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 December 3, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the renowned postal service providers in the world and has millions of customers all over the world. Before 1971 USPS was also called as US Government and it was completely managed by them. Whenever it comes to shipping courier or package people in the US always prefer to choose USPS rather than choosing any other service providers because of its excellent service. USPS has a record of delivering the package most efficiently and timely. Another service that made USPS very popular is its mail tracking service. Whenever you ship your mail or package through USPS you can avail post office tracking number with the help of which it becomes possible for you to track your mail or package. Thus USPS does not end its job just by picking and delivering the shipment of the customers. But with the tracking facility customers of USPS gets can view where exactly their package is and they can thereby guess when their package will arrive at the destination. Hence in this article, we have come with various details of US postal tracking numbers such as what it is, what is its format, and how to get it. Thus if you want to update yourself with everything that is related to the tracking number then it is very essential for you to go through this article as almost everything related to the tracking facility is provided in this article.

What Is The USPS Tracking Number?

USPS provides its customer United States Post Office tracking number for almost all its package. It is actually a number with the help of which it becomes possible for you to make your package trackable. This tracking number is also called an article number or label number. Nowadays people have become very smart and they always want to remain updated with everything. USPS Tracking number is actually a service that helps the customer to get end to end information about the delivery of their package. That means with tracking facility you can get all information about your shipment right from the start of your shipment to the end of the shipment. Thus the tracking facility service helps the customers to stay in peace of mind by helping them to get the latest update of the shipment of their package.

Generally, you can avail USPS tracking facility to almost all service but there are some lists of postages with which USPS tracking number automatically comes. These services are certified mail, collect on delivery, USPS tracking, registered mail, global express guaranteed, priority mail and signature confirmation. In case you do not have availed any of these packages then you will not get the tracking facility automatically. But still, you can avail of the tracking facility by paying an additional amount.

How To Find Tracking Number USPS?

After knowing what is USPS tracking number and why it is required it is also very essential to know how to find the USPS tracking number.  As mentioned above all the USPS postal service does not include tracking facility by default. So, the first thing that you need to know is whether the package that you have availed includes the tracking facility automatically or not. If you have availed certified mail, collect on delivery, USPS tracking, registered mail, global express guaranteed, priority mail and signature confirmation then USPS carrier will put a label over the package of your shipment. In another kind of USPS service, you do not get this tracking facility automatically and if you need it you have to ask USPS carrier to add USPS tracking service to your package but you have to provide an extra amount of money for availing that service.

Once you get the USPS tracking number it is very essential to save the receipt that the USPS carrier will give you. It is in this receipt that you will find the tracking number. USPS tracking is a long digit and most of the USPS customers able to track just by seeing the number. But if you are not able to determine the tracking number on the slip or receipt then you can ask any of the employees of USPS to show you the tracking number. Any USPS employee will be happy to help you in determining the tracking number. If you have ordered anything online then it will also become possible for you to trace the tracking number. In fact, in such a case, you will receive an email where the USPS tracking number will be mentioned. You can also order a product from your account of a website and in such a case, the USPS tracking number will be highlighted in your account. After you get the tracking number you have to visit the website of USPS. On the home page of the USPS official website, you can observe a blank space on the top. This space is meant for the shipping number search. All that you have to do is to put that tracking number on that blank space and press the enter key. Then the USPS website will show you the current status of your package. Apart from that, if you are not comfortable with online tracking you can avail of the USPS SMS facility as well. For availing the current status of your package through SMS you have to send your tracking number to 28777. As you send the tracking number you will instantly get a message in which you will get the current status of your package. This is how you can easily track the current status of your package within a minute if you have the tracking number of your package.

USPS Tracking Number Format :

USPS tracking number is a long number that mostly consists of 22 digits. However, the number of digits varies from service to service. Thus different services have different kinds of tracking numbers. The following are some USPS tracking number example that has different USPS services:

  • The Tracking number of US Post Office: 9400 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • The Tracking number of Priority Mail: 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • The Tracking number of Certified Mail: 9407 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • The Tracking number of Collect on Delivery Hold for Pickup: 9303 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • The tracking number of Priority Mail Express International: EC 000 000 000 US
  • The Tracking number of Priority Mail Express: 9270 1000 0000 0000 0000 00 and EA 000 000 000 US
  • The Tracking number of Global Express Guaranteed: 82 000 000 00
  • The Tracking number of Priority Mail International: CP 000 000 000 US
  • The tracking number of Registered Mail: 9208 8000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • The tracking number of Signature Confirmation: 9202 1000 0000 0000 0000 00

Where Is The Tracking Number On USPS Receipt?

