USPS Signature Confirmation | How It Works And Its Cost

 December 2, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

United States Postal Service (USPS) being one of the largest postal service providers in the world, has come up with a lot of services and among them, USPS signature confirmation is one of the most esteemed ones. It is a service that allows people to have a sound sleep and peace of mind while sending the valuable package via USPS.  That is the reason why people from all over the world prefer to avail of this USPS service.  In this article, we have come with various useful details of USPS signature confirmation service such as what this service is all about, what is its cost as well as how does it work. Thus this article will be very useful for those who still have not used this service and have any type of queries about it.

What Is USPS Signature Confirmation?

USPS signature confirmation is a kind of service in which the recipient of the package or mail needs to give the signature while when they receive the shipment. Now what happens is that when you avail USPS signature confirmation, USPS will provide you a number of details about your shipment that includes the name of the recipient, delivery date and time of the package, location of the delivery as well as a copy of the signature of the recipient. USPS will send this information via email or mail or fax to the shipper.  Once the shipper gets this information he can ensure that the package has been received by the authorized recipient or that person whom the shipper intended to send. Actually, the recipient has to show his ID before collecting the package from the USPS carrier when he goes to deliver the package to the residence or office of the recipient. That means the shipper can make sure that his package has not fallen in any wrong hand.

USPS Signature Confirmation Cost :

One most common query that almost all customers want to know is the cost of USPS signature confirmation. If you purchase USPS signature confirmation from the post office then you have to pay an amount of $2.90 but in case you avail it online then you only have to pay $2.45.The most important thing that you need to remember is that you can avail this service of USPS signature confirmation with various other option such as Priority Mail, First Class Mail, USPS Retail Ground, Collect on Delivery, Restricted Delivery, insured mail, registered mail, Media Mail, Return Receipt, etc.

How Does Signature Confirmation Work?

You can avail signature confirmation service at the time of mailing. This service is available for both online and offline. If you want to avail it offline then you must go to your nearest post office and can ask for PS Form 153 from the post office carrier. You need to attach the bar code label of PS Form 153 to your mail. After that, you have to pay the fees of the signature confirmation. But in case you want to avail of the signature confirmation online then you have to visit the website www.stamps.com and add this service to your mail. Availing USPS signature confirmation is very convenient as well as cost-effective. When you avail USPS signature confirmation service online via stamps.com you can get a discount of $0.55 as compared to that of the retail rates. Apart from the cost-saving it is also seen that when a person avails USPS signature confirmation online it helps them to save a lot of time as in this case you do not need to visit the post office. You can avail USPS signature confirmation from anywhere and that is the reason why most people prefer to avail of this service online rather than going to post office.

There arises a question that since USPS has a tracking facility then is there any necessity of USPS signature confirmation. Actually what happens is that in tracking service you can only determine whether your package is delivered to the recipient or not. But it may happen that the package gets delivered to the destination but not fall on the hand of the right recipient. This is where USPS signature confirmation comes into play. In USPS signature confirmation service you will not only get the information whether your mail gets delivered to the recipient or not but you will also be able to determine whether the package is delivered to the right recipient or not. This is how USPS signature confirmation service can work as additional proof that the USPS carrier has delivered the package to the correct destination and the package is received by the expected recipient. This ensures you to give more mental peace. That is why people from all over the world prefer to avail of this USPS signature confirmation service so that there never comes any condition when your package will be delivered to the wrong recipient.

Signature Confirmation USPS

This is one of the best service given by the usps. When a package is delivered you are asked to give the signature receipt first so that the sender may identify that the delivery is going to the right person and on the right location. Charges have also discussed in the post that’s approx. $2.90 and if pay online then $2.45. We hope you got the information clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. Will USPS Leave Package Without Physical Signature?

There is an option to deliver a package through Mobile Delivery Device which will alert the USPS carrier that a delivery is going through the electronic signature process and can be delivered without any physical signature.

Q.2. Does USPS Signature Confirmation Include Insurance?

Yes, Insurance is provided and included in the Registered Mail fee for the items valued up to a maximum liability of $25000.

Q.3. What Happens If You Are Not At Home For Signature Confirmation?

If you aren’t available at home at the time of delivery then the driver will leave a door tag at your door in the order for you to know that a delivery attempt was made.

Q.4. How Do I Know If My Package Require A Signature?

If the package is highly valued, alcohol or pharmaceuticals, firearms, etc, then you would need a signature confirmation for the delivery to be made.

Q.5. Can I Leave A Signature For USPS?

Yes, USPS now allows its customers to “sign for” and accept the delivery options. You can now do online authorization using your USPS.com account and then the postmaster can leave the package without your physical signature.

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