Top Drink Station Ideas for Beach Resorts

 April 26, 2023

By  Kyrie Mattos

Beachgoers, especially in the summer, always look for inspiration on what drinks to order. Of course, they want to be served and provided with refreshing drinks or even hot chocolate or coffee to help guests warm up on a chilly winter evening.

With that, as a beverage server, having a wedding drink station idea is a great way to supplement the bar during cocktail hours. But, of course, you must have obtained your alcohol-serving license to serve the guests well.

The drink station may be customized to serve signature drinks and cocktails, or it could also be a designated booze-free zone with iced tea, juices, coffee, hot chocolate, or any beachgoers would prefer to drink.

With that in mind, this article will help you see options as we give you some tips on how to come up with unique beach drink stations. Take note you must have an alcohol-serving license to operate. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Things to Consider When Putting Up a Beach Drink Station

To help you go beyond an ordinary drink station, check out these tips to consider.

1. Begin with Holy Grail Bar

Many alcohol servers call this idea the Bloody Mary bar or “breakfast in a glass .” Who would argue with this bar idea? It’s a head-turner and could be the best spot for guests if they feel lazy in the morning.

This bar is indeed a perfect way to welcome guests and beachgoers. They will enter this bar as early as possible and order in your cocktail bar, especially the meals. But, of course, never miss the Bloody Marias on your drinks menu or even the pre-made shooters. You may also set out the virgin mix for those who want it.

2. Try a Bar with Beverage Dispenser

Those with alcohol serving licenses usually call these “Spike It” drink stations. When you are experienced in the business, you’d observe that lunchtime is the main time to blast some fun and energy into the event – even if it’s by the beach and under the sun’s heat.

With that, you can have an idea to pull off with quite some fuss and have varieties of attractive and unique beverage dispensers of pre-mixed cocktails with appropriate labels.

That way, guests could try something new whenever they want it. But, of course, prices should be reasonable enough. The cocktail bar station will also let the guests try liquors they haven’t tried before or even enjoy one of their favorites in an inventive and new way.

3. Display Authentic Drinks and Cocktails Station

In any event, drinks, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, may be a conversation starter before they can be served. And would you believe it all goes down to the best presentation of all drink stations by the beach?

In hot weather, the snow cones could be a great idea, so if you’re a bartender with an alcohol-serving license, you should shave the ice, a must-have pour-overs with liquors and syrups. You might also want to try ice cubes and booze popsicles and think of it as snack time reinvented.

4. Introduce Flavors of the Seasons

Like food and meals, cocktails may also be inspired by seasonality. The fall season is always a great time to spike that hot chocolate and apple cider. You may even bump things up the notch and soak taffy apples in a spiked cider.

It will serve as your treat to guests with a kick, and they will surely love it. If it’s winter, go for holiday-themed drinks and warming cocktails at the drink station. Summer and spring are ideal times to tap into unique flavors at an alfresco.

5. Consider Having Snacks and Mini Cocktails

Often, the little things must have the biggest impact – like the drink stations in the summer. It must be boring to have only alcoholic drinks or cocktails at the station. With that, you should consider having foods or snacks that can go naturally in hand.

Snacks in your drink station could include mini burgers, tacos, and sliders with shots of margaritas and craft beer. The snacks could work well for lunch stations, receptions, and even during breaks from meetings.

6. Prompt in Serving

As someone who serves, you’re not just there for your skills, but you should practice what you’ve learned from your alcohol-serving license training about serving fast and effectively.

It could be a rewarding job with the right techniques and skills. One of the key skills is to serve fast, and the speed is effective. You have to move as quickly as you can from one customer to the next while you keep track of your orders and prepare drinks.

Wrapping Up

It’s so nice to be part of everybody’s summer. These tips when you plan on putting up a drinking station for the summer could make a great way to enjoy the warm summer. Whether it’s a cool smoothie, classic lemonade stand, or creative cocktail station, what matters is that there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Then, with your little imagination and planning, you could create that unique and fun drinking station for the summer.

Kyrie Mattos


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