USPS Holidays 2021 | Holidays schedule and Hours

 December 16, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

In our day to day life, there are many services that make our life easy and one such service is the postal service. With the help of postal service, it becomes possible for us to send valuables to our near and dear ones at a convenient rate. Among all postal services available in the world United States Postal Service (USPS) is the most reputed one and people from all over the world prefer to avail of its service because of its professional and timely delivery. Since its inception, USPS has been providing outstanding service in every part of the world. That is the reason why no people can now think of any other postal or courier services other than the United States Postal Service (USPS). But one thing that is very essential to know for all the customers of USPS before delivering anything is US Post Office Holidays 2021. This is highly important since if you are not aware of the holidays of USPS then it may happen that you may have gone to the USPS office but found it closed and you have to return back unnecessarily. Again it may also happen that you are expecting to get any of your mail services throughout the day but at the end of the day you found that you have not received any mail since it is closed due to some holidays. So, if you know the list of holidays of USPS in advance then such an issue will not happen and you can also plan your shipment as per the holiday schedule of USPS.

USPS Holidays 2021 :

Though USPS observer only a few holidays yet it is always recommended to know a detailed holiday list and also the Post Office Holidays Hours. Apart from the usual customers, it is also very important for the small and large scale enterprise to know about USPS holidays. This is because there are many small businesses that totally depend on the USPS mail service. Hence it is very essential to know every detail when about when USPS remains closed and open so that these businesses can operate as per the holiday schedules of USPS. A holiday can bring a lot of dynamics and so if a company which largely depends on USPS makes its plan of shipment without looking at the USPS holidays then the company has to face a lot of hazards. That is the reason why we have come up with a detailed holiday list of 2020 so that the next time you need to see when there will be the holidays you can directly check from the following table of USPS Holiday list of 2020:

DateDayFederal Holidays
January 1, 2021WednesdayNew Year’s Day
January 17, 2021MondayMartin Luther King Day
February 15, 2021MondayPresidents’ Day
May 31, 2021MondayMemorial Day
July 3, 2021FridayIndependence Day (observed)
July 4, 2021SaturdayIndependence Day
September 6, 2021MondayLabor Day
October 11, 2021MondayColumbus Day
November 11, 2021WednesdayVeterans Day
November 25, 2021ThursdayThanksgiving Day
December 25, 2021FridayChristmas Day


One most important thing needs to be noted is that in 2020 the holiday which will fall on the weekend will be observed on the closest weekday. For example, if you observe the above table carefully you will find that Independence Day actually falls on 4th July but since it is a Saturday which is a weekend in USPS the company has decided to observe Independence Day on 3rd July 2020. So, on 3rd July 2020, all offices of USPS will remain closed throughout the country.

US Postal Service Holidays :

Apart from knowing USPS holidays, it is also important to know Post Office Holidays Hours so that it becomes easier to plan the shipment as per the Holiday schedule of USPS. It is not enough to know about the holiday schedule of USPS a customer should also know why these federal holidays are observed in the US and also in USPS.

