Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Barbershop

 February 13, 2022

By  BC Editorial Team

Contrary to popular belief, men are pretty vain when it comes to grooming. They can also be very particular about the person who cuts their hair. They don’t just sit on a barber’s chair and let anyone touch their crowning glory. Sometimes, they even scope out the place because they need to feel its vibe and character before committing to a haircut or other grooming services.

Men are also careful because they don’t usually want to file hairdressing compensation claims against their regular barber. They know finding the right barber to take care of their hair can be difficult. Furthermore, they need to know that their barber will give them a fair shake every time. Men will wait in line for their barber to ensure that they get the perfect trim, shave, or hairstyling they need to feel good.

If you’re still looking for a regular barbershop to trust, here are four tips to consider.

Barbershop’s general appearance 

One of the things you will have to look into is the overall appearance of the barbershop. Is it well-ventilated? Does it have several barbers ready to cut hair, shave a beard, or do other hair styling you need to get done? Are the floors and mirrors clean enough? Does the barbershop feel comfortable enough?

Is it a family-owned business that’s been in the community for years? Or is it a part of a national chain? These are among the things you have to weigh if you’re looking for a good barbershop. So, naturally, the more appealing the place, the more you can expect excellent service.

Barbers’ skill and expertise

It is also essential to find out about the barbers’ expertise. If you can learn about the number of years they’ve been in the industry or if they’ve won competitions, then those are good signs that they’re reliable. You can also ask about their regulars and which techniques they’re used to performing. Look into their artistry with the blade or scissors, and if you feel comfortable, have them work on your hair to experience their skill.


A barber must know how to communicate with the client. They have to understand what the customer wants, and know when to suggest better alternatives. It may take time to get to this level of understanding, but for most men, it’s important that they can tell their barber how they want their hair to be taken care of.


Another prime consideration is the hygiene, not only of the barbershop but also of the barber. Although men can usually withstand a bit of a mess, you wouldn’t want to frequent a barbershop that doesn’t have clean floors or one that doesn’t wash or replace their barber capes and towels. You should also ask if they clean and sterilize their hair cutting tools regularly. Again, you wouldn’t want to contract a skin disease from such a place.

Final cut

In selecting the perfect barbershop, you must consider several factors before settling on your choice. You need to make sure that you’ll enjoy the experience of visiting your barber not only for the service but also for the camaraderie you’ll build in due time.

BC Editorial Team


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