Generally, it is very easy to trace the tracking number of USPS as it contains a series of numeric digits. However, some people may find it very difficult to trace the tracking number of USPS. If you are one such customer who does not know how to trace the USPS tracking number then this article will be very useful to you.

You can find the tracking number of your package on the shipping receipt of your post office. Apart from that, in case you purchase the insurance at the USPS then you can find it on the receipt of your package. There are some USPS customers who always want to do their work online rather than wasting their time by coming to the post office. These customers usually ship their mail items from the official website of USPS. In such a case, the USPS customer can find the tracking number in the inbox of their email account. Moreover, the tracking label may also be mentioned on the peel-off portion of their package. So, you can check the tracking number just below the tracking label of the package. However, you can also get it in the confirmation email that is mainly sent by the online retailer. There may be a situation when you may have missed the USPS delivery. In such a case, you can find the tracking number on the backside of the orange slip which you have received.

In the case of USPS priority mail service, you can get the USPS tracking number automatically. You can avail of the Priority mail service both online as well as from the local post office. Thus for obtaining the tracking number of USPS priority mail service, you do not have to pay any extra cost and you can get both the date and time of the delivery of your shipment. Generally, the USPS tracking number of Priority Express mail is 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00.

Tracking Number USPS

The number by which you can track your package is called the tracking number in USPS. The only significance of the tracking number is this. It doesn’t cost you any charge. This is one of the best facilities given by the usps. You can avail of this service free of cost. All the other details about the tracking number have been given above.

Conclusion :

Thus it is seen that USPS is one of the best postal delivery services provides in the world that has come up with some excellent service. One such excellent service is the tracking facility with the help of which it becomes possible for the customer to determine whether your package is delivered to the recipient or not. However, it has one disadvantage and that is with the tracking facility of USPS you cannot make sure that your package has not fallen in the wrong hand. For example, it may happen that the USPS carrier may deliver the package of the customer to someone in the destination’s address but not to the person whom the sender intends to send. Thus with the tracking facility of USPS, you cannot guarantee that your package falls in the right person’s hand. The tracking facility can only tell you that your package has been delivered to the correct destination. You can only check the date and time when your packages are delivered to the recipient.  This is where USPS signature confirmation comes into play. In USPS signature confirmation service apart from getting the information whether your mail gets delivered to the recipient, you will also be able to determine whether the package is delivered to the right recipient or not. In USPS signature confirmation service the recipient has to show his proof of identity to the USPS carrier who will come to deliver the package to the destination of the recipient and the package will be delivered only when the ID proof of the recipient matched with the identity that is given by the sender of the package The USPS carrier will only deliver you the package when he ensures that you are the person whom the sender intends to send. But this process requires a huge time and it is certainly a very overhead both for the recipient as well as the USPS carrier. That is why people from all over the world prefer to avail of USPS tracking facility service so that they can understand whether their package is delivered to the recipient or not. The tracking facility of USPS also helps the customers to guess when your mail will be delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. How Do I Find My Tracking Number?

If you or the sender has lost the tracking number then you can check it by following ways:

1. Your Mailing Receipt
2. Your Sales Receipt
3. Your Online Label if you have purchased the postage online.

Q.2. How Do USPS Tracking Number Start?

Commonly, USPS tracking numbers have 20 digits or a combination of 13 digits including both alphabets and numeric letters starting with 2 alphabets following by 9 numeric digits, and ending with the US.

Q.3. How Is A Tracking Number Generated?

If you are selecting a service that provides an option to prepare the shipping label online then the tracking number generates randomly but if you are going to the post office then they will put a sticker on the package which carries the tracking number.

Q.4. How Many Digits Are USPS Tracking Numbers?

Generally, USPS tracking numbers contain 20 digits.

Q.5. How Do I Find My Tracking Number Without Receipt?

In the case of Priority Mail, you can visit the post office and USPS will help you out but in the case of a common delivery, it will not help you.

Q.6. Why Is My USPS Tracking Number Not Working?

If you have an error to track the package or if it is not working then probably, the courier hasn’t picked up your shipment yet or it hasn’t scanned at hub yet.

Q.7. Is Article Number The Same As Tracking Number?

Yes! It is also used to track the package.

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  3. Is tracking number absolutely unique and non-repetitive? I mean, is it possible, that after almost 3 years it will not be assigned to other postal item? I have situation with my parcel, that was tracked until left USA, it was in 2018, now I have absolutely new tracking history with my number, in 2020, exluding delivery points from 2018 history.

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