The Most Interesting Game Launches for Switch in August 2021

 September 21, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Some great games had been released for Switch in the month of July 2021. These included some highly anticipated sequels, such as NEO: The World Ends with You. However, players were not disappointed in August, either. There have been no shortages of games. Some of the biggest games were released in August.

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As the online gambling world, the video gaming world is also seeing new games emerge in the market. In this article, you will get to take a look at the top August releases for Nintendo Switch.

In Sound Mind

The game was released on 3rd August. It is a beautifully scary horror game. In this game, the players are going to take on the role of Desmond, who is a therapist from a small town. As the game starts, he wakes up in an abandoned building that is just at the center of the town. He then starts to explore the surroundings. As he keeps looking through this, he realizes that there is something familiar in the surroundings when he discovers Tonya, his pet cat.

The game progresses through different levels. What’s great is the developer does this by making the player find old tapes throughout the building and then playing them. Once it starts to play, the character will be transported to a different environment.

Every tape in the game has a different enemy that you will have to overcome on the basis of the fear of the patient. It has a creepy atmosphere, and all throughout, there is a striking fear as to what is going to come next.

Black Book

The card battler genre of gaming has gone through some meaningful changes in the last few years. In Black Book, along with the large RPG and enacting world, the game creates an interesting and gripping tale. In fact, it is enthralling enough to draw your attention immediately.

Black Book has taken up a story from Russian folklore where it depicts the meeting of spirits. Players are going to take on the role of Vasilisa and the witch, determined to fight fate along with a young man. However, when she finds that the man is dead, you are given the job to find out the Black Book. It is an artifact that will help with resurrection.

The game enumerates the narrative in an interesting manner. You will have to solve different issues with the help of the villagers. The best part about the game is it is you who gets to decide how it is going to end.

In the game, the story and life that you insert yourself into are temporary. You go in and out, and all you are left with is the memory.

This fascinating game was released on August 10.


This belongs to the cyberpunk genre that has been explored exponentially in the field of video games. The story is about Evan Kapnos, the one who has been taken away following an enigmatic closure by the employer. In this game, you will play in a world where people are largely tied to the company that owns their identity. In case Kapnos is unable to make it on time to solve your problems, he is going to be auctioned off. Thereafter, he is going to find himself not so useful to the city.

The visuals of the game stand out. It has the feel and looks of a comic book. This game was also released on August 10.

Murder Mystery Machine

If you love crime mystery and love solving a murder, this might be just the right game for you. Murder Mystery Machine was developed by Blazing Griffin. It is a puzzle-based detective game that lets players live their dream to solve a murder through deduction. However, the actual murderer of each episode is quite easy to guess, particularly if you get to understand the system.

Murder Mystery Machine has Cassandra Clarke as an addition to District Crime Agency. She, along with her partner Nate Hutson starts to investigate the murder of a local politician. However, eventually, it turns out to be a larger conspiracy. To solve the murder, you will have to explore the crime scene and look for clues. You will also get to speak to the witnesses.

This appealing game for Nintendo Switch was released on August 25.

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