The perfect silver necklace for women: 3 things to consider

 September 23, 2022

By  Elle Gellrich

When looking for jewelry, silver is always an amazing material choice. Thanks to its reflectivity, it catches the light like nothing else and is also durable, stainless, and light. A silver necklace is certainly a must for women looking for a precious accessory to wear on special occasions and in daily life.

If you are seeking the perfect silver necklace for yourself or as a gift to someone else, here are some things you should consider before purchasing, making sure to get the best one.

Lengths of silver necklaces for women

The shine of silver will brighten up any face, but it is important to consider how a necklace will fit you, too. To get an idea of how it might look on you, first of all, you need to check its length.

These pieces of jewelry often come in four main lengths.

The shortest one is called a choker, which lays at the base of the neck, usually 40 cm (16’’) long. Silver is also a safe material, so you won’t get problems by having it in direct contact with your skin, as happens with a choker necklace.

The most common length is standard, or princess, and its measures range from 45 to 50 cm (18-20’’). This length will typically sit over the neckline or the top of crewneck and other high-necked apparel for lower-cut clothing. Your face will be nicely framed if you wear a pendant since it will sit in a flattering V shape.

If you are taller or have a bigger physique, you can reproduce the same effect by getting a matinee length necklace: 55 to 65 cm long (22-26’’). A so-called opera necklace comes halfway through your chest, with a length from 70 to 85 cm (28-34’’).

Silver necklace for women in chain style

A very popular trend is a chic and minimal chain necklace, but there are different kinds of chains. The more traditional one is a cable chain, it’s composed of uniform oval links interlocked together. It can vary in dimension, with smaller or bigger ovals.

For a statement silver necklace for women, you can opt for a curb chain, a dramatic look made by flattened and twisted links that interlock tightly together. It’s modern and urban, especially in its chunkier versions.

You can choose a silver rope chain necklace if you prefer a girlier appearance. Rope chains are made of smaller links locked in a twisted pattern to resemble a genuine rope, so they are perfectly combined with a pendant.

Silver necklace for women with accessories

Do not underestimate the look and the meaning an accessory can add to your silver necklace. Many brands offer a lot of stunning pendants, lockets, and even gemstones. Play with shapes (a heart, a flower, or a cute dog) and colors by adding a touch of gold, pearls, or zirconia.

Cool, elegant and perfect for you.

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Elle Gellrich


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