Weight Loss in 2023: How Living in California Works to Your Advantage

 January 11, 2023

By  BC Editorial Team

If, like most of us, you had a few too many slices of pie over the holidays (hey, it’s hard to resist when there’s an absolute smorgasbord of homemade confections), it’s going to take a little work to get back into fighting shape for swimsuit season.  But if you live in California, count your blessings. People who live in more winter-bound states don’t get to enjoy quite the same ease of climate, plethora of outdoor recreational activities, cornucopia of fitness classes, or the bounty of freshest produce in the country.

Here’s how to use the blessings of living in California to your advantage on your weight loss journey this year:

Get Outside & Enjoy the Weather

A lot of people around the country, and the world, would do anything to have our weather in California. We get mostly sunny days. The Bay Area gets foggy, but mostly the weather is warm and full of sun. You should make use of those beautiful precious days by getting outside and working out. When you exercise outdoors, you won’t always feel like you are working out.

You might feel like you aren’t even exercising at all. With great weather and the beautiful scenery of California, you can get healthy in multiple ways. Do what’s right for your body and mind. You can even live in a place outside a major city to live amongst nature. When you live in California, there is no reason not to take advantage of the weather and exercise outdoors.

Compare & Despair

One of the worst things you can do is compare yourself to people who work out more than you do. When you are walking down the streets of LA or San Francisco, there is no shortage of beautiful people. You will see beautiful people everywhere in California. You shouldn’t compare yourself to them.

First, you should remember that few people are fully comfortable in their own skin. It’s also not very motivating to compare yourself to an unattainable goal. The goal should be to be healthy and happy with your body. When living in California and feeling bad about your body, try not to compare yourself to others. Instead, do your best to do what’s right for yourself.

Find a Gym You Like

California emphasizes fitness. You shouldn’t compare yourself to other people, but you should soak in the environment. One great benefit of living in California is that there are plenty of gyms to choose from. Don’t settle for a gym you don’t like. You should shop around for the perfect place where you feel comfortable working out. Each gym is different. It has its own amenities, equipment, and vibe. Shop around. Look for a gym in your area that you really like. Whether you are looking for gyms in Bakersfield, Los Angeles, or the Bay Area, there are plenty of facilities to choose from.

Take Advantage of the Produce

Another advantage of living in California is that you have access to all the lovely produce. The fruit and vegetables in the state are fresh and delicious. They are more readily available than they are in other states. It doesn’t matter if you don’t “like” fruits and vegetables. You must eat them for your health. Furthermore, you will learn what you like and what you don’t. With so many delicious options for healthy food in California, it’s a shame not to take advantage of the state’s bounty.

Use the Parks, Trails, & More

Finally, California has many different parks, trails, and other public infrastructure to take advantage of. Whether you like to walk, hike, bike, swim, or something else, you likely have a spot nearby where you can enjoy yourself and get active. You can play sports outside even at night most days of the year. California is known for its national, state, and local parks.

Losing weight can be difficult wherever you live, but in California you are surrounded by people who are quite conscious about their weight and appearance. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Take advantage of all the nature, beautiful scenery, and great weather. There are gyms and open spaces to work out around the state. Whether you are trying to get healthy or look your best, if you utilize these tips in tandem you will be able to reach your goals.

BC Editorial Team


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