The Art of Slot Game Development

 July 13, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

It’s easy to see why gamblers enjoy slot machines, whether online or in land-based casinos, because slot games aren’t complex. With slot machines, you don’t need to spend hours creating a strategy in order to win because there’s no point in doing so. It’s a simple game of chance, and all you need to do is pull the lever and wait to see if you win or lose.

Programmers are extremely necessary in the casino industry. A person working in developing apps in Romania typically earns around 8,230 RON per month. Normally these developers charge per hour. Games developers in Romania charge about $50 per hour, this can differ to each programmer. In fact, the industry needs this kind of services and are extremely valuable for casinos.

Now, playing slots games has made gambling even more engaging, thanks to the various themes, vibrant colors, interactive interfaces, characters, and other such elements that developers incorporated into them. Creating slots games can be considered art. If you are interested to test it first hand, check out 888 Casino which is a world famous operator that was established in 1997 and have created their own design studio called “Section8”, this enables them to offer a unique and exclusive selection of slots along with the most popular games from the top creators. Their services are available all over Europe, including markets such as Romania where the locals can play online slots in their own language.

While they’re extremely easy to play and enjoy, you can’t say the same for their development. Developing online slot machine games is far from simple, and you’ll definitely need a ton of patience if you want to release a slot game that works well.

The Six Stages of Development

If you want to develop a rushed online slots game, then you might want to reconsider. There’s no easy way to develop this kind of game, and most especially, there’s no way you can rush its development. Yes, slot machine games have been around for a very long time, and you may think it’s an ancient form of gameplay, but the development of a single slot game could take several months or even up to a year.

Not only that, but you’ll need a team composed of different people with various skills and specialties, including game designers, game testers, animators, project managers, graphic designers, and a lot more. In fact, you might even need a mathematician, too. By the end of the development process, all of your hard work combined will birth a stunning and enjoyable online game.

That being said, there are six different stages that slot game developers go through before releasing a finished product.

The Brainstorming Process

During this beginning stage in the development process, the team working on the game will share ideas and brainstorm on what kind of theme they want to go for, as well as graphics, colors, characters, machine algorithm, and more. A lot of research has to be done at this point because there’s a lot of slot games out there already and developers want to release something unique.

Creating a Prototype

Once all the ideas have come together and formed an outline them team is happy with, it’s time to create a prototype of the game to see if it will actually work like you imagined. The team of developers will inspect and review the game mechanics, whether the game is playable, and other technical details.

Creating the Primary Version

At this stage, the developers will create something that serves as the skeletal structure of the game. They’ll deal with the game’s core elements and ensure that there are no mistakes present. The software developers play a major role in this stage, as they have to create the primary version of the completed game.

Developing the Final Version

After all those previous stages have been completed and the primary version is good to go, it’s time to develop the final, actual version of the online slot game. Every team member will contribute their talents during this stage—programmers develop a working code, artists and designers are responsible for the visual aspects of game development, etc. Everyone works together to optimize and create the game from their vision.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Once the full-fledged game is complete, the developers can’t rest just yet. They have to test the game thoroughly to ensure that there are no bugs or errors and fix it if there are. After all, no one likes to play a game that’s riddled with bugs.

Release Day

After all the loose ends have been tied up and there are no more issues with the game, it can finally be released to the public—specifically to gamblers and online casino players. At this point, there’s not much else to do except wait and see if the game will become popular and successful.

The Basic Elements Needed to Create a Slot Game

As you can see, developing a slot game takes a lot of time and effort. As mentioned, a team composed of various talents is required because there are different elements involved in game development. Listed below are some of the basic elements needed:

Art and Design

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Most of the time, the art and any designs you’ll find in an online slot machine game will be drawn by talented artists—unless the game deals with CGI or is in 3D. During the start of the development process, the artists in the team will draw up sketches and concept art for the game, which will eventually become completed designs and wireframes.

Game Mechanics

Another important element in game development is the mechanics a.k.a how the game’s actions flow. For this part, developers will create something according to a default sequence of events. However, some developers won’t stick to just the basics—they may also include extra and flash actions and elements that can make the game more engaging to players.


Of course, software engineering and coding is a necessity in game development, and it’s such a major part that it needs the most staff in order to do. The developers will also have to choose which platform they want it to be accessible on, whether on mobile, web, desktop, or other platforms.

Programming Languages

Because the platforms mentioned above are so different from each other, each one required different programming languages, too. For instance, many web-based games are developed using Javascript, while desktop games have more options in terms of languages, namely Java, C++, Lua, and C#. Lastly, mobile titles are mostly built using Objective-C, Java, Swift, or Kotlin.

Game Engines

Last but not least, game engines are necessary to streamline the development process. Most game developers these days like to make use of engines, and the most popular ones are Unreal Engine and Unity.


So, there you have in—the ins and outs of developing a slot machine game for online casinos. It can be easy to underestimate game development, but it’s a challenging task that requires a ton of patience from all the team members involved. Once everything is in place, however, and everyone is able to cooperate and coordinate with one another, a visually-stunning game will be the outcome.

BC Editorial Team


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