What You Should Know About USPS Address Check 

 June 5, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

“My mails are getting lost!!” – are you too facing this? Don’t worry this is a common issue faced by a lot of people.

Carry on! Read this article! You will be glad to know that this problem is not inevitable. All you need to do is to get your addresses verified by the USPS Address check. This will ensure that your mails are not misdelivered or lost. In this article, read about all the points that you need to know!

Getting Postal Address Verified:

You can get your physical mailing address verified. Now, why is this important? This is to ensure that no mail gets missed or wrongly delivered. In many countries, like the USA, the mailing addresses have to be CASS-certified, to ensure they are mailable. All these addresses are then added in the list of Address Management System. This keeps a record of all the valid mailing addresses.

If your address is not verified, that may lead to delayed deliveries of mails, or the mails may even get misplaced or lost. Losing your important mails can be really threatening for you sometimes.

How to get your address CASS certified?

Below listed are all the steps that you need to follow to get your address verified for being deliverable:

Standardize your address:

By standardizing, we mean converting all your address information in a specified format that is accepted by most of the Postal offices in the USA. This address information should not contain any missed information. You carefully need to consider this! It should contain accurate and right information about the street address, ZIP code, state, city, etc. in the proper format.

If your address is still not verified, then visit the nearest Police Office. Submit your mailing address in a proper, standardized format. The Police officers will guide you through some steps. Follow them and finally, get your mails on time and at the right place.

There are some of the factors that you need to consider to standardize your address. These will ensure that it gets verified surely. These factors will basically lead your address towards being error-free and clear enough to be rightly interpreted.

Read the below-written points and follow them; so that nobody can now defy your address verification now!

Use of abbreviations

You need to know that not all the abbreviations are accepted and preferred by the authorities. If you are using some abbreviations in your address, you need to consider if that the abbreviation is legally accepted. For example, AVE is the accepted short form for writing Avenue.

Now, how will you know if an abbreviation is accepted or what abbreviations can be used? The USPS is the authority responsible for approving certain abbreviations. So, if you want to use one, check the approved list by USPS first.

Spelling Issues

Now, you know that a lot of cities and places have similar names. Even a slight change in spellings can change the location altogether! So, you need to be very considerate about the use of the right spellings. People report the mail if that is sent on the wrong address. Spelling errors in addresses can be resolved most of the time, but still, at your own end, it is better to take care of such issues.

Accepted city naming

If you want your address to be verified for CASS certification, you need a standardized mailing address. This also demands to look at the accepted or preferred city names. Not all names are standard. For example: if you add ‘New York’ in your standard address rather than ‘New York City’, your address is more likely to be considered uniform.


Most of the time, the addresses are not complete. It is obviously important to specify the complete address in order to get mails at the right place and on time. Your standard mailing address should contain accurate information about the street name, name of the city and state, and the ZIP code.

Accurate and complete information reduced the time spent on unnecessary investigation and reaching the right place with missing information. So, if you are preparing your address for verification, check the right format and the completeness of the information before you jump out and submit your address.


Statistics show that 17% of Americans change their addresses every year. This is literally, a huge number, accounting for approximately 45 million people. To give a fairer idea, one of every six American families change their address every year.

If you do not update your address in the list of Address Management System, your mail is going to be received by the people living at your last address! Moreover, that also means that you are missing your important information. So, it is really important to update your current address!

Impact on Business:

This part of the article puts light on the fact- how address checks can have an impact on the businesses. Businesses need to post mails regularly to various addresses. If these addresses are not verified, there are fair chances of them getting lost in the infinite bundles of other mails.

So, if before posting these mails, the authorities of the business list down all the addresses that are not CASS certified and then update these addresses to ensure they reach the right place. This can definitely help businesses meet their expected reach and goals.


If you want to reduce the mail delivery time and wrong deliveries, make sure you get your address verified and CASS certified. This article lists down all the necessary points that you need to consider to make sure: right, accurate, and updated address is noted by the authorities.

Vada Shelby


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