UPS Saturday Delivery & Hours

 December 23, 2020

By  Vada Shelby

When it comes to the sheer scale of postal services, someone is yet to beat United Parcel Service (UPS). As the premiere and the biggest package delivery company, it covers the delivery of all kinds of packages from and to all around the globe. Being the best in the world, there is another reason why UPS is revered more than the biggest delivery conglomerates. And the reason is its humble and dedicated approach towards its services. People around the globe gravitate towards UPS because of these two factors. They know that United Parcel Service never disappoints, and they knew their needs are always going to be catered to.

However, many of the newcomers and a few old comers are dealing with one question:” Does UPS Ship on Saturday?

This brings us to the purpose of this article. It is to shine a light upon the question of the Saturday delivery routine of the postal company. Through this article, you are not only going to know as to whether you are going to get delivery services on Saturdays but will also get answers to many questions regarding UPS Saturday Delivery.

Does UPS Deliver On Saturday?

Well! Let us answer the most burning question of them all right of that bat. The question is “does UPS deliver on Saturday?”. Well, you would be glad to know that the answer to this question is YES!

However, there is a caveat associated with the delivery proceedings. You already know that Saturday entails articles that are mostly associated with rushed time. Therefore, in order to protect the integrity of the delivered packages, the only categories that are considered for delivery are the following:

  1. UPS Next Day Air: Within this category, the only articles that UPS delivers on Saturday are the ones that are to be at the destination doorstep by the next day.
  2. UPS Next Day Air Early: Within this category, the only articles delivered are the ones that are the early ones. The ones that are to be delivered to the right destination by the early morning of the next day.
  3. UPS 2nd Day Air: The articles encompassed within this category are the ones that are to be delivered by early morning within 2 business days.
  4. UPS Ground: Delivery for the articles that use trucks.
  5. And UPS three day select: Within this category, the air transport delivery articles that are delivered are promised delivery by the end of the third business day.

Is there an extra cost involved for Saturday delivery?

UPS provides Saturday delivery for only the specified categories mentioned in the previous section. However, because of last-minute restrictions, the individual putting in the order have to pay a bit extra. But there is no need to worry about this matter, UPS is the epitome of affordability. Therefore, they ensure that the delivery is done not only at the proper time but at an affordable price. That being said, the cost is restricted to the shipper, and the receiver of these articles don’t have the authority to ask for fast delivery on Saturdays.

Therefore, they (recipients) cannot pay extra for the Saturday delivery. UPS has reserved such rights to only the shipper. Additionally, as Saturday delivery is a special circumstance, the shipper needs to specify the day of delivery beforehand. For example, conventionally, once a package is sent on Thursday, it shall be delivered on Monday. This is the time the United Parcel has given itself for proper delivery. However, as per the requirements, we do comply for a Saturday, provided the shipper has specified the article is meant for a Saturday delivery.

Do ups Ground Delivery on Saturday?

This is a question that we have automatically answered before. However, let us reiterate it. Yes, UPS Ground delivery is available on Saturday.  Additionally, when it comes to ground delivery on a Saturday, you will be glad to know that no extra costs are involved. We have extended this exception to the UPS 3 day select as well.

Can You Pick up Packages From UPS on Saturday?

In the previous section, we have discussed in great lengths about the UPS delivery on Saturday. However, that is from the perspective of a shipper. What about the one who seeks to pick up a package? Is he included in this? Does UPS allow Saturday Pickup? Well, the answer to this particular question, much like the other one is, YES! UPS definitely allows Saturday Pickup.  All you need to do is navigate to pickup.com and select your pick up time. On the website, you can also select the retail outlets you want to pick up your delivery from. That being said, this service is exclusive to the UPS 3 day select packages and within select metropolitan regions.

UPS Hours On Saturday :

The UPS Saturday delivery schedule is as follows:

  1. UPS Next Day Air: This delivery time is one hour past the guaranteed delivery time i.e. 9:00 am.
  2. UPS Next Day: This delivery time lies between 12:00 pm to 01:30 pm.
  3. UPS 2nd Day Air: It has a destination-based delivery time
  4. UPS 3 Day Select: As promised, the delivery is guaranteed by the day’s end.
  5. UPS Ground: it is also a destination-based delivery.

Is UPS Open On Saturday?

This is one of the frequently asked questions whether the UPS store remains open on Saturdays or not? The answer to this question is YES. Not only UPS stores remain open on Saturdays but also UPS delivers its packages on this day. Delivery time may be different from the other five days but Ups delivers on this day.

Does UPS Run On Saturdays:

UPS is one of the fastest services in the United States. People actually raise a question about the opening and running time of the ups on Saturday. So, the answer to this simply asked question is YES!! Ups run on Saturdays too and deliver its packages to the customers.

Conclusion :

So, through this article, you now know that UPS does deliver on Saturday. However, this is restricted to only certain services. That said, don’t worry about the lax in quality because there won’t be any.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. Does UPS Deliver On Saturday In My Area?

UPS delivers more than 100 US metro areas. With Saturday delivery, you can get 2 days faster delivery than before.

Q.2. Why Does UPS Not Deliver On Saturday?

UPS Standard, UPS Priority Mail, etc. don’t deliver on Saturday but UPS Next Day Air and UPS Next Day Early still deliver on Saturdays.

Q.3. Is Saturday A Business Day For UPS?

No, UPS works on the standard business days (Monday-Friday) unless Saturday delivery is specified.

Q.4. Does UPS Charge For Saturday Delivery?

UPS Saturday delivery is the fastest delivery service and you can get your package two days before than ever. UPS doesn’t charge for the Saturday delivery.

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