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 November 3, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

Hold mail are regular mails that were supposed to be delivered to your house, but due to circumstances making it difficult for you to receive your letter in your mailbox or at your front door, the delivery service keeps your parcel for you, which you then need to go and collect from the office. Hold mails require requests to be submitted regarding the parcel in question, only after which the process of holding a parcel is approved. It is also important to mention details of the parcel in question, including the estimated time of pickup of the package from the office. This procedure has been keeping in mind the importance of the mail that people get and it is a sign of the delivery companies’ commitment to their customers and service.

It is also known by the name Post Restante in the French language and this term is commonly used. It is the General post office where one can go and receive the mail. The hold mail service is available in many regions such as India, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, the Netherlands, the US, Hong Kong, Japan, Denmark, Italy, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Canada, Cambodia, Belgium, Australia, and many more.

The uses of hold mail are almost too many to mention, but matters, like getting a package delivered while on vacation or being unable to visit your house, are a great fit for this service. Instead of having your mail sit in your mailbox exposed and vulnerable, or having to rely on an external individual such as a neighbor or a friend to help you out during your absence, the hold mail facility provides a great, secure, and efficient alternative to the problem. It is also important to note that following the procedures and knowing how to use this facility is a huge asset to anyone, since it comes in handy while traveling or in cases of emergency, even for those who do not travel a lot.

USPS Mail Hold :

The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides mail in the United States. It also acts like a postal and delivery service, and as such also employs the hold mail policy. This institution of the policy and the way it is maintained, regulated, and communicated to customers is one of the reasons the USPS is known for the work it does and the quality of service it provides to customers.U.S.P.S. (United States Postal Services) delivers mails to various locations and is one of the most efficient and reliable postal services of the world. It has been found in a study that the USPS delivers around 660 million emails to 142 million delivery points each day. It operates one of the largest vehicle fleets which is used for the delivery of parcels. It provides USPS hold mail services Online as well.

US Postal Service Hold Mail :

The USPS Hold Mail service is a great relief to those people who are not able to receive their mails at the time when it is being delivered. They can simply get their mails held and receive them from the General Post Office in this case, which is a safe option owing to the security that USPS provides to their mail. One doesn’t have to worry about the safety of the mails they would receive after holding the mails because USPS assures that mails are definitely in safe hands. One can hold mails up to one or two months and receive it then. It gives enough time after the actual mentioned delivery date.

Sometimes, there are no vacant mailboxes, so the postmen are not able to put them inside before it being empty. In such a case also, one can submit a hold request. Such cases are also handled by the administrator putting the mail on hold by default and informing the recipient to receive it someday or the other. The USPS Hold Mail services are convenient as the mails put on hold are nowhere far, but kept in the post office only. It is reliable as well because if one cannot get the mails delivered at the actual time, he can submit a hold mail request and receive it later.

Things To Know Before Using  US Post Office Hold Mail Service :

It is an easy task to have your mails put on hold while you are away from your residence. You don’t have to come back to the USPS for that. This facility can be availed online through the main site of USPS, which provides the option of hold mail management. It is also possible to ensure that your mail is put on hold by calling the post office and providing the due information that they require. But for that to be done, you just need to follow the following simple tasks:

1. Keep calm and decide when and for how long you need the post office to hold the mail:

The USPS can only hold your mails for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 30. Cool! 1 month is enough. Just assign the start to end date you want to have your mail held.  Now the mail delivery will resume on the desired end dates you have provided.

2. Think when you want to submit the hold mail request:

You are not allowed to submit the hold mail request more than 14 days in advance, sadly that doesn’t get accepted. There are certain rules. You can submit the request online before 2 A.M. If you wish to submit the hold mail request over a call, the soonest date it will take effect is just one day in advance.

Methods to Put Mail On Hold :

You can do it over a call. You can even do it online or via usps mobile app and by visiting usps post office. You can go to the post office and request to hold the mail if you have not yet left your city.

