US Elections 2020 – Everything That Is Going On

 May 25, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

The United States of America will witness its next elections on the 3rd of November 2020. With the ongoing buzz about COVID-19 and its impact on the US economy, the atmosphere among the political parties is really hot.

On one hand, the Democrats are leaving no stone unturned trying to prove that President Trump’s administration has failed terribly in handling the pandemic, on the other, the incumbent President has not only been impeached but is also continuously taking steps which rip off the poor of healthcare and other facilities.

For an amateur who doesn’t know a thing or two about United States Elections 2020, here’s a brief roundup about almost everything that has been going on since the election campaigns started.

The Political Parties & Their Campaigns

To begin with, America has two major political parties that participate in every election namely, the Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats have selected Joe Biden as one of their major candidates and are endorsed by the former President, Barack Obama.

All other major candidates of the said party have retired their campaigns in favor of Joe Biden and endorsed him including Bernie Sanders. The Republicans are currently in the office with their major candidate the same as last time, Mr. Donald Trump.

Both these parties have their final conventions in the coming months of September and October, in which they will finalize their Presidential candidates before the round of Presidential debates officially begin.

The Democrats present a soft face and have put forth a very humane manifesto. They intend to provide more healthcare facilities, pursue environment-friendly policies, and soften the immigration laws too. Whereas, the Republicans have had a very definitive stance on these matters and did not move a finger even when criticized harshly.

Both the Republicans and Democrats differ in their policies like the two polar opposites; however, Donald Trump is often credited with uplifting the United States economy Pre COVID-19 pandemic spread.

Many of Donald Trump supporters love him for the fact that during his time period of presidency, lots of jobs were created in the economy. This is where the real test for Democrats comes in, even after they are elected, they will have to face the aftermath of pandemic and its impact on the United States economy.

The Controversies

While both these parties rigorously campaign against each others’ policies, there are many controversies that surround the major candidates of both.

President Donald Trump is known for his obscene ways when it comes down to dealing with foreign nations, especially the ones who don’t see eye-to-eye with America. Recently, he was also criticized for hiring people to spy on Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine.

News about Trump’s attempt to bribe people and countries into issuing negative statements about the father-son duo also emerged. As if those were not enough, Trump’s attempt to talk down climate change activists and his mocking of Greta Thunberg for her call on environment issues also kept him in news but obviously not in a good light.

Recently, President Trump also called out China holding it responsible for the spread of COVID-19 and calling it a Chinese Virus. This angered the Chinese ministers and they lashed back at America. Trump himself did not take the pandemic seriously and got angry at his team who were suggesting him a mitigation plan to handle the virus.

While all of the above controversies are linked to Mr. Trump and he does come across as a controversial figure, a recent scandal about the nominated Joe Biden surfaced too. The allegations of sexual harassment against the Democrat candidate surfaced on media recently by a woman called Tara Reade.

Tara Reade, a former worker at Joe Biden’s Senate office, decided to file a criminal report against Biden on the 9th of April 2020 on grounds of sexual assault in 1993. Reade said that she refrained from filing a report for so long as she was mustering up the courage to speak up against her former employer.

Though Joe Biden has been denying these claims, Tara had hinted on sexual harassment by a Senator in her last year’s tweets and posts too. Upon inquiry by the media, her neighbors and family did agree on her confessions of being harassed in her office. However, she took so long to file a report that the media started questioning her credibility as well.

Joe Biden’s office’s stance on this issue remains firm yet respectful, they deny Joe doing any such act yet they state Tara has a right to tell her story, and media has a right to investigate its truthfulness.

Apart from sexual harassment, another controversy about Joe Biden was stirred by his remarks about segregationists and wealthy donors. The event took place in June 2019 when the Democratic candidate made controversial remarks in which he hinted that segregationists and wealthy donors had nothing to fear from his Presidency.

While the media took all sorts of meaning out of his remarks, the air got cleared after some news agencies dug deeper into the meaning of his comments and came up with a rationale. According to them, Biden was probably hinting on the fact that despite his stark differences with segregationists on racial issues, they could still come to a consensus together through dialogue, and thus they have nothing to fear from his Presidency.

While both the candidates make good choices for people of America, they do draw themselves to a number of controversies and are linked with scandalous issues. It is up to people of America to decide for themselves which one is better suited to reside in the White House for the next term of four years.


Amid all the confusion and uncertainty due to the onset of coronavirus pandemic, many political experts are predicting that Americans might have to vote from their homes via Mail or any other online voting platform.

How will social distancing affect Presidential campaigns and the candidate winning the race is a question which only time will answer. For now, we reserve our right to remain silent and refrain from commenting on any such outcome.

BC Editorial Team


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