The best Egirl styles and outfits

 November 21, 2020

By  BC Editorial Team

Feel like giving your e-girl outfit a makeover, or are you looking for the newest trends in e-girl fashion?
Look no further! The cool thing about e-girl fashion is that it knows no limits, and with a little creativity, the options are endless.

Starting with the makeup, the pink nose and cheekbone areas are for pink and similar colors. Don’t forget the shade around the eyes; feel free to pink as well. Perhaps the classic black heart will be a fine addition. Along with the heart, little illustrations around the eye might be the look to go for. We are thinking of something along the line of rainbows, stars, unicorns, or simply a bandage.

The e-girl makeup styles are endless. Just refer to the newest TikTok memes for reference. Imagine dipping your whole face in a sea of gothy cuteness. “I’m baby-cute as hell” is what your mirror image should tell you. For accessories, the choker is a must-have. But even the chokers are so varied that you can easily lose sight of which might fit perfectly. A combination of grunge and cute look is the way to go. To contrast the cute look of your makeup, you could go for something a little more aggressive, like a spiked choker or a wide leather choker, if you like it a little more kinky. The e-girl style is the constant balancing of kawaii cuteness and grunge elements.

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Should you be planning on wearing glasses, remember to pick transparent frames to ensure your makeup shines through. Sunglasses will cover up too much of that makeup. Gradient glasses are a nice compromise. For all the gentlemen that only wish to share some time with an e-girl (and not only virtually), but are having difficulties finding a significant other with this style, give a premium escort service a try by, for example, the escort girls in Berlin, and will happily throw on a sexy egirl outfit and sweeten your day. Back to the egirl styling tips. For more access, look towards items from grunge to punk. These will accentuate your cute look perfectly and give you that little edge.

Any chains and adornments should be used as a highlight, don’t go too crazy with them. Colors should be layered by flashiness, e.g., you should use more flat silver than shiny gold. For tops, the classic anime and Japanese prints are always an option. Go Ahegao if you really want to catch looks and head shakes from the elderly. How about an oversized sweater or hoodie? Remember, the print is what counts, and there can never be a size too big; for example, go full oversized t-shirt with the long sleeve underneath. Or go full goth, with all black hoodies and witchy prints on it.

Alternatively, you can opt for the mesh and transparent tops. For the bottom, the classic plaid skirt is always a perfect pick. Since it comes in so many variations and color schemes, you will have skirts for days.

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BC Editorial Team


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