The Best Fun Rides for Your Wedding Day

 March 26, 2022

By  Kyrie Mattos

You and your soulmate just tied the knot a few hours earlier, and you’re now on your way to your reception venue. While the wedding nuptials is a sacred ceremony, it’s at your wedding reception that you get to spend precious time with your guests. If you and your spouse are adventure seekers, renting out fun rides will be an excellent addition to your post-ceremony celebration. 

Looking for a unique way to spice up your wedding reception? Installing fairground fun rides will be a fantastic experience not only for newlyweds but for your guests too. If you decide to give your wedding a little bit of whimsy, you must choose the fun rides you want to be set up at your venue. Here are a few classic fun rides that everyone will surely love. 


The carousel is a class fun ride that appeals to people of all ages. It may not be as thrilling as roller coasters, but it is a fool-proof ride if your goal is to entertain children and adults alike. Carousels are original funfair rides dating back to the early 1800s. Today, carousels are powered by electricity and come in a wide range of designs. You can choose a carousel design that fits your wedding theme or color motif. The elegant adornment in carousels adds to the romantic atmosphere at your venue. They aren’t as challenging to ride. Even the bride and female guests in dresses can conveniently go for a spin or two. Check out some charming carousel designs at https://www.wearetricycle.co.uk/ to have an idea of the current models available for rent in your area. 

Ferris Wheel 

The traditional Ferris wheel is one of the best-selling rides for couples about to tie the knot. For some, the Ferris wheel might hold sentimental value for couples who had their first kiss while riding one. Some couples share the hobby of visiting amusement parks and want to infuse their love for rides into their wedding. Luke the carousel Ferris wheels are incredibly romantic. The wheel turns slowly, so you and your guests can get a bird’s eye view of your beautiful venue and celebration. 


Something about dodgems brings out the kid in all of us. It’s an exciting fairground ride that you can rent for a day and is guaranteed to be a hit among your guests. Dodgems are relatively easier to set up than a Ferris wheel or a carousel; hence are a best-selling fun ride rental for wedding celebrations. 

Flying Chairs

To complete your amusement park-themed reception, install a flying chairs ride, and guests will start lining up and waiting for their turn. They also look great at night, with all the lights adorning their ceilings. It increases speed and rotates sideways, giving that big swing feel that we all loved when we were kids. 


Whatever you choose to celebrate your sacred union, having fairground fun rides will make it more memorable for everyone attending your wedding. When looking for a rental company, make sure that you conduct due diligence and inspect all aspects of operation, from the quality of the machine, rates, and customer support on your wedding day. 

Kyrie Mattos


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