Top Educational Websites for Students

 September 29, 2022

By  Elle Gellrich

The fastest and easiest way for students to learn new things is through the internet. Online resources are the perfect solution whether you are a student or a teacher looking for detailed and interactive learning material. This means your dependency on books alone gets reduced, and you get an alternate method of education that’s regarded as more engaging.

Parents can take advantage of educational websites and involve their kids in online resources-based education. On educational websites, you can acquire limitless information on every subject. You can learn new things from some of the top educational sites online, and here are some of the best names.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic is a reservoir of information about our planet. Children can learn a lot by visiting National Geographic Kids. The website is highly organized, serving as a wonderful resource for students. Students can explore various topics and go into details that books fail to deliver. Its offerings constantly expand, so teachers can use this site to introduce their students to the diversity of nature on this planet.

Through this, children can learn about unexplored areas and watch different nature videos. They can also explore different countries from an angle that’s unique and fascinating. National Geographic Kids even comes with a Homework Help section. It provides assistance to students who need to work on light projects or research papers. Teachers and parents can also search for resources on different topics to enhance the learning process.

Brill Assignment for essay help

Another great resource for students to take advantage of is BrillAssignment. This is a writing service that offers writing and editing help to learners. If you are under pressure to complete too much school or college work while having to juggle other tasks, too, this will be very helpful.

Seeking help gives you more time to deal with all the other tasks you need to accomplish. Expert writers can produce high-quality papers that consistently get good reviews. This is extremely convenient, especially when you are overwhelmed with work.


Lynda is a highly recommended educational site. It offers high-quality video courses and tutorials. The video collections are diverse. You can easily find information about any subject. There is an abundance of information readily available on this site in different fields like photography and design. It also offers courses in various languages, including French, Spanish, and German.

Lynda offers over 700 comprehensive software development courses. There are also around 700 courses in design and 1200 courses in the business domain. You can also find over 700 courses in web development and more than 700 courses in photography.


Coursera is a popular online course provider. It’s famous for its world-class educational resources. One of the great benefits to gain from this site is the complete collection of interrelated courses. You can use these to broaden your knowledge of various subjects. But some of the specializations require payment. Aside from providing information, Coursera also offers pre-recorded video lectures. There are also assignments, online exams, and student forums.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is very popular among teachers. They use the site to introduce educational content to their students who have been prepared by experts in their field of study. It’s also helpful for students to review and practice for their exams. Mathematics is the most comprehensively tackled subject in school.

But this site also offers courses in history, science, economics, and more. The contents are well-organized by grade level and course. This makes it easier to find materials for a specific skill or level. There is also a Course Mastery Goal that automatically provides students with practice activities to reach their goals. Khan Academy even integrates with Google Classroom.


YouTube is not just about entertainment. For students looking for free video material, it’s heaven. Interestingly, over half of the people who use YouTube take advantage of its educational value.

The most popular YouTube channels students view Finding Stuff Out and National Geographic Kids. Other popular channels are Simple History, Khan University, and PBS Kids. These programs have even become popular for teachers due to virtual and hybrid learning.


As a student, you should already know the importance of technical education. This is where Skillshare shines. It is a unique educational website. With it, anyone can become a teacher. If you believe you possess enough knowledge on a specific subject, share your knowledge here.

Some people worry about the quality of the courses offered here. But this shouldn’t be the case. Most of the people who teach have received training from industry leaders and experts. As for the different courses, Skillshare offers more than other popular sites like Lynda. The courses include advertising, business, fashion, photography, design, video, IT, publishing, and more.


Because of the internet, there is an endless supply of websites for students to learn. The ones mentioned here encompass various subject areas for different levels and age groups. All these sites are flexible and useful for learners in schools and colleges. They provide you with resources and skills so you can learn even outside of the classroom.

Elle Gellrich


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