Tips for Artists to Earn Money On SoundCloud

 August 27, 2022

By  Kyrie Mattos

Artists can publish, share, and market their music’s audio on SoundCloud. They can also share podcasts on the platform. This networking service has assisted independent artists in earning from their tracks. The platform’s Creator program allows content creators to market their audio projects, connect with the audience, and generate revenue on Soundcloud.

SoundCloud is a great platform for music and podcast creators. It offers various products to independent artists and music listeners. Also, some famous artists rose to stardom through the platform. Content creators earn from their songs from locations monetized by SoundCloud. You will earn more if users also hear ads when listening to your songs. Smart devices have the app’s free version, while creators use paid tiers.

How to earn on the streaming platform

You can join SoundCloud’s Partner without paying a fee. Then share your songs in the community and get feedback. You will probably get the basic stats. However, subscribing to the app’s paid version allows you to receive revenue. A monthly fee of $4.99 enables you to enjoy the following benefits on ‘SoundCloud Pro’:

  • Access advanced insights feature
  • Save tracks without restriction
  • Swift replacement of tracks without loss of stats, and
  • Track promotion across the platform with the app’s “Promote” tool.

You can distribute unlimited tracks to streaming services when you pay a yearly fee of $30 for the ‘SoundCloud Repost’’ version. Besides, you will receive 80% of the earnings from the distributed songs. You will access features exclusive to the paid version, like music background art.

Monetizing your songs

When you have a pro account, you will earn from your content uploaded on SoundCloud. It would be best if you are 18 years and an indie creator. You should have original content and all rights to it. Before enrolling in the platform’s premier program, have no fewer than 500 genuine streams the previous month. Besides, you won’t have any copyright strikes during your enrollment period.

You can monetize your tracks when you upgrade your account. Just choose the tracks you want to monetize. Then, enable monetization for each by clicking the tab. Enter a username for each of your desired monetization locations. You can add your description as the metadata and save the changes.

Ways through which artists can earn on SoundCloud 

Besides monetizing your content, you can boost your earnings through the pro account in the following ways.

  • Get the “Pro Unlimited” account for more opportunities for music sales. You will have access to great features like advanced fan insights and unrestricted upload time. You will also have complete control of your songs.
  • Include a “Buy” link to your releases for fans to easily buy the tracks on other sites.
  • Leverage SoundCloud ads. You will receive payment for an audio ad embedded in your track when listeners play the music.
  • Sign up on the e-commerce site Sellfy for your music sales.
  • Use SoundCloud’s promotion tool for marketing your songs to a specific audience defined by parameters like age or genres.

More SoundCloud plays can boost the royalties you will receive from the platform. Encourage your fans to play your songs, boosting your earnings.

Kyrie Mattos


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