involved in growing marijuana from seed, they will quickly learn the importance of avoiding male plants. Male plants will not produce smokeable marijuana with a high THC or CBD level. Male plants also pollinate females and make them focus on producing seeds rather than buds.

Because new growers may not realize they have a male plant until it is too late, it is helpful if they purchase feminized seeds. Feminized seeds only produce female marijuana plants. When growers plant feminized seeds, they will not have to worry about unexpected male plants sprouting. The benefits of feminized marijuana seeds are as follows.

  • Feminized seeds produce larger marijuana plants.
  • A feminized seed will also produce greater buds.
  • Feminized plants can be cloned.

What Are Autoflowering Seeds?

Another type of seed new growers will come across is auto-flowering varieties. This type of seed is highly popular among new growers because it automatically blooms, without lighting changes. The only drawback of growing marijuana plants from auto-flowering seeds is the inability to clone. The following are the benefits of autoflowerers.

  • Autoflowerers reach harvest faster.
  • Autoflowering varieties develop into female plants.
  • An autoflowerer is easier to cultivate.
  • Autoflowerers also remain smaller plants.

Which One Is Better For Indoor Growth?

New growers have a lot of choices that can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many things to consider when growing cannabis indoors. One of the most important considerations is the seed.

When a person is trying to decide between auto-flowering seeds or feminized seeds, they need to consider where they are going to grow their plants. For indoor growth, auto-flowering seed varieties are ideal because the plants grow faster, remain smaller, and are easier to cultivate.

Feminized seeds are ideal for outdoor growth because they produce larger plants with higher yields. While it is certainly possible to grow feminized seeds indoors, growers will need much larger pots to account for the increased growth.

Choose the Right Growing Methods

Growing marijuana from seed may seem difficult, but the steps are very straightforward. New growers should start with one or two plants until they grow accustomed to all the steps involved, including controlling the light their plants receive.

It does not take a lot of fancy tools and gear to produce healthy plants, especially in the beginning. As a grower broadens their horizons, they may find tools such as LED lights, timers, and fans, to help them produce healthier plants.

No matter what type of seed a person chooses, they must purchase from a highly reputable seed retailer. The right retailer will help buyers ensure they are choosing the best marijuana seeds for their needs.

Elle Gellrich


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