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 June 8, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

In today’s world, almost every institution maintains an online platform to maintain records for its employees and other goods and services. USPS also has a separate online platform for its employees and records. This online portal is very helpful to all the employees.

They can generate their own salary statement and receipts and can easily keep a check on their account and activities. There are many more options also available on the USPS Epayroll. Any employee can easily access his/her data on this online platform.

The name of the USPS Epayroll online platform is USPS Liteblue Epayroll. It is very simple to use and operate. Any employee can easily use it. All he has to do is to login into the portal with his or her specific id password. After logging in, any employee can access all the guidelines, new rules and regulations, various information, and any special benefits which are introduced by the authority.

USPS Epayroll is an excellent way and tool to manage all the records. But this tool can be accessed only by the employees of USPS. No person from outside is allowed to login to this online portal. This portal has made so many tasks automatic, thereby, reducing the consumption of paper. Hence it is a step towards the conservation of nature.


USPS Epayroll is an online portal that was specially designed for USPS employees. It is an organized manner of maintaining records. An employee can access all the guidelines, new rules and regulations, various information, and all the special benefits. It is a more systematic manner for managing the information of the employees.

Employees can contact their seniors and take guidance from them through this platform. They can get to know about all the updates of the company or the authority. It is a portal where all the employees can connect with each other.

To use this portal, you have to just log in with your specific id password. This id password and all login details are provided to the employee at the time of starting of his or her job.

  • No outside person can have access to this portal.
  • Only the person who has login details can access this portal.
  • All the employees have their specific login credentials.
  • Employees can view their previous salaries, view their salary receipts, and get all information regarding the events, updates, leaves in case of sickness, and can manage their account information.
  • It is an initiative to reduce the usage of paperwork. This helps in conserving nature and trees.
  • This app helps the employees to connect them to all the senior employees.
  • It tells the employees to know about the latest announcements and vacancies and new jobs available.
  • It is a very safe app and it is very difficult to hack it.


There is a specific procedure to access the Epayroll servers. Some steps are to be followed for the same.

  • The first step is to click on the EPayroll application.
  • Click on the ‘My HR’ option.
  • Then click on the ‘Find Employee Apps’.
  • In this list of ‘Find Employee Apps’, click on the EPayroll option.

These four steps are to be followed to access the server of EPayroll.


USPS became very popular when it was released. It was a kind of first online portal which offered so many features to its employees. This app gained a lot of popularity at that time. It became a great initiative to save the trees and maintain records in a more organized way. Soon after its launch, this app became a huge success.

USPS stands for United States Postal Service. It was the first initiative in the public sector of the concerned department. This app promotes the concept of saving nature- save trees. It motivates all the departments of the country as well as all over the world to go paper-free. This step will also help in reducing pollution.

All the employees can have a look at their income structure and salary deposits. This helps them to save time and energy. Earlier the employees had to travel and go to banks to know about their salary and other deposits but this app solved their problem. The employees can also put questions in this app regarding any issue.


To access the salary slips and deposits all employees need to follow some steps:

  • Enter the online portal with your specific login details.
  • Click on the homepage which is of light blue color.
  • Click on the ‘Pay Date’.
  • A new tab will be opened with all the details such as salary date, year, and much more.

These four steps are to be followed carefully to access the salary statement.


If you want to know about any add-ons in your salary then there is a different option for viewing it. Similarly, to view any reduction in salary, there is a different option.


I hope this article was a great help and gave you good information about the USPS online management system. All the employees use this app for their comfort. The employees use the features of this app according to their needs as it is very simple to use. It has understandable functions. In this article, we have tried to give all the basic information about the USPS Liteblue EPayroll and its basic usage.

Vada Shelby


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