June 2, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

Sometimes the person who is in charge of delivering USPS delivers it to the wrong address. This problem is faced many times by a lot of people. It is a common issue that might be due to carelessness by the staff members or any other reason.

One of the reasons could be reading of address in the wrong way. The other reason behind this mistake could be noting down the wrong address by the other staff members. Another reason could be done by the person who is sending the parcel. It could be possible that he has put down the wrong address. These are some reasons that could lead to the wrong delivery of the package.


Case 1: Mistake done by the post office

As an ideal and responsible citizen, our first duty should be to inform the post office management about the delivery at the wrong place. You can either visit or call the person concerned with this issue at the post office. The authority concerned with this issue will handle the complaint as soon as possible. They will take back the wrong parcel and then send you your own parcel. Hence, this is one of the ideal solutions to your problem.

Case 2: Mistake done by the sender.

As discussed above, sometimes the mistake can be of the person who is sending the parcel. Many times, the address provided is wrong by the sender. In this case, the USPS does not take responsibility for the wrong delivery of the parcel. In this scenario, we have to handle this problem on our own.

You can directly contact the person who sent the parcel. You can get the contact details by asking the post office officials for the full name, contact number of the sender. You can take the help of the USPS to solve your problem. Another way is that you can yourself go to the receiver and ask for your parcel. These are some ways in which you can solve your problem when the mistake is from the sender’s side.

How to track a USPS package?

Nowadays, the internet has a solution to every problem. Every courier service has an online system for tracking the package. You can get to know the detailed information about your package through this system. These details include the location and all the status of the package which is delivered. Either there was a mistake done by the post office guy that he delivered the parcel to a wrong address or the other case could be that there was some problem in delivering the package and the parcel is sent back to the post office.

With the tracking software and facilities of USPS, you can get all this information about your parcel. There are some steps that are to be followed for checking the status of the parcel.

  • You have to enter the tracking number of the parcel for checking the status.
  • The tracking number can be found out at the receipt of the mail. This mail receipt is given to you by the post office officials when we submit the parcel for the delivery.
  • There is one more way in which you can get the tracking number. You get a mail of confirmation when you submit the parcel. This email contains the tracking number.

Thus, these are some ways in which you can track our parcel and prevent it from getting lost due to some mistakes.

Status of the package that is already shown as delivered:

In some cases, the parcel says delivered but in reality, it is not. This scenario could cause a lot of panic in your life. Many thoughts may arise in your mind. The most common thought is that, did I write the correct address on the package. Some of you might think that they will not get their parcel back now but you need not panic during this time.

Many times, the system shows the parcel to be delivered on that day but it is actually delivered a day later. So, one possible solution is to wait for one more day for the parcel to be delivered by the post office staff. In many cases, it is observed that the package is delivered after one day.

Hence, you must not panic and have patience in this kind of situation.

International Delivery:

In the case of international delivery, one must always keep on checking his or her mailbox. The local post office staff will send you the mail whenever your package is delivered. It will give the notice to pick up your package from the local post office. You can also contact the customs office to know about the status of your package.


You should always handle any situation with patience. Problems cannot be solved by taking stress during these problems. You must wait for one or two days and then take the required action. In the scenario of International delivery, you must always keep contact with the customs office.


There can be many cases in which your parcel is delivered to the wrong place. In such situations, a person must take the suggested steps to get back his or her parcel. One should not panic and must follow the rules and regulations made. Sometimes there is some delay in the time of delivery due to some obstacles. In this case, you must cooperate with the officials and the staff concerned.

Vada Shelby


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