The 5 best apps for better sleep

 July 21, 2021

By  BC Editorial Team

Whether it is to help your little one fall asleep or to get a good night’s sleep, the Black Lotus Meditation app is a good reliable companion to have on hand.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in three adults suffer from lack of enough sleep on a daily basis. Living with sleep related issues or chronic insomnia can be quite a challenge and leave the person unable to function properly through the day. Lack of sleep can have an impact on one’s physical and mental state  in ways beyond just being groggy or fatigued all the time. When looking for something to help with this challenge, one need not look beyond the device in their hands – the mobile phone or any other smart device.

Getting yourself in the right  frame of mind and to be able to hit the pillow with the intention of sleeping is not easy for many. While some believe hot milk will help them sleep, others rely on sounds or music to help ease their anxiety or over-thinking mind and get some rest. There are quite a few apps out there which help you earn some peace of mind and calm, that helps you sleep better.  We have listed down the five best apps for better sleep in this article.

  1. Black Lotus
    The Black lotus app is the perfect meditation app for beginners. Unlike most apps out there, this one is not just about meditation, it works baked on the framework called R.A.R.E ( Reflect. Act. Reinforce. Evaluate) that helps users become more mindful, kind and happy in one’s daily life, which in turn helps them achieve peaceful sleep. This app also has the most powerful yoga nidra meditation session, aimed at enhancing sleep cycle. Yoga nidra or  Yoga Nidra is actually a state of consciousness that lies between waking and sleeping, those few minutes you doze off, except here it is induced by a guided meditation session. This technique is known to help users stay calm through the day, and reduce stress and anxiety as well.
    Om Swami, the founder, believes that with daily meditation, one gains better memory, productivity, efficiency,  appetite and sleep. The persons’ entire life becomes better through regular meditation.
    Download: iPhone and Android
    Cost: FREE.
  2. Noisli
    The app is perfect for those who are dealing with anxiety and stress, the ambient sounds help them calm down and sleep better and faster as well. Users can pick from a range of sounds and even mix them up to see what works for them. The app also has an inbuilt timer that is used to fade out the sounds to bring it to a complete halt after you fall asleep. The highlight of his app is that it is available offline, in times when you don’t have reliable connectivity or out camping, etc.
    Download: iOS or Android.
    Cost: $2, if using on the website – it  is free
  3. Slumber
    An interesting app, Slumber offers users a range of options – background sound, meditation sessions or even stories depending on what works best for them and helps them get some shut eye. The background sound could be anything- rain, winds, subtle music and these can play for upto 10 hours. There are new stories that get added into the app on a weekly basis, which might also help or maybe a meditation session that you can listen to before sleeping. Most of the extended features are available on the premium version, but the free version has enough options in it. This app works wonders for those who overthink or have difficulty calming their mind.
    Download: iOS.
    Cost: Free for 10+ episodes; $40/year for full access
  4. Sleep Cycle
    Another popular app among those who were suffering from insomnia, Sleep Cycle has an inbuilt feature to track and interpret one’s sleep data every single night. It can also be used as an alarm [aptly called “smart alarm clock”] to wake you up in the morning when you are at your lightest sleep phase. Infact, the app uses the phone’s sensors to identify your lightest sleep period to help you wake up, and this will also ensure you are not groggy or fatigued through the day.  The app helps track your sleep movements, provides statistics and insights to help you change your routine. For premium members, there are sleep sound recordings, stories, relaxation sounds, guided meditations, heart rate monitoring and sleep notes as well.
    Download: iOS or Android
    Cost: Free
  5. Sleepiest
    Are you on the lookout for an app to help with bedtime for the little ones? Well, look no further. Sleepiest is an app that is all about storytelling and is loaded with fun and interesting stories to help you put your little ones to bed, night after night. That apart, the app also contains a few auditory meditative techniques such as white noise to ease the kids into their bedtime routine. On the child’s phone you will see an option to allow push notifications to remind them it is time for bed and to stop whatever they are doing. You can also set background music within the app that the child/children enjoy to help them unwind and sleep better. Infact, a few adults have also found this app helps with their sleep patterns. The only downside is that the app is currently available only on iOS.
    Cost: Free &  premium subscription at $10/month, or $50/year.
    Download on iOS.

With so many options on hand, we are sure you will find an app that works for you and helps you get over the battle you have been facing with sleep, either for yourself or your loved ones. Time to go catch some much needed zzz.. Goodnight.

BC Editorial Team


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