The Best Place to Buy Bitcoin in 2022

 August 18, 2022

By  Kyrie Mattos

Now that the entire crypto market has dropped, we are witnessing the collapse of leading cryptocurrencies. The first to fall was Bitcoin. One of the reasons why that happened was Binance termination of BTC withdrawals. Following the crypto leader, other digital assets also demonstrated a rapid drop. However, such ups and downs are typical for the crypto market; and things will start getting more optimistic after a while.

Meantime, this is a good time for purchasing digital assets, in particular, Bitcoin cryptocurrency, at a low price.

As we can use this drop in cryptocurrency to invest and hold for some time, waiting for the next bull market, we want to talk about the best platforms to buy crypto.

How to Pick a Crypto Exchange?

Here are some recommendations on picking a platform for buying Bitcoin or another crypto:

  • Crypto coin price. Check out the prices of digital assets through crypto platforms. Small and not reliable services usually offer higher rates.
  • Jurisdiction. It should not be just another offshore island but a state with a developed legal framework. Check out where the platform is registered and if it operates legally.
  • Age. Choosing exchanges that provide services for at least a year is advisable.
  • Reviews. If the exchanger is functioning, it will not be difficult to find reviews of its work; at least 90% of them must be positive.
  • Sufficient funds reserve. The service must have at least $100,000 in reserve; otherwise, it will constantly experience liquidity problems.
  • 24/7 work. The exchange must operate in automatic or at least semi-automatic mode.

If the exchanger meets most of the above requirements, you can safely work with it.

We recommend credible crypto platforms such as Binance, WhiteBIT, Kraken, and KuCoin. They offer relevant cryptocurrency Bitcoin prices and a wide range of other digital assets to buy on this downtrend, as well as many trading tools and robust protection for users’ accounts.

Kyrie Mattos


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