USPS Registered Mail | Cost And Return Receipt 

 November 27, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the best postal service providers in the US and has millions of customers all over the world. USPS has many outstanding services and one of the most widely used services is the registered mail. It is found that customers from all over the world use USPS registered mail as it is one of the most convenient and cheaper ways to send mail or packages to the recipient. That is why in this article we have come up with various details of registered mail such as what is registered mail, what the customer has to do to send mail through registered mail, how long it takes to reach to the national and international destinations, cost of sending and receiving, etc.

What Is A Registered Mail?

Registered mail is one of the most esteemed services that USPS offers for its clients. With the help of this service, USPS provides additional protection for the mails and packages of their customers. So, if you are a USPS customer and have an extremely critical and confidential package or mail then it is always advisable to send it through registered mail. Registered mail comes up with additional protection as it provides end-to-end safety locked container. Generally, the registered mail of USPS is used to send classified material with a high level of safety. The best thing about the registered mail is that all the records of the shipment of USPS are preserved and USPS never reveals it to any third person. Only the authorized customer can check the details of the shipment if they file a claim for it. Apart from that, USPS also creates a secure chain of custody whenever you will send your package through the registered mail. With the help of this chain of custody, it becomes possible to track the packages. Moreover, it keeps the package save at all transit points.

It is generally seen that most of the shipment of USPS goes through a long transit process. Actually, the transit point of your package will start from that post office where you have dropped your package and till will continue till the package reached its final destination. Though there are hardly any cases where it is found that the shipment got lost or broken in the middle of the transit due to the inefficient and flawless services of USPS carrier but still it is always better to go for extra security that you can get with the registered mail service of USPS. Apart from that, with the registered mail service, USPS comes up with the facility of getting the package or mail insured for an amount of $25,000. If you want maximum security then you can go $50,000. Once you do this insurance you will get a complete return of your insured amount in case of any loss, theft or damage. Hence availing insurance at times becomes very essential especially when you are sending important and essential items.

How To Send Registered Mail?

When it comes to sending the registered mail the first thing that you need to do as a customer is that you have to visit your nearest USPS branch personally. Since the registered mail provides stringent security condition it becomes very essential to give proof of mailing whenever you will ship your package through this kind of service. As proof of mailing the customer may get a call for visiting the post office personally. Just like any other USPS mail service, you will not be able to submit your package in a collection box with registered mail. You must obtain the Registered mail barcode label 2000 from your nearest USPS branch before sending the package through registered mail. This will provide you additional security measures. Moreover, when you will send your package through the registered mail USPS will provide you a tracking number with the help of which you will be able to get the detailed delivery information by USPS online reporting.

How Long Does Registered Mail Take?

One of the most common questions that every customer of USPS has in their mind is how long does the registered mail take to deliver the package to reach its destination. Generally, it is seen that the registered mail takes a little more time to gets delivered to the destination as compared to that of the other mail services offered by USPS.  This happens because registered mail comes up with an extra level of security and USPS carrier has to check the registered mail or package at every terminal to ensure that there has been no damage in the package. This causes a little delay when you ship through the registered mail. It is true while doing shipment through registered mail you may need to spare 10 to 14 days for your shipments to reach to its final destinations but your package will be completely safe once you deliver it through registered mail. Since the delivery tie of the registered mail is a little longer you can avail of this service when there is no emergency. When shipped through registered the customer should not expect the there shipment to be delivered too quickly rather they should ship only those package which is of immense importance and confidential but do not have any urgency to react quickly to the recipient. In case there is an emergency and you cannot wait too long for getting your mail delivered you should go for Priority Mail Express service of USPS rather than the registered mail. USPS actually kept the option of registered mail for providing optimum security to the package or mail of their customers rather than delivering the package or mail in a short duration. So, whenever you do the shipment of your package you must select the delivery option carefully. If you take the decision of delivering your package through registered mail you have to keep some level of the patient as it will take a little more time to deliver it to the recipient.

Who Sends Registered Mail?

Anyone who requires extra security for their package but does not require their mail to be delivered very soon can go for this registered mail. Generally, you can use registered mail as an add-on service. When you will have this service your package or mail will be kept in a container or safes or cages at the time of transit and the package will also be held under lock and key. Thus registered mail of USPS comes up with an extra level of security. When the customer avail this service USPS provides first-class mail, priority mail, collect on delivery, USPS tracking, return receipt, restricted delivery, signature confirmation, etc.    It is also important for the customer to know the cost of the shipment when they want to go for the registered mail. Hence it is mostly seen that customer wants to know how much the registered mail will cost. But it is very difficult to determine the price of the registered mail as it totally depends on the declared value of the shipment. However, in general, you can say that the cost of this kind of registered mail will be anywhere about $11.70 or a little more than that.

While you go for registered mail you can also use the receipt system of USPS with the help of which it becomes possible for you to check and track your shipment. This is certainly an essential option that you must avail while shipping with registered mail as it can give you peace of mind when you easily track the complete transaction details of your mail or package at the time of transit. But for avail USPS tracking system you have to fill up PS Form 3806.

Thus it is seen that when it is necessary to send the high-valued package to the recipient there is no other better way than that of USPS registered mail. This is because USPS registered mail is undoubtedly the safest option for sending any kind of package. Every USPS customer wants to protect, track and secure their package and when they do not have any kind of urgency to send you to package to your recipient but wants to send your package with additional security USPS registered mail is certainly the great option for you. This is because USPS registered mail comes up with the option to lock your mail or package in safes, sealed containers or cages with keys. That is the reason why it is seen that most of the customers prefer to use this registered mail of USPS especially when they send their package or mail out of the country. USPS international registered mail service provides end-to-end security no matter to which country you are delivering your package. Thus with this registered mail, you can ensure that your confidential and valuable mail or package will be delivered anywhere in the world in the most secure manner. In USPS you have two options for international registered mail delivery and they are First-class mail international and first-class package international service. You can avail of both the service at $14.95. Thus in simple words, you can say that USPS registered mail is the best way to deliver the package or mail in the most secure way.

Conclusion: All the details of registered mail are given in this post. I hope you got all the details clearly and can now proceed with what you are wishing for.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. How Much Does Registered Mail Cost USPS?

The cost of the registered mail is based upon the declared value of your shipment with the rates from $12.60 and above.

Q.2. Can I Track USPS Registered Mail?

No, you can’t track a registered mail through mailstream and can’t have updated scans but you can see the delivery status of your shipment.

Q.3. Does Registered Mail Require A Signature?

Yes, registered mail requires a signature at the time of delivery. Registered Mail Restricted Delivery can direct delivery to the addressee only.

Q.4. Can You Send Registered Mail To IRS?

Yes, IRS will accept only registered or certified mails.

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