By Visiting Post Office :

The very easy and commonly used way of holding mail is to visit the local post office you know. Go there during the working hours of the post office and ask any working person there for the PS Form 8076, it is the form that USPS offers to its customers to convey that you are going outside during vacations or anyhow you would not be there in town so that you raise your request to hold your mail. After you have this form, you see some information that it asks. You, now fill this form correctly like it asks your name, your address and the date you want to hold your mail from start to end. After filling this form up, you will have to sign it. After you have done all that formalities, you must have to handover this form to the clerk of that office. The clerk will provide you a confirmation number that you need to have along with you safe. It is so because you will need this confirmation number when you want to edit or change the hold mail request.

To save your time USPS allows this PS Form 8076 online. You can also download it at home and fill it here at your home so that when you go to the post office, you can directly submit it. Here you can see the USPS Hold Mail Form.

usps hold mail form

Submitting the hold mail request online :

Just visit the USPS website (that is m.usps.com) and hit on the “Hold Mail” option under “Track and Manage.” Enter the zip code into the said box and hit the “GO” button. All the areas do not receive this privilege of getting the mails held. If your area has access over it, then the page will automatically load. Fill the necessary personal information, like name, address, beginning and ending dates whenever you want to hold the mails. Then choose a method of receiving the mail. Choose to get them home delivered if you wish and the office offers that service, instead of having to pick up from the General Post Office. Otherwise, choose to pick it from the post office only, whatever is convenient for you! Submit the form now. Get a print out of the confirmation message to use that for further reference.

Here is the step by step information to put United State post office mail on Hold.

1. Visit the USPS Office Website :

The very first step for USPS Mail Hold Request via online is to visit the official website of United State postal service that is m.usps.com. After logging into this site, you will see a category “track and manage” under which an option for Hold Mail is available. Click on hold mail. The same option for hold mail is available under the “Quick Tools” category by which you can visit the hold mail page. Keep reading the information that has been provided on this page.

usps mail hold

 2. Check address whether hold mail service available on your address :

Many a time, mail hold service might be unavailable for the address you have provided them. So, to check the availability of this service at your home, you would have to fill some information such as your first name, last name, your home address where you want this availability, Zip code, etc. Fill the complete information it demands and keep in mind that you have filled it correctly because the postal service will show the availability for the information you have provided. After filling the information, click on the “Check Availability” button. You can also check at a time whether you can hold a single mail order or more than one.

In case of service is unavailable for that address, it will show a message saying, “Sorry, online mail hold request for this address is unavailable, still you can hold one at your local post office or try another address”. In this case, you can visit your local post office, they will assist you further.

usps mail hold

3. Mention the date for Hold Mail :

After checking the availability on your address, you can proceed to the next step that is to enter the start date and the end date for the mails that you have held. You will be given two options, either you can have your held mails from the post office by yourself or you can ask the letter carrier to send them to your address. You can also give them any recommendation or instruction to get them to you easier.

4. Submit the USPS Hold Mail request :

After giving all the information, you are once advised to check the information again that you have provided. It is so, you can correct the mistake that you might have been done by chance. So, after check, you see the Submit button, hit it and wait for the response as successful. You have now done your request.

usps mail hold

After all, it has done, postal service will send you a confirmation mail. It is so because in many cases some other person requests to put the mail on hold and the main person even doesn’t know who has done it all. So to avoid this problem, a confirmation will be sent to the address you have given. After collecting the letter you see it, if everything is correct you can put it at a safe place and if there is some error in the information you provided, you can edit or change it by contacting the local post office.

Make a request over the phone :

For those who never want to visit the post, office calling is assumed as one of the easiest media if you can do your problem solved here. USPS provides its customer care number which will let you all the information you want. Not only you can request your mail to hold but also you can ask any query via call. Call the USPS customer care any day from Monday to Saturday. They are only unavailable on Sunday. Provide the personal information he asks, like name, address, start and end date when you need to get the mail held. Tell them your preferred method of receiving the mail. Confirm all the details again to avoid further problems. Save the confirmation number properly. You may need that for further reference. You are reachable to the USPS customer care from all around the nation.

