The Guide To Taking Care Of Your Hair

 September 23, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Our hair is one of the most important things about our appearance. For some, it defines their personality and image to others. At present, there are a variety of hairstyles that people make according to their tastes. Many celebrities even have unique and funky hairstyles that people are a fan of. What we don’t realize is the effect different styles can have on our hair.

Our hair is affected by almost everything we do to it. Grooming different hairstyles or using several products may even harm it. It is vital before you do anything to your hair to know all about it. Otherwise, there is a chance we might end up doing more damage just to look good. There are a lot of variables when it comes to caring for your hair. Some of these are very specific while others are general tips. Given below is a mix of both of those to make sure your hair is at its best.

The Right Shampoo

Ever wonder why your hair reacts differently to every other shampoo? This is because our hair is of a certain type. While some hair can be curly and wavy, others are straight through and through. Shampoo manufacturers often label their products with the type of hair they are for. This makes it easier to distinguish between the right shampoo for each type of hair. What also matters is whether your hair is dry or not.

Many shampoos tend to absorb all the moisture from our hair leading to it becoming dry. This is fine but could be harmful to a scalp that is already dry. In some cases further reducing moisture may even weaken the hair. To solve this, figuring out which shampoos have that drying effect on your hair is vital. After that, you can narrow down the ones meant for your hair or note down the ingredients. It is a matter of experimentation and not settling for dry and weak hair.

Gentler shampoos are recommended to make sure the hair isn’t damaged. Too many chemicals can harm our hair. It is also important to not overdue shampooing. Washing your hair is necessary, but constantly shampooing is not a good idea.

The Right Conditioner

Using the right conditioner is just as important. It is a personal preference whether to condition your hair before or after shampooing. Some people believe that using a conditioner before leads to extra volume. We recommend experimenting and seeing what works best for you. There are a variety of choices to choose from. There is sure to be something for everyone.

Avoid conditioners with too many chemicals as they could be harmful. Remember, the conditioner is meant to be left in. That means not dry all of it out and maintaining moisture. Some people even dry their hair before using conditioner. Again, experimenting is the key ingredient. Choose a shampoo and conditioner fit for your hair makes a big difference.

The Right Diet

Surprisingly, a well-balanced diet can positively impact your hair too. A good diet can help you grow shinier and smoother hair. It is said that protein can make your hair much stronger and versatile. This is just another reason why you should invest your time in a balanced diet. This can also reduce hair fall as your body is getting what it needs.

A weaker diet can have some drawbacks on your hair. They can potentially make your hair brittle and fall off quicker. This means volume and density will be negatively affected. Those with colored hair are also at risk of losing that color. It is mandatory to implement a better diet in your life.

The Right Maintenance

Maintaining your hair is just as important as cleaning it. This means there is a right and wrong way of maintenance. Blow drying, dying, and using a towel both have correct and incorrect methods.

Many experts recommend drying your hair the natural way. This means less rigorously rubbing your towel on your hair. Instead, gentle brushes are preferred, using your hand is also an option. If using the air is possible then that is considered the best approach. For blow-drying, it’s important to start on the lowest setting. More heat straight from the start could be bad for the long term.

A Note On Extreme Cases

In some cases, hair fall is due to pattern baldness or a genetic cause. While not a cure, implementing the above tips can reduce it to an extent. Further help can be gained via medicine and recommended hair sprays. Minoxidil is a spray used to combat baldness and has been successful for many.

It comes in many forms and containers. As a spray or even as foam. It is known to be most effective as a spray as it is packaged nicely, it is preserved with a foil seal via foil sealing machines. If you are aiming to use Minoxidil, it is important to educate yourself. Knowing the possible side effects helps make the decision easier.


Everyone wants to have nice-looking hair. But it is equally important to maintain and take care of it. Constantly abusing your hair may limit your time with it in the long run. That is why you should invest time and money into caring for it.

BC Editorial Team


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