USPS Regional Facility And All About Package Delivery 

 June 19, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

When you want mail delivery, you receive a message; ‘reached to USPS regional facility’. For all those who have no idea what USPS is and what this message means, read this article.

After reading this article you will know everything about USPS. You will know the process of the delivery of the mail, what other methods are available and how fast can the delivery be? You will get to know everything about the process and the safety of your delivery and the speed of your delivery.

What is the USPS?

USPS is an abbreviation for United States Postal Service. This company is in charge to provide postal service throughout the United States. This is an independent company and it is a government company. It reaches all the larger and smaller cities and states of the United States to deliver the products.

The postal service started in 1775 in the United States of America. Initially, America had The Post Office Department for the postal services; and then in 1970, the USPS was introduced. The Postal Reorganization App converted the United States Postal Service as an independent company.

For the entire country, USPS provides delivery services. From delivering letters or posts to delivering parcels and other stuff, USPS is the main key. All of the products reach to United States Postal Service’s nearby outlet and then reach to the destination.

What does arrived at USPS regional facility mean?

Most of the people are over-excited about their orders. You keep waiting for the delivery. We all have been there. We keep checking the order tracking of our product every hour or every day basically.

But when you receive a message and you obviously expect it to be your delivery but rather it says ‘arrived at USPS regional facility’. We all get a bit disheartened and a little confused. We have the same question, Why USPS regional facility and not the destination address? Well to understand that you will need to understand the process involved in the delivery.

 What is the process of delivery of products?

Delivery has to cross some stages to reach the destination. There are many distribution centers in the middle of your shipped city to your destination city. When you order a product, it has specified a source city from where the shipment commences. The order to reach your destination city or region has to cross many regions in the intermediate.

The United States Distribution center receives these products. They look for the next distribution center that is near the destination region. The delivery then reaches the next region near to the destination. The United States Postal Service Regional Facility and the United States Postal Service distribution center are the same. You can use both of these terms interchangeably.

What if you want the delivery to be fast?

There are various shipping plans offered at the time of placing the order for delivery. The delivery speed varies with the shipping cost of the delivery. You can choose the more expensive option for faster delivery of the product.

Once you have placed the order and chose the delivery method, you cannot make changes to it. If they commence the delivery, you can’t alter it. The speed of the delivery that you chose will remain fixed and can’t be changed in the middle.

What do they do at USPS Regional Facility?

The workers present at United States Postal Service Regional Facility make stacks of the mails according to the delivery destinations. They sort the products of any categories whether letters, postcards, parcels, etc.

The sorting of the products is based on the destination of delivery. They stack the products with the same next USPS Regional Facility together. You should make sure the destination of the delivery that you add is correct.

How is Priority Mail different?

Yes! There is a different method called priority mail. The mails or products that are very important and urgent are Priority mail. Priority Mail is more expensive than the general mailing system.

The postal workers take utmost care of the Priority Mail. Priority Mails do not stay at the United States Postal Service for more than a day. They load these packages first in the truck and transport them faster with maximum priority.

If there is some package that you need urgently; if you want it to be delivered in less than 24 hours; you can choose the Priority Mail service. The money you will have to pay is more but you will be satisfied with the results.

Is the USPS delivery safe?

The United States Postal Service makes sure the delivery of your product is safe. Under some circumstances, the packages or mails are lost. To prevent any troubles, you can choose USPS shipping insurance. If the delivery of the mail is not successful, shipping insurance will ensure you get back the money.

To prevent loss of the package you should also provide your mobile number with the order. If someone else gets the product, they can call and inform you about it. Add a residential address if possible, to get a safe delivery.

Hence, now you know what the message means and how the United States Postal Service work. But we still won’t stop eagerly waiting for the mail to arrive, right! Be sure you choose the correct method and safety measures for the delivery of the mail.

Vada Shelby


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