Timing Of Working Hours:

Monday- Friday : 8:00 am – 8:30 pm (ET)

Saturday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm (ET)

Sunday: OFF

Phone Number to reach:  1-800-275-8777

Via USPS Mobile APP : 

USPS hasn’t ever lagged behind in the terms of technology. Like the other services, USPS has also provided an app for its users to make everything easy and possible either inside the home or you are outside anywhere else. This app has been named as “USPS Mobile” through which you are able to do most of the main things adequately. You can download this “USPS Mobile” app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Both the IOS and Android users can have and use this app. You can hold your mail via this app if you are away from your home. Many other services have also been given to this app like you can track your package, you can change your current address to a new one, ship online, you can buy the stamps online, also can find the locations, etc. are the services that are available inside this app. If you want to request your mail on hold then it’s a matter of few seconds via this app.

usps mail hold

How To Put Your Mail On Hold For More Than 30 Days?

It may be surprising for you to know that it’s possible to hold your mail for more than thirty days. If you are planning for traveling during vacations for more than 30 days or you are going outside the town or outside the country or anywhere else you want to spend your time, then you are no longer to be tensed about your mails. You can put your mails on hold during this long period of time. USPS offers a service called “ Premium Forwarding Service” that allows you to make this possible. But like the other options for holding mails, this service is not free of cost. USPS will paid for it as it can’t take your burden-free. This service allows you to hold mails from a minimum of 15 days to 1 year of time. So if you going outside then you can avail of this service for your convenience.

Need to get back the accumulated mail? Follow the steps mentioned below :

Look for the mails in the mailbox and receive the emails that have been delivered and kept safe in the mailbox. If you are expecting more mails to be there, then look for a notice that your postman might have left at the mailbox or your doorstep to receive the accumulated mail from the post office itself. Walk to the local post office during the working hours if you wish to receive your accumulated mail from there. Or you may contact the post office to deliver the accumulated mail if you are not able to walk in there. They may or may not deliver at your home, depending upon their work schedule.

Conclusion :

We may feel that we are shopping online, and we are not that orthodox to go to a shopping mall. But you still are getting those deliveries through the posts. Nothing can replace the postal services as they are much needed by producers and the consumers as well. And the idea of hold mail is such a good thing that you need not think twice before planning a vacation because of the essential emails awaiting your place.

You can freely submit the hold mail request and move further to enjoy your vacation. In case of important work or any other commitment that may require you to stay away from home, or in any other circumstance where a package delivered to your house does not find you at home able to receive it, hold mail is a very valid, secure, and convenient option for your packages with regards to safety, security, and availability. Due to the fact that it is extremely easy to submit a request for hold mail, the flexibility in the duration for holding the mail, and the ease of recovery of the items, as well as the ability to get an objective idea of the status of your mail. This helps keep peace of mind and stays true to the USPS’s claim of providing the best customer service that they can.

I hope our information will help you out in the right way and if you still have any queries, you may contact us by a comment on this blog.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. Does USPS Deliver Held Mail On End Date?

Once your mail is held by the USPS, all of your packages will also be on hold by USPS. The End Date of your Hold Mail is the date when your mail will be delivered by the letter

Q.2. How Do I Get Post Office To Hold My Mail?

You should log into your USPS.com account if you have any or can create your account on the official website of USPS. Go to the USPS Hold Mail and follow the steps given to verify your identity. Once you are done, you will not be asked again to log in or to prove your identity.

Q.3. Is USPS Hold Mail Free?

YES! This service is free. You can put your mail on hold and it will be safe until you come. You can schedule up to 30 days in advance. Each address can have one hold mail at a time.

Q.4. How Long Will The Post Office Keep My Mail On Hold?

USPS can have your mail on hold for 15 days only. Within 15 days, if anyone claims the mail then it’s okay otherwise it will be returned to the sender.

Q.5. How Do I Temporarily Hold My Mail?

You can call on 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) and must be submitted one business day in advance.

Q.6. How Much Does It Cost To Hold Mail At The Post Office?

There are no charges for this service. You can hola mail for Free.

Q.7. Can Someone Else Put A Hold On My Mail?

All mails regardless of the name will be held for the address entered. The only thing to put the mail on hold is to submit the hold mail request, once it is done, all the mails for that address will be on hold.

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