The Best Off-Grid Vacation Options

 October 21, 2022

By  Elle Gellrich

Everyone can benefit from taking a well-earned break from their busy lives by going on a trip. There could be a lot happening in your life right now, whether at work or at home. It’s best to ignore the rest of the world and focus on having a good time on vacation. That way, you’ll maximize your vacation’s benefits.

Of course, this is not always an easy thing to achieve. We can be in touch with the rest of the world whenever we want, and that’s the problem. The widespread availability of mobile technology has resulted in a situation in which people always seem to be aware of one another’s whereabouts and ready to communicate at any time. It’s simple to say that you’ll simply turn off this technology when you go on vacation so that you won’t be bothered, but in a world where people are increasingly reliant on their smartphones and other electronic devices, that’s not always an option. If so, try your hand at some of these techniques for spending a few days without electricity or other modern conveniences. The benefits far outweigh the work required.

Travel In A Group

If you plan a trip with a group of friends, you’ll have less of an urge to check your phone every few minutes. You could even issue a challenge to the other members of your party to do the same, such as making the first person pull out their phone (for any reason other than taking photos) to pay for the meal, for example. When traveling with a group of strangers, perhaps on Antelope Canyon Tours, this becomes even less of a problem because no one wants to be the one to crack first.

Numerous tour operators focus on group travel, matching solo travelers with compatible companions so they can explore the world and make new friends at the same time. There are even businesses that will take you on a “digital detox,” during which you will be completely disconnected from the outside world and free to enjoy the present moment.

Go Somewhere Remote

If you’re not sure that you can just stop using your mobile devices and you’ll still be tempted even though you know you shouldn’t, it’s best to go somewhere very far away where there is no WIFI, and it would be impossible to get a signal. This could mean going to a remote part of Antarctica or the Amazon rainforest, but what’s the problem with that? Visiting these places is fun and a once-in-a-lifetime trip that would be ruined if you checked Facebook or Tik Tok every few minutes.

Go Camping 

Camping could be the perfect option if you prefer to stay closer to home but still need to completely disconnect. Wonderful camping opportunities can be found in National Parks all over the United States and, in fact, the entire world.

To ensure that you are well-equipped for your foray into the wilds, you’ll need to plan in advance so you can make sure you have everything you need. It’s also important to let people know where you are going, just in case of an emergency.

The good news is, even if you manage to get a signal while you’re out in the calming forests, you probably won’t have much time to play on social media or respond to work emails.

Elle Gellrich


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