The Most Dreaded Web Banner Design Mistakes That You For Sure Would Want To Avoid

 November 22, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Oh! And in case you were wondering how a web banner can get someone nauseous, here is how:

It is a matter of seconds till a visitor decides whether or not he has to stay on a website. Hence, it is important they see something relevant and in accordance with their interests, that catches their attention immediately and makes them want to explore the website further. A well-designed website banner can help you achieve that and much more. It is usually the first thing that one notices as soon as a webpage opens up.

It is for that reason alone, it is best to outsource Web banner designers as they strategically use it to shift the visitors’ focus on where they want it.

If you are having trouble finding a good and eligible web designer locally, consider expanding your search and hire a freelance or independent contractor instead.

Meanwhile, a badly designed web banner can lose you visitors killing the whole point of creating a website in the first place and ultimately putting your business in a halt.

Following are the mistakes made while designing a web banner that you for sure would not want to touch using a ten-foot pole:

Improper Banner Location:

The location of a banner plays a vital role in the banner being able to fulfill its purpose; which in short is grasping attention. In general, a banner is located at the center of the page; it however may as well be placed at the top of the page with all the features of the website laid out neatly under. It is up to the web designers their selves, however, placing it on either of the sides of the page or on the bottom is found to be not very appealing and asymmetrical at times.

Banner size Improper:

When speaking of banner size, balance is the key. A banner that needs a magnifying glass to be viewed with illegible writing and images or a gigantic banner, that requires a web page to be scrolled down to have a look at completely are both unacceptable. Zooming in and out can be very frustrating for the viewer as well as it kills the purpose of the web banner to be “striking at first glance” as it might take more than one look to even view it. The majority of viewers are likely to leave the page then do all that effort.

Poor Quality Irrelevant Images:

It is common knowledge that it is easier to engage visitors with images/ visual aid than with text. The web banner is the first thing that people are likely to set eyes on, on your website; and on the banner what they will see first are the images, therefore, any compromise on images is very naïve of the organization. Images need to be original and of great quality and in contrast with the background so that they are easily visible. It is a great platform to showcase your products, services, benefits, features, and whatever you think is unique and will help retain people’s attention.

Inappropriate Banner Headline:

The banner headline is crucial. Ever seen a web banner with its logo on the headline that you were absolutely unaware of? That is a very common banner design mistake. When targeting a new audience, or newly introducing a brand, logos and brand names do not make good headlines.

Illegible Text:

If you have managed to grasp your viewers’ attention so far, it means they are looking for more details. It is important that you provide details in the most concise manner possible, provide intriguing features of your product unlike anything else in the market. Legibility of the content is extremely important too, which is ensured through the contrast of content with the background as well as font size. Meanwhile, font type plays role in setting the overall tone and emotion of the banner.

Grammatically incorrect Text:

No matter how well you have designed your web banner, if there are grammatical or spelling mistakes in there, it is of no use. It will make the credibility of your brand sink quicker than foam on an Irishman’s beer. It looks extremely unprofessional and careless on behalf of the brand. It is best to check or even double-check to save your brand from embarrassment.

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Banner Not in Coordination with the rest of the website:

It is often the most overlooked mistake made by brands, where they do not consider the theme, color scheme, etc of the overall website while designing their web banner. This makes it look different from the rest of the website which gets very confusing to look at and not at all blended in. Avoiding such blunders makes the banner look carefully strategized and the brand appears more credible. You may also find website banner designs online for customizable templates in case you wish to take matters into your own hand.

Not Using A Clear Call-To-Action Button:

Not providing a clear call-to-action button on the web banner is like paving your viewers’ way into the middle of nowhere and leaving them there. All that interest you have built up so far would all go in vain if this teeny mistake frustrates the viewer and he leaves. A call-to-action button is a very convenient way to redirect the viewer to your business website or the webpage where they can find what is mentioned in the web banner. This little addition to your web banner can ramp up your brand sales like crazy.

Well, long story short your web banner is a very important component of your entire online existence. Having one that is badly designed can not only fail to deliver its purpose but also hurt your brand. Therefore, it is in your best interest to give your utmost attention to it. Instead of leaving it out for something to be done last moment, put time, effort, and thought into it; or even better, hire professionals who are trained for this, because believe it or not, this investment will be worth it.

Check these food web design examples to be inspired.

BC Editorial Team


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