USPS First Class Mail Service With Delivery Time

 December 5, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

In USPS you will get a variety of mail delivery service that includes priority mail class, retail ground, media mail, priority express mail, etc. But among all the services that USPS provides one of the most esteemed services is the first class mail service. USPS has millions of customers all over the world and almost all customers use this class as mail it is considered to be the finest service that is provided by USPS.   Thus USPS first class package is very demanding in the UK as well as in other parts of the world. So, in this article, we have come up with various details of USPS first-class mail service such as what exactly USPS first-class mail service is, how long does it take to deliver to the recipient if sent through this service and how does it actually work.

What Is First Class Mail?

First-class mail is one of the top services in USPS and is highly used by the customers of USPS. Actually, there are various reasons for which most people prefer to use this service, for example, it is one of the most economical mail services of USPS. Apart from that, it generally takes lesser time as compared to any other mail service of USPS. You can send first class mail parcels like standard parcels, large envelopes letters as well as small packages. But the package should not be more than 15.99 ounces in weight. In case your package is heavier than 15.99 ounces it is recommended to the customer to use Priority Mail class rather than that of USPS first class mail.

Generally, USPS first class mail takes 2-3 days to deliver the package to the recipient but it does not guarantee the delivery time. No matter whether it is a letter, large envelopes, standard postcards, or a small package with USPS first class mail you can send your package anywhere in the US.

Before you go for the first-class mail delivery service of USPS it is very essential to know all the key features of this service that include the following:

  • Generally, the shipment of first-class mail is done anywhere between 1 to 3 business days.
  • USPS customers are allowed to ship 3.5 ounces for free.
  • This service is very affordable and is recognized as the best-priced service.
  • This mail service does not allow the customer to ship more than 13 oz of weight.
  • You can also avail of the insurance facility for this class of mail. However, it has a certain limitation. You can do the insurance only for $5000 which can be claimed in case of any loss or damage to your package.
  • You can also combine first class mail with other USPS add on services such as signature confirmation for ensuring guaranteed delivery.

Apart from the key feature, it is also important for the customers to know all sorts of restrictions for this mail that you certainly need to follow while doing the shipment with the first-class mail delivery service of USPS.  So we have come up with those restrictions that you must follow which shipping through USPS first class mail service:

  • You cannot send a first-class mail letter that is more than 3.5 oz in case of large envelopes and it cannot be more than 13 oz in case of parcels.
  • You have to make sure that the postcards and envelopes are rectangular in shape because if it is not rectangular in shape then the customer may have to bear an additional cost.
  • You cannot ship any kind of restricted or prohibited or hazardous materials which may also include cigarettes or even smokeless tobacco.

Generally, the price of first-class mail depends on various factors such as size, shape or weight of the mail. If you do the shipment through non-machinable envelopes then you may have to pay a non-machinable surcharge even if it is less than 1 oz. this is because the non-machinable envelopes do not remain regular in size. In this case, where envelopes are square some are lumpy, vertical, rigid, etc. and that is the reason why charges are applied. Apart from that if you use an envelop that is more than the standard limit of length, height, or weight then also you have to pay an extra amount of money. The price of first-class mail also depends on the dimension of the envelope.

How Long Does USPS First Class Package Take?

One most common question that arises in the mind of the customer of USPS is – How long does a first-class post take? This is very essential for all the customers to know before delivering their mail or package via first class mail.

Generally, it is observed that it does not require more than 1 to 3 business days for delivering the mail to the recipient.  Hence if you compare the first-class package with other USPS services you will find it to be very affordable. Thus it is very suitable for both business as well as personal deliveries as far as the package is of lightweight.

How Does First-Class Mail Work?

Many people want to know how the first-class mail of USPS works. So, the first thing that is required to do is to seal the item and then mention the address. Since USPS has the restriction of the size it is very essential to make sure that the package is within the given limit. The following is the limitation of the first-class item that you need to maintain:

First Class Mail ItemWeight of the Package (in oz)Maximum Length of the packageMaximum Width of the packageApplicable Price (in US Dollar)
Postcard1 oz6.00’’4.5’’$0.34
Large Flat Envelope13 oz15.00’’12.00’’$0.98
Small Packages15.99 oz22.00’’18.00’’$2.61
Letter3.500 oz11.5’’6.125’’$0.46


Apart from that, it is also very essential to know various details such as:

  • The postcards should not be oversized otherwise you have to provide the charge of the large envelope.
  • The girth of the package should not be more than that of 108 inches otherwise you have to send the same with retail ground service of USPS.
  • USPS first class mail comes up with many facilities such as signature confirmation, tracking facility, insurance, restricted delivery, COD, etc.
  • The envelope should be of a rectangular size and in case the envelope is not rectangular or are in non-standard form, square, lumpy, rigid, vertical, etc. then you will not be able to use the automated processing.
  • If the envelope of the package is large than that of the estimated size then extra charges will be applied.

In case everything mentioned above is fine and the package is under the pre-defined weight restrictions then the stamp will be attached to the package for shipping via first-class mail. Generally, it cost around $0.98 for the first ounces of a large envelope and $2.16 for 3 ounces of small packets. But in case you buy the add-on services then the cost goes up. This is how the first-class mail is sent. Hence if you want to send your package via the first-class then print the address of the recipient in a correct way and preferably in the capital letter. You must not forget to mention the ZIP code wherever it is applicable. In case you are reusing a box then make sure that you have deleted or cover all other address that is not applicable.

Conclusion: Here in this post, we have told you about the usps first class mail service. You can read the details of the first-class above in this post. How much time does a first-class take to reach or send and how much does it cost the customer is briefly described in this post? We hope the details given here will help you or you may feel free to ask anything regarding it.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. Is First-Class Mail Delivered On Sunday?

USPS delivers some Priority Mail and First-Class Mail in the selected regions. However, USPS doesn’t deliver First-Class Mail on Sundays and No pick-ups are scheduled on

Q.2. Does First-Class Mail Get Delivered On Weekends?

First-Class Mail service is the best service given by USPS. USPS delivers First-Class Mail every day except Sundays.

Q.3. Is First-Class Mail Delivered With Regular Mail?

First-Class Mail is given priority over the standard or regular mail. It takes 1-3 business days to deliver First-Class Mail.

Q.4. Can First-Class Mail Take Longer Than 5 Days?

Generally, First-Class Mail gets deliver within 1-3 business days but in the case of an emergency, it might be possible that First-Class Mail can take more than expected time.

Q.5. Is First-Class USPS Mail Insured?

Yes, all the mails through USPS First-Class Mail Service cover the insurance of missing or damaged.

Q.6. Does First-Class Mail Have Tracking?

Yes, USPS tracking is included with no additional charges for all the First-Class Mails.

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