  • Wednesday, January 1 New Year’s Day: The first day of the year is observed as the New Year day in the US as well as in many other countries of the world. It is also considered as the New Year day according to the Gregorian and Julian calendar. On this day many people use to take a resolution so that they can get rid of their bad habits. For example, some people take a resolution to quit smoking or alcohol or any bad habits. Apart from that parades are held in many places in the US and also in many other countries. People use to go to Churches to offer prayer in the hope that the year goes well. There is also a tradition to send mails as well as gift packets to wish on the New Year. Thus on this special day, USPS offices also remain closed for observing this holiday and do not deliver any of their mail services. But it does not mean that there will be any delay in the shipment since USPS generally completes all its pending delivery service one day before the holiday. Even then it is recommended not to wait till the last moment if you have a plan to send any gift to anyone and you must place your order much earlier than the holiday so that your gift can be delivered to the recipient well before the holiday of the New Year.
  • Monday, January 17 Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday: Every year there is a tradition in the US to observe the third Monday of January month as a holiday as the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. So, on this day USPS never keeps its office open and they do not deliver any mail service. Just like every year the third Monday of January month falls on 17th January and since on this day USPS will not be running its normal mail delivery service throughout the country the customer should not expect any of their mail or other items to get delivered on Martin Luther King birthday.
  • Monday, February 15 President’s Birthday: Just like Martin Luther King’s birthday the third Monday of February month is also considered to be the holiday. The whole America observes this day as a holiday since on this day the first president of the U.S George Washington was born. This day is observed by the whole country not only for giving respect to the first president of the US but also to the entire president who served the US. USPS remains closed on this day as a federal holiday and they do not deliver any of their mail services. But in case of emergency, the shipment can be done through Priority Mail Express Service. Since in 2021 the third Monday of February month falls on 15th February USPS will not be running any of its mail delivery services on that day and that is the reason why no USPS customer should expect your mail to be delivered on that day.
  •  Monday, May 31 Memorial Day: In the USA, every year Americans observe the last Monday of May month as a holiday. Americans use to remember their armies who died at the time of serving their country on this day. It is seen that Americans use to visit the memorials as well as cemeteries in order to honor the dead armies. This is the reason why the USPS also observes 31st May as a holiday in order to respect the dead armies. As such if you do shipment through USPS then no mail will be delivered on this Memorial Day. However, in case of emergency, the shipment can be possible on this day through Priority Mail Express Service. Since in 2020 the last Monday of May month falls on 25th May in USPS no mail service will not be running on that day and the customer should not expect any of their mail to be delivered on the Memorial Day.
  • Friday, July 3 Independence Day: Independence Day is a special day for all Americans which will be observed on 4th July in 2020. In the year 1776 on this day, Americans got independence from the British Empire and the Continental Congress declared independence on this day. As such, this day is of huge importance for all Americans and so they use to observe this day with great pomp throughout the country. All offices, colleges, and schools remain closed on this day and long with that USPS also remains closed and does not operate any of its standard mail delivery services on this day. But in 2020 the Independence Day falls on 4th July which is a Saturday and is weekend in USPS. So, in USPS Independence Day will be observed on 3rd July Friday.
  • Monday, September 6 Labor Day: Labor Day is another special day in USPS and it is observed on the first Monday of September month in the US. On this day Americans use to honor the contribution of workers who had taken part in the American labor movement in order to strengthen the law and prosperity of the country. As such, USPS also observes this day as a holiday and no mail service will be delivered on this day. So if you are a USPS customer then you cannot expect your mail to be delivered on that day.
  • Monday, October 11 Columbus Day: On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in America. So every year on the second Monday of October month American celebrated his arrival throughout the US. So, on this day USPS will not deliver any of the mail services.
  • Wednesday, November 11 Veterans Day: Every Year on 11th November the whole American use to honor the people who had already served the US Armed force. As such, USPS use to observe this day as a holiday throughout the country and will remain closed on this day in order to show their respect towards the armies of their country. So, no mail will be delivered on this day except it is an emergency.
  • Thursday, November 286 Thanksgiving Day: Thanksgiving Day is observed on the fourth Thursday of November and as such the whole America use to observe this day as a holiday in the US. Just like any other company in America USPS also observed Thanksgiving Day as a holiday and do not operate their normal mail service on this day. So, you cannot get any mail on this day.      
  • Friday, December 25 Christmas Day: 25th December is the biggest day for all Christians as on this day Jesus Christ was born on that day. Thus 25th December is observed throughout the world with great pomp and as a result, USPS will also remain closed on this day and that is the reason why no mail will be delivered on this day.

USPS Holidays Schedule 2021

As we have mentioned the holidays that fall in the year 2021 for the united state postal service. There are a few holidays this year and for the workers of the USPS it might not be so good news. There are total of 11 holidays this year. The details of these holidays are given above why these holidays are mandatory in the united states

Conclusion :

United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the renowned companies which mainly work throughout the year for its customer. But on the federal holidays, USPS remains closed and does not operate any other mail service. In case there will be any emergency you have to avail USPS Priority Mail Express Service. USPS is a company that understands all the problems of its customers and thus the company always delivers its shipment in a timely manner. But in the federal holidays, USPS remains closed throughout the country and they offer Priority Mail Express Service on the federal holidays. Hence, it is seen that USPS runs 365 days a year except for the federal holiday and provides its outstanding mail service all over the world.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQ

Q.1. What Are The 10 Federal Holidays In 2021?

New Year’s Day – Wed, Jan 1
Martin Luther King’s Birthday – Mon, Jan 17
Washington’s Birthday – Mon, Feb 15
Memorial Day – Mon, May 31
Independence Day – Fri, July 3
Labor Day – Mon, Sept 7
Columbus Day – Mon, Oct 11
Veterans Day – Wed, Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day – Thu, Nov 25
Christmas Day – Fri, Dec 25

Vada Shelby


  1. It is not clear about July 4. I understand it will be observed on Friday, July 3, so the Post Office will be closed. But will it also be closed on Saturday, July 4, or will it be open on the regular Saturday schedule? And will there be mail delivery on Saturday, July 4?
    Thank you.

  2. Can you tell me if deliveries will be done on the 4th of July or not? The statements listed around this holiday are not clear to me. I understand that offices are deliveries will not occur on July 3rd; however, does that imply that they WILL be open on July 4th 2020?

  3. I understand that the P.O. won’t be open on Friday July 3. However, our mail was not picked up on the 2nd either. Which means my mom’s 95th birthday card will not be picked up until Monday the 6th, which means it won’t arrive in time for her birthday. It was important this year as since we’re not traveling due to COVID and can’t visit her I wanted to send a special card. This has happened before with mail delivery, when the mail carrier does not even stop at our house when they have no mail to leave in the box, and don’t even check to see if we have anything going out.

  4. Wrong. Had most USPS places were open and delivering mail Friday. They aren’t today on the 4th. We seems to have messed up alot of places and their arrival dates..

    Even says on USPS really up to the local USPS on whether or not it’s open on the 3rd. Most chose to be open. Cause who wants to work on the 4th? I did.. Got more money that way and the fireworks were literally right up against the front of the newspaper building (idiots) Christmas no. July 4th meh when I was working it was after grilling.. and probably closer to the fireworks show anyway 😛

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