United States Presidential Elections 2020

 May 26, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

The 2020 Presidential Elections are scheduled for November 3rd. However, rumor has it that the elections might get postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whether or not the elections are held is another question, but here are some theories suggesting what might happen in the near future in the context of the Presidential Elections.

Scenario 1: Elections Are Held The Traditional Way

The first possibility is that the elections are held on the announced date in a traditional way which involves people going to the booth and casting votes. If that is the case, then authorities would have to arrange for extra booths because of social distancing guidelines to be practiced. The United States government can look at South Korea’s example which held its elections in the COVID-19 times and learn some safety protocols from them.

If the elections are held the traditional way and the government is able to ensure all the safety protocols, the outcome of the election will not be further impacted by the already devastating pandemic after-effects on the economy. This would be the ideal solution and would allow Trump administration to still gain support from the voters.

Scenario 2: Elections Are Held Via Mailing-In Options

The second method is holding elections via the mailing-in method. This option will cost a lot and require a lot of effort on part of the election organizing authorities. Recently, President Trump stated that he did distrust the mailing-in option for casting vote and said that it has more chances of cheating.

While experts are debating on how is the mailing-in option more prone to cheating and not the traditional one, the fact that COVID-19  shows no signs of going away pushes one to think what other options does the United States really has? If the national consensus is to hold the elections on the already decided date, it is better to hold them via safer options such as mailing-in to avoid the further spread of this virus.

This option is not only safer then polling booth one but is also the same in its consequences on any candidate’s chances of winning.

Scenario 3: Elections Are Postponed

The third scenario is where the nation finally decides to postpone elections and holds them on a future date. This seems to be the wisest of all options since there are almost 2000 deaths every day in the United States due to coronavirus and the numbers are only rising. While medical experts and the CDC are predicting another round of coronavirus attacks, it is only safe to hold elections on a future date and save the lives of many.

When it comes down to the political analysis of this option, the fact is that due to Trump’s non-serious behavior, the COVID-19 took its toll on American people and caused more than 60,000 deaths in the United States. As time passes, the long term effects of lockdown on the American economy will start showing up and thus, the Trump administration will start losing their fans.

Apart from all the other issues such as healthcare, unemployment, postal services dismissal, etc ., the inability of businesses to stand back on their feet after the lockdown is uplifted and the time taken by them to reach to their former thriving position would all be a trial for the people of America. With the second wave of COVID-19 predicted, if the government’s effort to contain the virus fails and it spreads wildly for a second time and kills as many people as it has already, Trump’s administration will stand no chance of winning the elections 2020.

On the contrary, all of this situation will hugely favor the Democrats and Joe Biden who are already using the COVID-19 card and presenting a softer yet mature face to the world. Therefore, in an event where elections 2020 gets postponed, chances are that Democrats will sweep them easily since the Republicans and the Trump administration would have failed miserably at the hands of this virus.

The Proposed Solution

After examining the three scenarios in detail and their impact on political candidates, the second scenario appeals to be the wisest option. Since the information about COVID-19 and its impact is time-sensitive, it is better to hold elections on the pre-decided date but via mailing-in option. In this way both will benefit;  the voters will remain safe and the Trump administration would still have a chance of making a comeback and beating Biden.

Otherwise, the first scenario risks the lives of many and does put a cost on the nation’s economy too. Similarly, the third scenario, though is the safest, would compromise Trump’s chance at winning the elections since after seeing so many death and facing unemployment, Americans will not be able to bear the second round of deaths especially after the healthcare cuts Trump has signed.


Elections in America have been heavily impacted by the onset of COVID-19. The face of political campaigns has completely changed and the candidates are unable to connect with their fans in real life.  Trump and his administration have already made many mistakes during their term. From taxation policies that strengthen the rich and cripple the poor to medical health facilities being cut, from attempts to shut down the much-loved American Postal Service to penalizing immigrants and preaching bias, the list could go on.

Trump has not received favorable feedback internationally and has had a rough interaction with NATO, the United States European allies, and other adversaries too. In such a situation where all Trump had was the credit of strengthening economy which would also vanish soon, thanks to the pandemic, it is advised that they proceed with the suggested option.

Otherwise, Trump and his administration would have to not only face the second round of COVID-19 but also meet people’s expectations of support and services in these times of lockdown. Additionally, Trump will also have to face the post lockdown economic conditions. Therefore, it is in the best interest of all parties that elections be held via the mailing-in method.

BC Editorial Team


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