The Main Mistakes of Beginners in eSports Betting and How to Avoid Them

 August 9, 2022

By  Elle Gellrich

Many new players are deeply mistaken that it is easy to earn money on bets. Winning is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It is much more difficult not to lose.

Few people manage to avoid mistakes in eSports betting. However, knowledge of typical miscalculations can reduce their number and lead the player to a winning path of professionalism faster.

The Main Delusions of Players on Bets

1. Betting on everything

Disorganized players face a big problem when they rush to achieve a goal. The reality is that any sport has a cycle. There is an active season and breaks, off-season. Games don’t usually happen all days in a row. You need to be able to stop and switch to other activities when the days of activity in your sport are over. The bid is only your decision. Moreover, if there are no good options, then do not bet on those that are.

2. Excitement and risk

Betting on eSports matches is a risky field. Sports are very unpredictable. Another important caveat is that a player cannot influence the result of a sports competition. After all, completely different people enter the field. And what they have in their head, what their form and moral state are, is known only to them. So, success in betting is achieved by those who minimize risks, not increase them.

3. Excessive self-confidence

Even if you have made several successful bets in a row, you should not rush to conclusions. You are not yet a betting guru and you do not need to play all-in thoughtlessly. As a result, you can lose everything.

4. Bids without prior analysis

Before placing bets, it is necessary to analyze all the available factors. The outcome of the match depends on them. What is the position of the team in the standings, who plays in the team, whether there are injured players, and so on? Therefore, place bets on eSports you understand and multiply your budget.

5. Choosing the first available bookmaker

Consider the choice of the betting site carefully, because you can run into a scammer who is not going to pay you anything. Remember: the choice of “your” bookmaker should be taken with all responsibility.

To do this, analyze the bookmaker’s site according to various parameters:

  • Coefficients;
  • Limits;
  • Payout speed;
  • Refund policy;
  • Bonuses and promos.

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6. Ignorance of the conditions of the bookmaker

When choosing a bookmaker, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of betting. If you are a beginner, do not neglect this, but carefully read the conditions of the website. Ignorance can lead to serious mistakes and controversial issues.

7. The desire to get rich quickly

Nothing is ever fast and easy. This is especially true for Live bets. First, the bettor needs to analyze and calculate the situation here and now and make the right choice. This is a very long way to such types of bets. Therefore, beginners are not recommended to take risks.

8. Don’t open a second account without permission

Often, players try to register more than one account in one betting company. The reasons may be different: you forget your password, access to mail and phone is lost, attempts to get a bonus once again, and many others.

You can register a second account with the same bookmaker ONLY with its permission! At the same time, you will have to explain why you want to register again. You will probably need to go through some checks, and then you may be allowed to re-register.

How To Avoid Mistakes?

The correct eSports betting game implies a thorough analysis of the situation in the sports and betting market. You need to know who to bet on, how and when to make a bet, and have an idea of existing strategies and bookmakers.

Almost everyone has a favorite eSport. People watch competitions, cheer for their favorite teams, and scroll through the possible outcomes of fights. If you regularly watch broadcasts, analyze what is happening on the sports field and draw conclusions, you can make good money on it.

In many matches and competitions, the outsider and the favorite are known in advance. One team has a better chance of winning than the other. The calculations of bookmakers can serve as a guideline. The team with low odds has the greatest chance of winning.

To win money on eSports betting for beginners, beware of the above mistakes, listen to the advice, and learn how to make money. You need to develop your strategies, to evaluate coefficients and analyze events.

Elle Gellrich


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