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 February 9, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

If you want to make quick delivery of your parcel with reasonable charges then its best to opt for the United States Postal Services. With its tremendous services and efficiency in delivery, people all across the United States heavily rely on the amenities provided by the United States Postal Services. USPS delivers packages and mails from Monday to Saturday. But what about Sunday? Does mail come on Sunday?

The answer to this fundamental question would, in fact, be a Yes! Due to an immediate rise in the volume of packages, the USPS has decided to also offer courier delivery services even on Sundays. However, it is only restricted to a certain level of packages and specific amazon items.

If you want to know mail-related details regarding USPS delivery on Sunday, then go through the below-mentioned list to clear some of the most critical and fundamental questions and other aspects related to USPS Sunday mail delivery.

Does USPS Deliver on Sundays :

Yes! You heard that right. Due to the increase of package growth, most specifically during the holiday season, postal service has decided to keep its service open even on Sundays. In all the major cities including the high volume locations, USPS now delivers packages on the weekend for the smooth functioning of the network.

However, one also has to keep in mind that currently, the postal service delivers only Priority Mail Express packages and Amazon packages, and not the regular first class mail. In almost all major cities Amazon packages have been delivered by the USPS.  So you don’t really have to worry about the weekend because USPS has made it easier for folks to deliver and receive packages even on Sundays.

So if you have any immediate package which requires immediate attention, then the USPS Sunday delivery services can be of your assistance.

Is USPS Open On Sunday?

On Sundays, post offices remain closed. Only delivering is done on Sundays by USPS, apart from that, all the post offices are closed on this day. You can’t seek help from any USPS employee on Sundays. Most post offices have the drop slots facility available where you can leave your mail, and it will then be processed. Do you wonder why post offices are closed on Sundays? The main reason is cost savings. It costs a lot if the post offices are opened even on Sundays. That is precisely why post offices do not run Sunday mail delivery.

Exception: There’s an exception though. Before Christmas, there are some post offices that do remain open on Sundays. Each year, two-four weekends before Christmas some of the larger post offices in the United States remain open. So make sure to contact your local post office before Christmas to know if they are the one that does the delivery.

Is There an extra cost for delivering packages on Sunday?

You won’t be charged any extra money for delivering any packages on Sundays. Not until and unless you choose to pay for speedy service at the purchase time. Other than that, you will be charged frequently.

This has helped the concerned business firm to attract the attention of a lot of people all across the United States. Coupled by its superior quality services, the provision of mailing goods even on a Sunday has helped United States Postal Services to gain a lot of attention on a global front.

No shipping anymore:

The innovation and up-gradation of technology have helped us in many different ways. The overall aspect of initiating business has become more convenient with the evolution of the internet. The United States Postal Services also tries to take advantage of the opportunities which have presented itself with the rise of the internet. Online platforms have made it easier for people to perform their work. Even work-related to postal services is just a click away.

Now, customers don’t really need to step out of their homes to ship packages. All you have to do is visit the site usps.com and get your work done. With its ‘Click N Ship’ feature you can order priority mailboxes for free, purchase postage, you can print shipping labels, and you can even ask for free Package-pickup for the next day.

USPS Sunday Delivery Hours :

As mentioned before, Priority Mail Express and Amazon Packages are delivered by USPS on Sundays. They assure you to deliver at overnight scheduled delivery by 10:30 am. Although different packages have different delivery times. You should also know that the volume of the package/mail and the location of the delivery point decides the delivery time.

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will your package be delivered on Sunday if you send it on Friday with expected two days delivery?

It mostly depends on the location. From where the package is being sent to where it needs to be delivered is an important deciding factor. It usually takes 1 to 3 days if you send it via Priority Mail. Currently, only priority mail express and Amazon packages can be delivered on Sunday.

What types of packages that are normally delivered on a Sunday?

It eventually depends on the volume levels as to what types of packages will be received on Sundays. However, Priority Mail Express Packages are the primary one that is delivered to the residential customers. First-class packages could also be included. And the one who resides in an area that is serviced by Amazon will be able to receive the packages on Sundays.

How to know if USPS Sunday delivery is available in your location?

It mostly takes place in most U.S. cities during the holiday season. It also covers high volume areas. You can always contact your local post office to know whether you will be able to receive and deliver packages and mail on Sundays. You could also visit the official website of United States Postal Services to avail more information regarding Sunday delivery services.

Who delivers Packages On Sunday?

Sundays are going to be the business day as usual, especially during the holidays in all distribution and processing centers. Talking about the delivery units, most of the Sunday delivery work is done by CCAs.

DoesUSPS deliver eBay packages on Sundays?

USPS delivers not only Amazon packages on Sundays, but eBay packages as well. They usually offer Priority Mail Express Packages on Sundays for delivery. They sometimes deliver first-class packages as well. This mostly depends on the location as to where you live. Big cities are the most common locations where Sunday delivery takes place.

Whether to deliver on Sunday is the decision that is made and decided at the local level, so it is suggested that you contact your local branch to get to know about their decision. And keep in mind not to bother eBay seller regarding the delivery, because sellers have absolutely no control as to when the USPS delivers your packages.

Is There Any Mail On Sunday?

As we have already told you in this article that the USPS stores remain closed on Sunday yet USPS delivers its mail on this day. Express mail packages and amazon packages are delivered on this day. You can’t have help from any USPS offices but you can wait for your package, it might be delivered on Sunday. Hence the answer to this question will be YES!!.


The details about the opening, running time and delivery of packages by usps have been given above in this post. We hope you understand that better. For some types of delivery YES!! USPS delivers on Sundays too. but the post offices will be closed on this day. For more queries, you may comment on this post.


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