Tips For Choosing Floorstanding Speakers For Your Home

 June 15, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Floorstanding speakers, or tower speakers, as most people refer to them, are one of the best sounding speakers you will find today. If you are thinking of improving your home’s sound quality, floorstanding speakers will do the job. They produce better sound compared to smaller speakers and you can fill a large space with music using them. People who want to party or enjoy playing music at its loudest will love to have these gadgets at home.

If you are considering getting a floorstanding speaker in your home, there are certain things you need to know before going ahead with your purchase. You should know what to look for before investing in this speaker, so you end up with the right product. Most people want a stylish-looking one that can match their décor and one that comes with a great sound. In this article, we will show you some helpful tips to help you choose the best sound quality floorstanding speakers for your home.

1. Great Sound Quality

It can be a daunting task to find the right floorstanding speaker, especially when it comes to floorstanding speakers. They are usually quite large, and the price is also a determining factor if you want to get the best. They are usually more expensive than other speakers you find in the market. However, the reason why most people prefer these speakers to others despite their large size is because of the impeccable sound quality they produce.

When choosing these speakers, you need floorstanding speakers that deliver a louder, richer, and more powerful sound. If you want to get your money’s worth, choose a product from a trusted brand like Klipsch. They’ve been in the audio industry for decades, with high-end models like the Klipsch RF-7 II at the forefront of their success.

2. Speaker Size

As mentioned earlier, floorstanding speakers are usually quite large, and the design is intentional because of its construction. The manufacturers did not have any intention to make these speakers portable, so most people already know this before buying freestanding speakers. These speakers are for indoor purposes, and the large size speakers will deliver very loud music when compared to other speaker types. You can use them in larger-sized rooms as opposed to small or medium-sized rooms. Floorstanding speakers can stand as high as 10 feet, and you will need to consider your space before choosing any floorstanding speaker to install in your living space.

3. Two-Way or Three-Way Floorstanding Speakers

Sounds have different frequencies, and this is something you will notice in speakers. These frequencies are divided into low-end, mid, and high frequencies. If you buy a single speaker driver, it usually has all of these sounds compressed in it, but you can’t compare the effect you get when the frequencies are distributed in two or more speaker drivers. This would mean that each speaker can focus on one particular frequency whether lows or highs and the other speakers handle the other frequencies.

You can’t tell by looking at the floorstanding speaker if it is a two or three-way speaker by counting its drivers at the front. However, you can tell by checking the manufacturer’s inscription which usually states whether the speakers are two-way or four-way. Two-way speakers are affordable, and you will need a subwoofer to improve its sound quality. Three-way floorstanding speakers, on the other hand, are more expensive and usually sound better.

4. Cabinets and Vibration

One thing about floorstanding speakers is that they are very loud. You will need a good cabinet or outer housing to keep your speaker. If your cabinet is not properly built for the speaker, it can affect the sound quality. Most manufacturers have helped solve this problem by building these loudspeakers with cabinets that can hold the vibrations of the speakers even in their highest volume. There are floorstanding speakers that come with advanced technology materials like internal baffles and even materials made of reinforced MDF strong enough to resist the vibrations.

5. Matching Speakers With Amplifiers

If you are getting a floorstanding speaker, you will need one with amplifiers. The loud volumes they produce make it important to get one with a matching amplifier. It is easy to find a powerful amplifier for your floorstanding speaker. Most speakers already have a stipulated amplifier range which is measured in wattage. The amplifiers work is to make sure your speakers produce the best sounds and also protect them from damage.

6. Bi-Amping and Bi-Wiring

Also, another thing to consider when choosing floorstanding speakers is whether the speaker is capable of bi-amping and bi-wiring. You will need speakers with two pairs of binding posts on the back and not one. This way, your speakers will produce good sound. The bi-amping allows your speakers to use two amplifiers to power one speaker. One amplifier will be for highs while the other for mid and low frequencies. Bi-amping is more expensive than Bi-wiring because you need to get two amplifiers. However, for Bi-wiring you only need one amplifier. You will need to connect two cables, one to the amplifier and the other to the speaker. This way, one will carry highs, while the other mids and lows.

7. Home Theater vs Hi-Fi

Although floorstanding speakers are quite large, they are also very versatile. You can use them when building your home theatre setup or even with your hi-fi system. These speakers are designed for this purpose and will produce an amazing surround sound effect.

8. Floorstanding Speakers Price

These powerful speakers are not cheap in the market today. If you want to get a good quality floorstanding speaker, you should be ready to invest money in it. There are the affordable ones that cost less than $150, but they usually have poor sound quality. You should be ready to spend more to get the best sounding speakers.  If you are thinking of what to get, there are quite a handful of great freestanding speakers in the market, but they can be quite pricey too.

BC Editorial Team


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