Saturday, August 15, 2020

Thousands Gathered At George Floyd’s Memorial, Where Is Trump?

On Thursday, the 4th of June first of the many planned George Floyd’s memorials were held in Minneapolis. Floyd, who was murdered on 25th of May under Minneapolis Police custody by being subjected to chokehold for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, was a father to two daughters and had one granddaughter.

According to close friends and family members, Floyd was a peaceful guy with a big heart. He had been working as a security guard with restaurants and shops in the past and none of his past employers reported ill of George.

All his friends, teachers, coaches, and family have reported that George was a simple and friendly guy who loved food.  He had no history of violence and abuse and was murdered in broad daylight on account of his race and color of skin.

The police officers who were a part of George’s murder have all been arrested and charged with appropriate laws. However, since the day of George’s death, the nation has clearly divided into sections. Those who acknowledge and support the oppressed communities of America and others who are still coming up with their conspiracy theories to gaslight the victims of hate crimes.

Despite all of the current happenings in the nation, there is one thing that almost every American was looking forward to – President Trump’s response. Not just the American nation and media but also international media and people across the world are watching President Trump’s casual behavior.

What Was Expected Of Trump?

Well, this is a no brainer. The President should have acknowledged the gravity of George’s murder and must have expressed his disdain over the treatment of the Black community in America. He should have not used force on protestors and must have attended at least one of the many planned memorials of George Floyd.

If he could offer nothing, the least he could have done was to announce some kind of support for Floyd’s family and reassess his policies to make them more racially inclusive.

What Actually Happened?

How Trump has actually responded to the whole fiasco is enraging Americans far more than anything else. The historical mistreatment of the Black community is not something the world isn’t aware of. The systematic installation of racial discrimination in the United States dates back to the initial years of America’s founding.

However, President Trump has turned a blind eye towards all of these facts. What he is focusing on instead are his personal presidential campaign and selfish gains. One has to think twice about how Trump can be so oblivious to the fact that posing with the Bible in front of church would win him fewer votes. what will actually help him gain more popularity among the masses would be his compassion towards the Black community and deliverance of justice for the Blacks murdered in 2020.

George Floyd’s Memorial: Trump vs. Biden

There are a series of George Floyd’s memorials planned to take place in upcoming weeks. The first one took place in Minneapolis on Thursday. What the members of the Black community, international media, and supporters of Black Lives Matter worldwide expected from Trump was to attend the memorial for at least 5-10 minutes. He could have also joined in via video call or anything but instead, the President chose to remain silent and go underground.

The sources report that the President has no intention of attending any of the upcoming George Floyd memorials as well. As if these developments weren’t enough, President Trump’s last press briefing showed him invoking George Floyd’s name while announcing the surprise turnaround in the job market conditions of the United States.

The recent statistics have shown that post-COVID-19, the economy is getting back on its feet once again and the unemployment rates are going down gradually. Trump while sharing this news with media in his latest clip said that this would be a great day for George. He added that George must be really happy and proud in heaven because this is what he would have wanted for Americans to have right now.

Even though President’s aides interpret his comments as made out of goodwill and say that he probably meant how all communities of America are getting a fair share in the United States job market. Many political leaders including the republicans as well have criticized Trump for making such remarks.

Senator Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and others criticized Trump for being despicable. According to Biden, Trump was trying to put these words into George’s mouth posthumously while George’s original words before dying were excruciatingly painful. Similarly, Senator Kamala Harris said that Trump must keep George’s name out of his speeches unless he can say ‘Black Lives Matter’ out loud on any forum.

As opposed to Trump, Joe Biden, the Democratic Presidential candidate had filed for permission to attend one of George Floyd’s memorials and the news is that he has been granted permission. It is unclear though which one of the upcoming memorials would he be attending.

Analyzing Trump’s response to Floyd’s Memorials

If we analyze the whole George Floyd situation, the reactions of not just Americans but the international community, and view Trump’s response in lieu of them, it becomes obvious that Trump is not doing enough.

The President’s insufficient response can be either because he really does not care about minority communities of America or because he is naïve enough to not understand the gravity of the situation. The former makes more sense to a common man as well as a political expert.

If we look at Trump’s policies to restrain minorities’ participation and movement along with the ‘White States’, his anti-immigration policies and intentions of sending immigrants back home, etc. are all proofs.

They show that President Trump could care less about the lives and properties of the non-white American population. He would prefer his personal gains over them any day.


Had the victim not been a Black but a White America, what would be the President’s response? Would he go to lengths and avenge the White majority? Would he not let hell break loose if the culprits were Blacks? Would he not attend the funeral still?

These are some of the questions which boggle a person’s mind when they see President Trump’s casual response to the brutal murder of an innocent man.

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