Tips For Staying Productive At Your Home Office With A Pet

 August 17, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

When you have the opportunity to work from home, it’s quite normal to think about all of the work you will be able to get accomplished during the day. And one of the biggest perks of working from home, at least in your mind? Being able to stay close to your pet, especially if you have a dog that loves to be with you as much as possible. At the same time, you’re worried that your pet will become a distraction at some point. While working from home comes with multiple advantages, being sidetracked by a needy pet is not one of them.

You don’t have to head back to the office to get your work done! Follow these seven great tips to stay productive in your home office when you have a pet by your side, whether it’s a dog, cat, or any other adorable animal.

1. Feed and water your pet before work

There will be nothing worse when you’re trying to work than hearing a metal dog dish clanging around from a dog who wants to be fed or dealing with a cat crying for food. Always feed your pets before you get started on your workday. Make sure they have plenty of fresh water, and feel free to give your pet a few treats as an incentive to behave.

2. Exercise your pet before work

This tip mostly applies to dog owners, especially those who have more than one dog in their homes. Before you even try to get some work done, take the time to go for a walk with your four-legged friend. The longer you can walk, the better! Your goal is to tire your pets out as much as you possibly can. That way, they will want to sleep for at least a few hours when you get back, giving you plenty of time to get things done at work.

3. Take advantage of high-tech GPS products

When your dog needs to go outside to potty, do you really want to take a break and wait for him to find the perfect tree? If you will be working from home for the foreseeable future, invest in a GPS wireless dog fence. These types of fences use satellite technology to keep your dog in one space. There is no need to dig into the yard to lay wires when you purchase a wireless model. You can then let your dog out with no worry that he will runoff. For an even easier time, install a doggy door, or a cat door if you have an outside cat, to allow your pets to come and go as they please.

Another useful GPS product for pets is a wearable GPS tracker. Simply attach the product to your dog’s collar and keep up-to-date with their physical activity levels while you work. They are also perfect for dogs who are escape artists! Instead of constantly worrying while you are working, stay calm knowing you can easily locate your dog through an app if they happen to run off during your workday.

4. Invest in smart dog products

Gone are the days where your dog only had a ball or rope to play with! When you need to distract your dog so that you can be productive, smart dog products are the way to go. Automatic ball launchers let your dog tire themselves out with game after game of fetch- no humans required! Another way to keep your dog entertained is to invest in smart dog toys. Interaction and stimulation are necessary for every dog. Look for smart puzzles and interactive toys that will keep your dog or cat busy while also keeping them out of your hair.

If you don’t want your pet in the room with you while you work, check out the latest video cameras for pets. Talk to your pet from the other room without opening the door, or check on them when you are worried about their current behavior. You can even purchase models that dispense treats through an app on your smartphone!

5. Keep your workspace separate

Sure, the thought of having your dog or cat curled up beside you while you work sounds heavenly. But it’s very important to keep a barrier between your pet’s play space and your work area. You should also set restrictions from the start to create a pattern for your dog or cat. They should have a place to play, sleep, and relax while you work during the day. If they do wander into your area as you work, don’t give them a lot of attention. It’s okay to create boundaries.

6. Don’t cave to the crying

Sure, it’s going to be difficult at first. Your pet may be used to getting your attention any time that they want. Once you start working from home, this type of behavior will need to stop if you want to get your work done! If your dog starts to cry or whimper as you are trying to concentrate, don’t give in to their pestering. They need to understand that you are the one in control and that they cannot get your attention with whining. Ignore the attention-seeking behavior while praising and rewarding calm behavior.

7. Take a break to give them attention

Taking a break is important for both you and your pet. When you take the time to eat, relax, and rejuvenate, your work will become more productive. This is a good time to give your dog, cat, or any other pet the attention they desire. If your dog wants to go outside and you are up for it, take them out for a lunchtime walk. They’ll be exhausted from the exercise while you’ll get a rush of energy from the physical exertion. If you are planning on making business calls, try to schedule them after your dog has been for a walk to keep the noise level at a minimum.

Above all, enjoy your work-from-home days and the time you do get to spend with your pets. Remember, working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when you have loving pets that always seem to want your attention. Accept that there will be times when your pet will be a distraction. It may take some trial and error, but soon you and your pet will fall into a comfortable routine you’ll both enjoy!

BC Editorial Team


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