Want to Stream Games? Here’s How to Get Started

 June 26, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Games are getting more exciting and gaining more followers around the world. As a game fan, you may have considered taking your passion further than just being a spectator to game streams. If you want to take your passion for gaming to the next level, you will have to know how to stream games you love to play. Read further here to know how to get started with streaming games and make next-level gaming fantasy come true.

Get Quality Microphones

You will be needing a dedicated and high-quality microphone or a noise-canceling headset with a microphone to broadcast your commentaries and play-by-play reactions and tips to your online audience. So why not use a standard gaming headset or microphone for streaming? First of all, you want to deliver a smooth, crisp audio experience to the viewers.

Half of the excitement from game streaming comes from excellent and high-fidelity audio coming from the game and the commentaries from the streamer. As your game streaming followers and fan base grow, so will the need for better and more interesting content. You may move to stream multiplayer games and invite gamer friends as special guests to your program.

For that, you will need multiple microphones or headsets to get your friends involved in the stream. The mic monitoring feature is an excellent setting that can help make multiplayer commentaries more engaging and less noisy.

You would not want your game streaming program to come out as too loud or irritating to the ears. Mic monitoring helps you assess if there are background noises picked up by the microphones, check if the microphones are working, and adjust the audio output to make it appealing to the audience.

Multiplayer games can get exciting and emotionally charged, and your friends may often overreact or shout while playing. With the microphone monitoring setting, you will not have to worry about getting caught in the frenzy and heat of the game and have unbridled fun while playing with your friends.

Install a High-Definition Webcam

Streaming is best enjoyed with great audio, vivid game graphics, and high-definition video footage of the game streamer. An excellent live stream of the game being played can be enjoyable and all, but viewers would find it more interesting to see who is behind the magic of the game. Depending on how much game immersion and involvement experience you want to give to your viewers, you can place the camera on top of your computer monitor or mount it on a tripod to provide different camera angles and views while playing. Your camera should not necessarily have a 4K resolution if your internet speed gets affected. A 1080p and 60fps camera will work fine in delivering superb visuals to your audiences.

Choose the Right Game Streaming PC

This type of PC is designed to handle your gaming and streaming needs, so it is fast and powerful. If you already have a monster gaming PC and you prefer not to buy a dual-function PC for gaming and streaming, you can opt for a PC upgrade to make it capable of delivering the best possible gaming resolution for you and your viewers. You can choose to install an internal or external capture card to improve your PC’s stream-recording capacity and take the processing load out of its other hardware. The internal capture card is preferred for desktop gaming PCs, while the external capture card is recommended for gaming laptops. Today, you can easily find the best laptop under 2000 bucks, however, it’s crucial to select a model that is compatible with your external capture card. Both capture cards can help you enjoy lag-free games while the footage of these games is transmitted to your PC for recording or streaming purposes.

Play your game videos at full HD (1080p or 1,920 by 1,080 resolution) to keep your PC and stream speed at optimum performance. Your stream resolution does not have to be as high as your gaming resolution is, so as not to strain your PC performance and internet connection. Resolutions of 900p or 720p are fine settings for those who are beginners at game streaming and even for seasoned game streamers. Keep in mind to start with gaming and streaming PC with decent performance and high-speed internet before moving on to invest in a more powerful PC and faster internet.

Select a Powerful Streaming Software

Now that you have your audio, camera, and PC covered, you will need powerful streaming software to get the audio, stream video, and streamer inlay video put together for the audience to see. You might already be familiar with some game streamers from YouTube or Twitch and have seen their videos. Now, it is your turn to work the magic of recording, editing, layouting, and broadcasting your gaming videos to the internet, and you need the right software to cover those bases for you. Choose a software type with full video production features that will help you edit, clean, and customize your videos. The software should also allow you to customize your layout and apply interesting and entertaining effects such as transitions, additional scenes or video clips, emoticons, subtitles, and other things that will enhance your streaming content.

Get Other Video Streaming Elements Covered

It’s not just the devices, peripherals, and software that you need to cover in your game streaming project. You also have to take into consideration the elements that are indirectly related to your game streaming. Your gaming chair is one of them. You have to play and project videos and commentaries in your most comfortable condition, and a chair that is ergonomically designed for gaming can help you be more confident and engaging in your videos.

The lighting is another factor that some game streamers often take for granted. Well-placed lighting can give you a professional look and helps to project yourself better on camera. A green screen is another essential piece that will take care of messy backgrounds and disruptions in your camera feed. It can also come in handy once you learn to add more complicated video effects later on.

Game streaming is a wonderful opportunity to share your passion for gaming with other gamers and interested viewers. The internet is a diverse and expansive place that will let you share your game streams with various audiences. Thus, you have to show interesting, entertaining, and professional-looking content for your viewers. With the basic steps provided here, you are on your way to creating fantastic game streaming content for the world to see.

BC Editorial Team


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