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 January 14, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

Undoubtedly, we eagerly wait for our household mails to arrive. But seeing even a part of your mail before you actually physically handle it, is not possible. Informed delivery is here to make this feature possible. If you want to know more about the USPS Informed delivery then visit the complete article.

What is informed delivery?

Informed delivery is a feature, provided by the USPS (Unites States Postal Services), for those wishing to preview their mail arriving soon. Informed delivery presents you with the digital preview of your household mail that is to arrive. Also, it allows the feature of adding a digital campaign for a better and enhanced experience. You can also track your package with informed delivery. Now, what all are you able to see using this feature?

What does an informed delivery show you?

  • The scanned images of the exterior part of your mail. It is of letter-sized which is adjusted by the automated equipment.
  • You can track your packages via email notifications, online dashboards, and mobile app.
  • If mailer goes for interactive campaigns then they will be able to see extra features called supplemental contents for letters/postcards or flats.
  • The supplemental contents presented by the interactive campaign are-
  1. Ride-along images or custom images also known as Representative images.
  2. A target URL leading you to a digital feature.

How can a mailer use an informed delivery Service?

Plan your campaignPrepare to mailAnalyze and gather insights
Provide campaign details to USPS
 Induct your mail


Using the outstanding feature of informed delivery is not at all a tough task. It is just one step extra from your normal process of mailing. A mailer need not go for a lengthy and hectic process to take the privilege of this provision. You need to plan your campaign then prepare your mail like usual. Now, the next step is concerned with this feature. Submit your campaign details to the USPS to enable this service and then finally induct your mail. After all this, you may have a look at the results of your campaign i.e. email open rate.

How does Informed Delivery work?

Understanding the working of Informed Delivery is not difficult. It’s easiest when understood in bullets-

  • Sign-up: The user first signs up on the website of USPS (usps.com) with their email address which is then verified.
  • Mail-imaging: the digital images of the exterior part of the sent mail are taken by USPS via automated equipment.
  • Interactive campaign: USPS now matches the digital gatherings with the user’s letter-sized mail piece through the 11-digit Delivery point ZIP code.
  • Notifications: after the above process, the USPS send emails/dashboard view to the users regarding their soon arriving mail.
  • The arrival of a mailpiece: Finally the physical mail is sent to the user by USPS through regular delivery.

Note that the IMB (intelligent mail barcode is the nerve of all the process of Informed Delivery service).

Mailpiece requirements for informed delivery:

Basically, Informed Delivery works for letters, postcards, and flats. The criteria for these 3 to avail the service of Informed Delivery are-

Must be letter-sizedRepresentative image
Automation compatibleAutomation compatible
Scanned through USPS equipmentScanned through USPS equipment (not compulsory).

So, the criteria for letters and postcards to be eligible for informed delivery includes- it must be letter-sized because only such letters are compatible with automation and scan through USPS equipment. Regardless of which one may not be able to enjoy this feature.

The criteria for the Flats to be eligible for Informed Delivery includes- the representative images are essential for the interactive campaign to work for Flats. With a flat-sized mailpiece, a user cannot enjoy interactive campaigns because it is not automation compatible. They can still use the informed delivery service but it will lack some of the letter-sized mailpiece features.


  • A mailpiece must contain a valid IMb (intelligent mail barcode).
  • Currently, there are no fees charged for conducting interactive campaigns.
  • A mailer or his designated MSP can initiate a campaign.

Campaign elements For Informed Delivery :

There are a few essentials of the campaign without which the entire process is not possible. These are-

DescriptionMailpiece informationSupplemental content
Mail owner nameMID on pieceRide-along image
Campaign titleIMBTarget URL
Campaign codeMailpiece shapeRepresentative image
Campaign start & end date.

Advantages of the interactive campaign :

There are some of the very effective advantages of the campaign. They can add the following to your mail service-

  • High email open rate
  • Digital + physical impression from a single mailpiece.
  • Increase in the number of consumer response
  • It enables to reach the consumer digitally.
  • Increases ROI spent on direct mail.
  • It enables you to know more about your mail.
  • The overall service enhances and becomes more attractive and effective.

Minutes of campaign participation :

  • Choose your submission method- USPS provide 2 self-serve submission method, i.e. Mailer campaign portal and PostalOne! 95% go with the 1st
  • Choose campaign level- there are 2 campaign breakdown/level, i.e. MID (the same campaign to all the customers) and IMB (different campaigns to a group of customers).
  • Determine MID/IMB serial number range- MID must be the same as that of the mailpiece’s IMB. And IMB must be unique for each campaign.
  • Choose supplemental content- It is of two types- Basic including Ride-along images + URL and Dual including representative images + ride-along images + URL.
  • Campaign timeline- fix the start and end date for your campaign.
  • Submission of the campaign- if you go for a mailer campaign portal then submit your campaign before 12 p.m (a day before your campaign start date). The PostalOne is electronic.
  • Analyze result- there are 2 reports of this service- summary report and detailed report.

What Is Cost Of Informed Delivery :

Informed Delivery is free of cost. The customer has no need to pay for this service of usps.

Rating Of Informed Delivery :
  • 89% of people are extremely satisfied with the service of informed delivery.
  • 93% say they would recommend informed delivery to others.

Conclusion: Here we have given you the whole information about informed delivery of united state postal service. we hope it will help you with a fruitful result. Stay tuned with us for more information about USPS. You may ask the queries in the comment box.

Vada Shelby


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