Top 5 Drinks That Enhance Your Hookah Experience

 January 13, 2022

By  BC Editorial Team

The time has come when hookahs are gaining popularity again all around the world. The most common question that is asked by most people is what can be added to a hookah base besides water to make it taste even greater. No more worries, because we have gathered some exceptional drinks that you can add to your hookah to enhance your experience and to treat your taste buds. Let us have a look at these distinguished drinks that can make your hookah experience amazing!

Margarita Mix

Audial guitars and a perfect view at the beach, such a peaceful imagination right? And what accompanies you there is a margarita mix. Adding margarita mix with some chilled ice to your hookah base is definitely a great idea. A sweet and tangy taste is something that all of us crave, and margarita mix is here to serve the purpose. It is eventually the best option when mixed with strawberry shishas as it enhances the taste even more.


Are you willing to try something that is very odd and not many people have tried? Are you looking forward to an alluring experience? Then drinking milk with your hookah base should be your choice. It may sound a little cumbersome, but giving it a try would definitely compel you to try it again and again. Cold milk works best with hookah bases and tobacco flavors. If you are one who is fond of dairy products then this combination is the best for you. Cold milk perfectly combines with the flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and cherry and gives a really commendable taste. Moreover, giving it a try with mints is also a preferable choice.


We can’t deny the fact that beer is the vital element of every party we go to. But most of the time it is offered with alcohol. If you are the one who always avoids alcohol but still wants to give a beer or cider a try, then this enhancement in the hookah would work well for you. This would be the best feel of mesmerism that you will never forget.

Give a tobacco flavor a try with a lighter beer to end up treating your buds invariably. Make sure to balance the strongness and lightness of the tobacco flavor and beer to ensure good taste and experience. Moreover, if you are going for the option for sweet wine, make sure that you combine it with sweet wine as it tastes the best with it. Moreover, always prefer dry wine as it is rawer in taste and the flavor in it is much palatable and tasty.


The most basic yet the best choice is water. Water is the foremost choice because it can be mixed with literally everything and can be turned into some amazing results. Mixing water with hookah bases along with cucumbers and lemon is a very fresh idea and can enhance your experience invariably. One more good choice to have is carbonated water which can be easily mixed with different tobacco flavors. Hookah bases with water prove to be the best when you are willing to keep yourself hydrated and rejuvenated as keeping yourself hydrated while using tobacco is extremely important.


Coffee is everyone’s new favorite, right? Why not accompany coffee with our favorite hookahs too? If your taste buds love coffee, this combination is just right for you! Remember, coffee neutralizes the taste of tobacco and it is recommended for all those people out there who aren’t fond of tobacco’s taste. Mixing up coffee with your hookah bases can definitely play role in helping you increase your concentration. Therefore people who are looking forward to some productive hookah sessions, then hookah base with coffee should be the righteous choice for you.

We can’t deny that all of us love the hookah sessions and it plays a really vital role in relieving our stresses and tensions. All of these things make us happy, but something that we shouldn’t miss out on is that we should keep several things on our minds while taking hookah. Let us have a look at some of these pointers. These tips would definitely enhance your hookah experience.

Pro Tips

The foremost thing that you should remember to make your hookah taste better is to keep the tobacco a little bit distant from the coal. The burning of charcoal can actually change the taste of your hookah flavor, and that is something we obviously don’t want.

Moreover, give some to the tobacco to settle down and sit, this would enable your hookah experience to be richer. Using small holes in hookah sessions is always advisable, as it just not increases the fun but the whole experience gets enticing. Cleanliness is the prime factor.

Remember, you should keep cleaning your hookah regularly to make sure you are not risking yourself and that you are enjoying it too. Cleaning hookah with a soft toothbrush is a good idea, and it can help you to make thicker smoke from your hookah too. Always pour some cold water into the base of the hookah, as it helps you to entice the whole hookah session.

We can’t deny that hookah does contain a high level of toxins. Eventually, most of us love it. Therefore, it is very important to have occasional sessions of hookah to ensure your good health and to prevent all the adverse effects.

Moreover, the next time you look forward to a hookah session, don’t forget to try out these flavors and enhance your amazing hookah session. We really assure you a tasty, smoky, and amazing hookah session through these sassy drinks that we have introduced to you. Make sure to keep your hookah clean, and enjoy all the flavors. Because drink can rock your hookah invariably!

BC Editorial Team


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