Top Most Expensive and Worth SUVs in 2021

 January 2, 2022

By  BC Editorial Team

It is hard to find a person who would not want to become the owner of a stylish and impressive SUV. Such a vehicle looks solid, confident, and attractive. In this case, the demand for such cars is constantly growing. It is not surprising that the various companies producing cars offer a fairly wide range of cars that can be attributed to different price categories.

Today we will talk about the most desirable vehicles, those that everyone dreams of, but only a few can afford. So, we present to your attention a list of the most expensive SUVs in the world.


This German is not vainly got in our list of the most expensive crossovers in the world. This car looks stylish, attractive, and spectacular.

For that, you will have to pay some $123 thousand. But for this amount at your disposal will be the best configuration, which has all available options and assistants.

Many people do not use some of them, so you can take a car with fewer innovations to save some money. The most prestigious configuration is equipped with a 4.4-liter V8 engine with 575 horsepower.

Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography

When describing the most expensive SUVs in the world, you can’t miss this British beauty. The brand has always loved unconventional and unconventional solutions. As a result, many models of this automaker were loved by residents around the world. Thus Range Rover Autobiography particularly stands out among them all. Incredible design, fascinating forms, excellent technical parameters — all this is in this vehicle.

The minimum cost of the model starts at $200,000.

Mercedes-Benz AMG G63

Regardless of which rating is made, representatives of the Mercedes-Benz brand will be there almost always. Times go on, technology changes, but the popularity of iconic cars remains the same and people will rent Mercedes G63 in Dubai forever. Especially considering that luxury car rental services are very convenient and affordable for everyone. Today, you don’t have to save up your whole life in order to drive your dream car. What’s more, you can appreciate several sports cars while on vacation, for a relatively small amount of money. But remember that car rental services frequently offer a discount if you take the car for a longer period of time.

The cost of this vehicle starts at $218,000.

It is worth noting that this giant weighing 3 thousand pounds can reach a speed of 100 km / h in just 5.2 seconds. Immediately it becomes clear where the invested money goes – in fact, the six-liter power unit of V12 type and capacity more than 600 horsepower obviously will not take to the cheapest unit. And the rest of the equipment and trimming is up to the mark here. In general, it is a classical example of Mercedes quality.

Cadillac Escalade

Cadillacs have always been considered a luxury. No wonder that one of them is one of the most expensive SUVs.

The cost of such an SUV reaches up to 320 thousand dollars.

Such a vehicle can safely become a competitor to a luxury personal airplane. And this applies to both speed, design, and comfort. This car has absolutely everything, starting from a curved TV set and finishing with real gold trimming. If you need to work a little in the car, you can use a retractable desk. You probably didn’t expect to see that in an SUV, did you?

It is not enough to say that high-quality and expensive materials were used for interior finishing. The design is made simply at the highest level, so the car turned out to be flawless. And the technical component of the car can not fail to please.


So, we have described to you the most expensive crossovers and SUVs, which can be found in the modern vehicle market. Each model here is simply an incomparable standard of beauty, quality, and functionality. In this case, such cars also serve as a confirmation of the high status of their owner. Perhaps now there are cheaper analogs, which by their characteristics are not inferior to the above-described machines. At the same time, choosing any car from our list, or any other elite model, you will get not only a set of certain parameters but also a guarantee of quality, reliability, and prestige.

BC Editorial Team


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