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 September 8, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

The successful treatment of any disease depends largely on the stage at which it is detected, as well as on the quality of the performed treatment. Therefore, it is important to seek help from competent physicians who will identify the cause of the condition and eliminate it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

What are the most common conditions treated in European hospitals?

If the reason you’ve been searching the web is sudden, e.g. sharp pain in your lower back or chest, these are the symptoms most often associated with a herniated spine.

Generally, back pain is one the most common complaints of patients seeking help in European hospitals. And, surely, there can be many causes of back pain, including mechanical influences. Specific pains, however, are more severe and are associated with herniated discs, arthrosis, and stenosis.

At this point, European hospitals establish the correct diagnosis and detect true causes of back pain in people with herniated discs. Highly qualified orthopedists and neurosurgeons make a collegial diagnosis in each case and decide on the most appropriate method of spinal pain treatment. Once the diagnosis is established, unique methods of acute and chronic back pain treatment, including minimally invasive ones, are used by specialists at the European hospitals.

Common treatment tactics in the European hospitals

Once the main diagnosis is determined, specialists proceed directly to therapy. As a rule, people with herniated discs receive their diagnosis at an early stage in European hospitals. Therefore, many patients successfully undergo conservative herniated disc treatment.

People requiring surgical interventions need to know that they are more effective and reliable for disc herniation treatment. During a surgical intervention, a specialist eliminates the underlying cause of the pathological condition. Best hospitals in Europe apply state-of-the-art methods and technologies of interventions on spine, so the surgical risks are very low.

With intervertebral hernias, different treatments may be performed. Endoscopic hernia removal is considered the safest one. This is a minor traumatic operation, after which the patient can get on his feet the same day.

Laminectomy is also performed. This is an open surgery in which part of the vertebral arch that is pinching a nerve root is removed. The most challenging procedure is the traditional discectomy. This is the removal of the intervertebral disc, which is rarely performed in reputable hospitals nowadays.

After surgical treatment of spinal hernia, patients undergo rehabilitation. For the first six months after surgery, the patient should refrain from engaging in sports and vigorous-intensity physical activities. Gradually, all functions of the affected spine are restored, and the patient can return to his usual activities.

Rehabilitation in the best hospitals in Europe

After any treatment for herniated discs, patients undergo rehabilitation. One of the important advantages of spine rehabilitation in Europe is an accurate examination, which allows for individual selection of the rehabilitation measures. Rehabilitation course may include:

  • Medication therapy (painkillers, antispasmodics, anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • Manual therapy
  • Massage (manual and instrumental one)
  • Reflexotherapy.
  • Physical therapy

Treatment in Europe during the lockdown

For anybody wondering, professional organization of disc herniation treatment in European hospitals is possible even during the lockdown. Booking Health provides support for the patient throughout the entire process of treatment.

The range of services provided by Booking Health includes the translation of medical documents, negotiating with medical institutions, and probably the most relevant – issuing a medical visa during the lockdown, which is an obstacle for many patients eager to undergo treatment in Europe. If you think that you can’t start treatment abroad because of the lockdown restrictions, you’d be surprised to know that Booking Health can help you undergo treatment in the best hospitals in Europe.

Booking Health specialists will be happy to provide detailed information about treatment during the lockdown. All you need to do is leave the request on the Booking Health website for a medical consultant to contact you.

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